Star Citizen's Single Player Squadron 42 Revealed With Massive Video; Funding Passes $174,000.000

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games finally reveals gameplay and information of the single-player campaign Squadron 42.

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TRU3_GAM3R238d ago

best graphics on any platform.

Juras238d ago

Looks similiar to Killzone SF, 2013 game.

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Lamboomington238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

It was certainly a treat to the eyes. The Idris capital ship looks amazing. It's like Wolfenstein II levels of quality, except it's an actual ship floating through space. Their space stuff looks absolutely mindblowing.

Characters range from amazing to looking a little strange, depending on lighting conditions (lighting is very important). Animation and performance detail is unmatched though. The nuance in their performance is staggering.

frostypants238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

Only if you have the hardware. This also isn't coming out anytime soon, so who knows how it will stack up by the time it is released. Not gonna lie, I lost faith in Chris Roberts a long time ago.

Lockdown555237d ago

You do know the public alpha just got released right? Which was the biggest hurdle in the games development. They are now going to have quarterly releases of content and the base content of the game is now present. It is no longer a tech demo like it has been for the last couple of years. It's finally starting to take form.

narsaku238d ago

Omg your actually getting disagrees. There are just so many butt hurt ps4 kids who can't accept their kids toy isn't that good.

milkshake2225d ago

Have fun waiting for that game to be released lol

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dolfa238d ago

I wish i had more time, becacuse this simulator is so huge it's going to take a second life to play.

SirBillyBones238d ago

You'll be dead before it releases. Unless you can get your brain swapped into another body.

dolfa233d ago

Well i already refunded it a year ago, had cutlass LTI and account worth 110 euro. No tears.

boing1238d ago

Very impressive stuff.

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ic3fir3238d ago

Xbox x and ps4 pro can run this Sh** so easy lol, have better graphics on xbox one and ps4 normal that this, but tha producer say not, the game is so high end -_- ok, this game is a fail on sells if not release on consoles

DarkOcelet238d ago

You do realize that PUBG sold more than 20 million copies on PC only right?

ic3fir3238d ago

because is a pvp focus, and fun, and the game is not high end, this game is boring, is to much realistic, i like the game style, but for high end pc only? 1% off population have a high end pc gg good luck

Aloren238d ago

@ic3fir3 yeah, right, gg good luck.... It made 174 millions before it even came out...

nowitzki2004237d ago

Learn proper English, then use that to educate yourself.

ic3fir3237d ago

yes my english is not good, but i speak 3 languages more my native and you? only english? your are so bad lol

cfc83238d ago

Keep it to pc if they want. Seems like a production mess.

Lamboomington238d ago

"Keep it to pc if they want"

It isn't going to run on a console. Right now, we can see they're already struggling with what are most likely CPU and memory issues, on a very high end PC. That's not surprising, given the amount of things they're simulating at any time, and at that scale.

If it was GPU bound, there might have been a case for making it run, atleast on XOne X or PS4 Pro.

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