Star Citizen Gives Development Update on Squadron 42 and Eclipse; Funding Passes $187,000,000

Star Citizen will soon receive new content and the devs provide an update on its single-player campaign, scanning, and much more.

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2pacalypsenow116d ago

Lol Biggest scam in gaming history.

187 million, and still in Alpha.......

Abriael116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

And that alpha offers more content and fun than a lot of released games nowadays.

Funny how it works out.

DarkVoyager116d ago

I mean it should considering they currently have $187,000,000 to work with! Still the game will likely NEVER release.

OffRoadKing116d ago

Content maybe, fun however is subjective, but I'm sure anyone who wasted money donating to this game would claim that.

Brave_Losers_Unite116d ago

So much content, yet no one ever talks about it

MWH116d ago

You don't know that for sure, no one knows yet if this game will meet its expectations let alone exceed them.

I'm not judging or critisizing, i'm just being cautious as one should mostly be these days.

Dixiedevil116d ago

Fun? How is it fun to continually lose connection to the server every time you get into a dogfight , putting all your ships in a timed insurance cue? Fun to watch the game go into a slideshow when entering orbit? Fun to take transport missions, pick up the item and have it disappear from your ship or get bugged and not be able to put it on the counter? The list goes on...I bought multiple ships years ago and the alpha still doesn’t work. The game is a shitshow.

2pacalypsenow116d ago

How’s that cool aid taste?

Bobafret116d ago

No, no it does not. Are you high?

Godmars290116d ago

And this one pre-alpha game only costs some users as much as every game on every game system ever made.

Prime157116d ago

And they still want to charge how much for the Legatus pack? Almost 30,000?

That's a new low for pay to win.

I was so excited until that announcement. They won't get my money, and I pity anyone who doesn't understand what that means for future games if they sell it or don't take any shit for it.

PapaBop116d ago

Honestly it looks amazing but at what point do they say "Okay this is in a great place, lets focus on releasing it properly"? My biggest gripe with the game is that as of the last time I researched it, new ships could only be bought via the store and some of them cost more than my gaming PC cost to build. The defence of these crazy prices is that you'll be able to buy them ingame once it's released yet at this rate, we literally will see Half Life 3 first.

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remixx116116d ago

Careful 2pac, oneshot will come in here to tell you how poor you are, how all single player games are cinematic qte fests and how consoles are for the pions.

Oh well...

Smokehouse116d ago

187 million in crowdfunding? Talk about pressure... This better be the greatest game of all time lol.

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OffRoadKing116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

When they reach $200,000,000 everyone will get another "development update". lol

General Shrooms116d ago

They give development updates several times a week, every week.

AnubisG116d ago

Why would they stop working on this game? As long as they keep working on it, they get money flowing in like crazy.

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The story is too old to be commented.