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[Pile of Shame] Silent Hill 2

2d ago - After escaping the town of Silent Hill, Emily delves in for more in Silent Hill 2. | PS2

GameCrate’s Halloween Spookytacular: Week 2

3d ago - GameCrate: "Now that the month of October is in full swing, it’s really time to start binge-watch... | PS2

10 Terrifying Unkillable Video Game Enemies

4d ago - WC: Now you’ve got some terror back in your games. Not only is the character in the game powerles... | PC

14 Incredible Video Game Stories You'll Never Stop Discussing

6d ago - WC: Although it’s still hotly debated amongst critics of all generations, we’ve finally arrived a... | PS2

Driveclub (PS4) Review

Now - Drew takes it to the streets with the PS4 exclusive racer. | Promoted post

October Distress Fest: Logan’s Top 5 Horror Games

13d ago - Well, it’s that time of the year again. Mentions of spooky ghosts and creatures of the night hang... | Culture

The History of Silent Hill: Part 1 - The Team Silent Years

22d ago - As Konami's Silent Hill series celebrates its 15th anniversary, PSU looks back at the franchise i... | PS2

Video Game Beasts, Creatures and Monsters That Creeped Me the Hell Out

23d ago - Amber writes: "Throughout the years I've played a fair few horror games, despite my love for anyt... | Culture

6 Most Bittersweet Endings in Video Games

25d ago - Twinfinite counts down the 6 most bittersweet endings in video games. These endings will leave yo... | PS2

CGM Plays: Silent Hill 2

26d ago - What made Silent Hill 2 such a masterpiece of psychological horror and why have subsequent games... | PS3

Experienced Points: What Made Silent Hill 2 Great and Why the Devs Don't Get It

54d ago - Shamus Young: Silent Hill fans are a lot like Sonic fans. Years ago, we got a single magical,... | Retro

The 8 Most Relentlessly Scary Enemy Monsters That Just Won't Quit It

54d ago - Outside Xbox: "We like to think of ourselves as unflappable gamers, but there are certain terrify... | PS2

Silent Hill 2 retrospective: Horror sequel that still gives us chills

63d ago - Resident Evil reigned unchallenged in the survival-horror genre until Silent Hill came along, off... | PS2

Why Silent Hill 2 is still the most disturbing game ever made

64d ago - Eurogamer: "This week we learned that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are collaborating on a... | PS2

5 Terrifying Horror Game Antagonists

74d ago - Horror games are often defined by their antagonists. For Zero1gaming, here are the Horror Show's... | Culture

10 Jaw-Dropping Video Game Fan Theories That Make Everything Better

75d ago - WC: You’d think after spending thousands of hours across some of the greatest games of all time,... | PS2

20 Best Gaming Cutscenes Ever

79d ago - While some gamers, including director Steven Spielberg, have criticised cutscenes for taking play... | PS2

Gaming's favorite villain is mental illness, and this needs to stop

84d ago - The discussion surrounding mental health can be invisible. It’s one of the least-understood publi... | PS2

10 Genuine WTF Moments in Video Games

84d ago - WC writes: "There are certain moments we encounter in video games that illicit a very emotional r... | GameCube

7 Spoilers That Would Most Completely Ruin a Game

85d ago - Outside Xbox: "Spoilers are dangerous, plentiful and ready to take you by surprise like a Lego br... | PC

A Brief Look At Narrative In Gaming

85d ago - jumptogamer: Several weeks ago, my mother caught a glimpse of me playing Final Fantasy X; a no... | Industry

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

My Top 10 Horror Games

123d ago - Justin from Pixel Gate writes: The horror genre is now one of my favorite genres in the gaming... | Xbox 360

Into The Fog: A Retrospective

124d ago - Hey Poor Player's Ayla Elder writes a retrospective on the Silent Hill franchise. | Xbox 360

Defining Moments – Silent Hill 2

137d ago - Continue Play's Joe Yang looks back at Silent Hill 2, and your first encounter with the series' i... | PS2

Review: Silent Hill 2 (Gaming Console Network)

171d ago - Sean Foster (Gaming Console Network): "If you ever want to take a journey back in time and play s... | PS2

How to Fix Silent Hill

183d ago - “Konami: Ignore the insufferable fanboys who go out of their way to try and ruin everything in th... | PS2
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