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E3 2014 Announcement Check-Up: Microsoft

2h ago - Gizorama takes a look back at Microsoft E3 2014 Announcements to see what's become of the announc... | Xbox

Street Fighter 5: The Many Lives of M. Bison

20h ago - The leader of Shadaloo will return in Street Fighter V, which makes sense, as he just won't stay... | PS2

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

E3 2014 Announcement Check-Up Ubisoft

1d 2h ago - Gizorama looks at the announcements Ubisoft made last year and where they stand as of now. | Xbox

Developers, Take Note, the Witcher 3 Standard Edition Actually Gives Back to Fans

1d 12h ago - Here, we rave about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's standard edition that features a thank you letter... | Xbox

Music To My Ears

2d ago - After a return to Bethesda's Fallout 3, I various video games with licensed music in their soundt... | PS2

5 Potentially Awesome Games that Never Saw the Light of Day

5d ago - We look at 5 of the most interesting games that never were. | GameCube

Konami: The Decline Of A Gaming Giant

5d ago - A look at the history behind Konami's move towards a mobile-centric future. | GameCube

9 Things You Can't Resist Doing in Videogames

8d ago - OX: We're serious players of the videogames, but there are some dumb compulsive habits we just c... | PS2

A History of the Original Xbox in 10 Facts

8d ago - Discover the secret history of the Xbox. Microsoft took a bold step into an industry traditionall... | Xbox

Sonic Heroes: The Sonic Game That Time Forgot

9d ago - Years ago, Sonic the Hedgehog went through a bit of a transitional period. It was during this tim... | GameCube

Witcher 3: A mature game docked points for sexual content

9d ago - Mike Miller writes - "In Polygon’s otherwise stunning review of one of the most anticipated games... | Xbox

Thinking Gaming: The Generation of Remastered Games

11d ago - Remastered or Recreated games? Which is better for a generation of consoles incapable of backward... | PS2

American Idol Retrospective: Games We Wish Were Also Cancelled

13d ago - With the cancellation of American Idol, Shacknews takes a look at the short-lived career of Amer... | PS2

Top 10 Xbox Platformers

14d ago - Running and jumping on Microsoft's original console. When it comes to 3D platform games, Microsof... | Xbox

16 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Xbox

16d ago - Right now the competition between the newest of their machines and Sony's "For the gamers"-fronte... | Xbox

Collectors Editions: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

16d ago - The last couple of editorials Brent has been in an angry mood. Upset with companies, gamers, it w... | Xbox

5 Games Ruined by Modern Reboots

17d ago - Sometimes a modern reboot works out well, and sometimes it doesn't. These are 5 cases were it did... | Xbox

Replaying Star Wars: Battlefront II, And Pondering The Reboot

19d ago - Baden of WGB: "Nostalgia is a very dangerous thing. As pretentious as it sounds I’ve always pride... | PS2

How to make a comeback: Megaman

20d ago - Capcom could really do the Blue Bomber some justice...if only they wanted to make a Megaman game... | GameCube

It's Been 13 Years Since the Burnout Series Crashed onto Xbox Consoles

23d ago - Purexbox: For this installment of On This Day, we're looking back on the original Burnout, which... | Xbox

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Now - Get the latest release dates for games, movies and TV Series from our Twitter page. | Promoted post

Five Cancelled Titles that Need to Come Back

24d ago - Chris from Denkiphile: "It’s normal for developers to decide whether or not to stop production on... | PS2

Call of Duty Word at War II : The NEXT part to expect?

25d ago - After the realease of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, everyone is expecting the arrival of the new... | Xbox

Mortal Kombat: The History, The Brutality, and The Future

26d ago - Gaming Rebellion's own, Stephen Wilds, takes us on a journey through the history of one of the mo... | PS2

LeapTrade: A Look at Online Game Trading

26d ago - Ken McKown writes: Aftermarket video games are a hot business. The discussion around trading game... | GameCube

The Five Best Games Based on Movies

27d ago - Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Game’s based on movie licenses have been hit hard, publishers are n... | GameCube
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