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Just How Often Does Link Get The Girl: Part Two

18h ago - ZI: In part two of this series counting just how often Link gets the girl at the end of each Zeld... | GameCube

Which Resident Evil Games Should a Newcomer Play?

19h ago - The Geekiary: "The Resident Evil or Biohazard game series have six numbered installments and a lo... | GameCube

5 Best Zelda Games of All Time

1d 13h ago - The Legend of Zelda is without a doubt one of the most beloved and influential franchises in all... | GameCube

Resident Evil HD Remaster Discussion

2d ago - Resident Evil HD has recently been released for the current gen, last gen and PC. How does the ga... | GameCube

Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Saturday Night Slam Masters Retro Review

2d ago - "One thing you'll notice is the detail in the sprites and animations across the board. This is on... | GameCube

Mario's 18 Greatest: Ranking the Mario Games

3d ago - We've done the impossibe: we ranked every main Mario game from best to worst! Here are Mario's 18... | GameCube

Just How Often Does Link Get The Girl: Part One

3d ago - ZI: Romance may not be the number one thing some fans focus on in The Legend of Zelda series, but... | GameCube

A Guide to the Evo 2015 Lineup

3d ago - The Evolution Championship Series will have nine fighting games on tap, including some that might... | GameCube

Has Fun Taken a Back Seat in Modern Games?

4d ago - Mike Potts breaks down the current state of games and their respective levels of "fun". Has one o... | GameCube

5 Things a Game Could Have Left Out (Some NSFW Content)

4d ago - Have you ever been playing a game, and either in a cut scene or during gameplay thought to yourse... | GameCube

8 Cool Alternate Skins in Games You No Doubt Changed Into

5d ago - A look at some of the coolest and strangest alternate skins in games. | GameCube

One Of My Faves The Legend Of Zelda: ALTTP

5d ago - One of the greatest games of all time, and also one of my faves. | GameCube

SHIFT Feature - Most Wanted Game Collections

5d ago - The season to greedily ask for things has passed, but The Shift figured why not get started on a... | GameCube

The Purgatory of Old, Bad Games: Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure

5d ago - A simple review of Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure would be that it causes dread, which ma... | GameCube

Resident Evil HD Remaster vs Gamecube REmake Graphics Comparison Video

7d ago - AOTF writes:"In my review of Capcom’s Resident Evil HD Remaster I noted that while players of the... | GameCube

Chet & Jon Episode 145: Reassuringly Finite

7d ago - 20 games in 40 minutes from veteran games writers Chet Roivas and Jon Denton. This week: the fina... | GameCube

4 GameCube Games That Will Never be Trumped by Sequels

7d ago - There are a whole heap of amazing GameCube games that hit store shelves throughout the console’s... | GameCube

An Ode to Marvelous Mini Games

7d ago - Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'With so much grand content packed into games these days, some t... | GameCube

Phantasy Star Online - Old Games With Grandpa Heath

7d ago - "What was your first online gameplay experience? Mine was this baby right here, Phantasy Star Onl... | GameCube

10 Years Ago, Resident Evil 4 Saved a Series from Itself

8d ago - USGamer: "By the early 2000s, Resident Evil began to resemble a lingering party guest that just... | GameCube

N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post

Chikao Ohtsuka, Japanese VA for Dr. Eggman, Passes Away

10d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Chikao Ohtsuka, prolific gaming and anime voice actor, died of Ischemic Heart Dis... | GameCube

The Time is now: Good RPG Series to Add to the Wii U Library

10d ago - Suggestions on past RPG's that would be great on the Wii U platform. | GameCube

A Game Narrative: The Terrible to The Terrific

11d ago - A games narrative can sometimes make or break a game. Let us explore what causes a game narrative... | GameCube

Jedi Knight Series : Is It Worth Having A Sequel?

11d ago - This game with even very slight upgrades has the potential to be one of the greatest free to play... | GameCube

The 10 Best Years in Gaming History

11d ago - TheRichest - We are a couple of weeks into 2015 and it seems like all the “Best Of 2014″ lists ar... | GameCube
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