Top 7 Easiest BOSS Battles in the History of video Games

The sole intention for the inclusion of boss battles in almost every single video game is to provide that final bit of intense effort leaving us totally satisfied at the end of the day or even save a damsel in distress from the clutches of an evil mastermind.

But what if the final boss were to be easier to defeat compared to the miniature foes you have fought throughout the whole length of the game. Will it leave a Black hole in your imaginative mind that was surprised by a totally unexpected underwhelming boss fight?
These are quite possibly the Top 7 Easiest Boss battles ever.

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geniusgamerdoc2449d ago

Flash Man boss battle in MEGAMAN 2 was a cakewalk with the Metal Blades.
Just aim them in a straight line or in random directions over and over again and defeat Flash man without even taking a single step.

Sharodan2449d ago

Hah! The entire game was made into a cakewalk by Metal Blades! Certainly threw me for a loop when the final boss was only susceptible to one of the lamest powers though. Bubble Lead, really?!

young juice2449d ago

king allant from demons souls deserves a spot. i feel like fromsoft intentionally made him extremely easy to say "hey, you made it this far? nice" then hands you an easy boss on a stick

rdgneoz32449d ago

Old King Allant was easy only if you did the cheap way of killing him (thief ring + poison cloud / bow was always easy). But then half the bosses you could kill in a cheap way without too much effort (most being ranged bow attacks or drop poison / disease and run and hide + refresh it as it runs out).

BiggCMan2449d ago

@rdgneoz3: Old King Allan (or "the old one") is what he means, the FINAL boss of the game, the little blue blob. The boss you're thinking of is the FALSE King Allant, the corrupted one.

Kalowest2449d ago

R.I.P to gamings greatest boss
His name was Marauder Shields.

dark-hollow2449d ago

Metal blades made everything easy actualyy.

And why a seven games list is spread into THREE pages?

DFogz2449d ago

That site is solely trying to generate hits. They constantly make stupid lists of whatever they can think of.
Just yesterday I saw a 5 item list spread over three pages from them, complete with giant in-your-face ads, pop-ups, and annoying audio.

BldyShdw2449d ago

Can't stand the ads on this site. Agree about MegaMan.

One of my surprisingly easiest boss fights in recent memory was the Four Kings in Dark Souls. I was freaking out in the beginning but didn't even get hurt that much...wimps

synchroscheme2449d ago

Agreed. The site is awful.
Here's the short version for those who want to avoid this ad-filled mess.

Number 7) FLASH-MAN – MEGAMAN 2 Platform - NES
Number 6) ELIXIS SINCLARE – SIN Platform - PC
Number 5) The WARRIOR: Final confrontation – PRINCE OF PERSIA Platform - PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Number 4) BOB The Goldfish – EARTHWORM JIM Platform - SNES, GBA, PC, XBLA, PSN
Number 2) LUCIEN FAIRFAX – FABLE II Platform - Xbox 360
Number 1) MEHRUNES DAGON – The Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION Platform - PC, PS3, Xbox 360

@BldyShdw Funnily enough, the Four Kings is one of the few bosses that really gave me a lot of trouble my first time around. I just couldn't wrap my head around him. Given the right equipment though, he's a breeze. :)

krazeecain2449d ago

@synchroscheme I don't think Oblivion really counts, simply because of how the game was built. If you happened to make a really good character and get all the good weapons, all the enemies are easy. But if you played through the game a little more casually, I'd imagine the boss battles would be a bit harder.

EmperorDalek2449d ago

Beat them on NG+++, then come back and tell me they're easy.

mynameisEvil2449d ago

Man, speaking of NES games, I can think of two boss battles in one game that makes Mehrunes Dagon look like the hardest boss ever.

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Boss #1: Death/Grim Reaper (pick a name). I remember going all the way to the end of the game and just walking past him. I walked across the damn room and skipped him altogether.

Boss #2: Dracula. Well, at least this one you 'fight'. Though, as James Rolfe pointed out, all you had to do is just keep him pinned down with the sacred flame (or the golden knife) until he dies.

So, actually, Death himself is the easiest boss in gaming history...

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Emilio_Estevez2449d ago

Dammit, haven't completed Oblivion, now know how it ends.

myps42449d ago

That's bound to happen mate. Spoilers are quite obvious when end bosses are concerned.

I was spoiled the death of Aerith even before completing Final Fantasy VII. Spoilers totally kill the will to play that particular game.
Oblivion'S boss was underwhelming.

BldyShdw2449d ago

Yeah it sucks being relatively young (21) since I didn't start "gaming" until I was 17 and I have a HUGE backlog of ps1-2 era games that unfortunately have been spoiled for me since everyone assumes since it's old it must have been played. I hold no hard feelings though since it's my fault I never tried games when I was really young.


Yeah, thanks a lot everyone. just got fable 2 back from a friend a few days ago. i know what i WONT be popping into my xbox anytime soon..

snipes1012448d ago

Well after about a year or two you can't really keep putting spoiler warnings on everything haha

Relientk772449d ago

Does Bob the Goldfish from Earthworm Jim actually count as a boss fight? lol. You literally do nothing, and you win.

cpayne932449d ago

Anyone think the last boss in RE4 was horribly easy and repetitive? I was kinda disapointed by it.

geniusgamerdoc2449d ago

Yep. Now that you mention it. But not as silly as the Fable 2 end boss.

Are_The_MaDNess2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Mehrunes Dragon?

lols XD

where is this so called dragon?
the only dragon is Akatosh, The Dragon God of Time
and of course every dragon in next game

his name is Mehrunes Dagon

GamePodunk2449d ago

Definitely agree on Mehrunes Dagon. It's just like running past Bowser in order to beat him in Super Mario Bros, haha.