10 Ways to Tell If You're Good At Video Games

Ten ways to tell if you're one of the world's elite gamers.

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DDP3472d ago

#1 was priceless. That level made me cry.

JDPGamer20023472d ago


that's what i used to call that level.

T3L3PROOF3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

so if i beat all these games im a Call Of Duty 4 Elite player?

LOL!!!! This is so gay I actually had to share my opinions.

Mini Mario3472d ago

"they could've put one game from after 1994 on the list. "

I dunno, most games got easier after that.

neogeo3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

#1. F Zero for gamecube!

#2. wipeout HD ps3

#3. superstardust HD. ps3

#4 soldner X ps3

#5 little big planet. YES i said it. try playing all the way through its freaking tuff.

EDIT. bionic commando rearmed,
the last guy
GTI Club
Metroid prime 1,2,3
Mario 64 was no walk in the park!
Midnight Club, can be a real pain in the arse even.

Mini Mario3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

"#1. F Zero for gamecube!"

Yes f zero GX is awesome as it is hard. I have fininshed it right up till diamond cup....some of those tracks are SO long (u just gotta keep boosting basically lol thru narrow and wide). The trick is really getting the right parts for your custom craft...good boost with good weight etc. Although i hate how the extra parts only come in green.

Again awesome game, right up there with the original f zero. (fun wise) ..i thought f zero X was a little bland but still an ok game. The X move was a good addition to the gameplay.

Critical_Hit3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

You are legendary in my book if you can beat the Turbo Tunnel level on your first try. Never has a game infused me with such rage as Battletoads (Snake Pit is probably one of the most frustrating levels ever made!)!

This is one list by Old Wizard that I actually agree with.

Tony P3472d ago

Contemporary vs. Retro

There are distinctions, but it's not like you're a worse gamer if you didn't beat the original Super Mario Bros with ★★ lives.

There are plenty of hard games made in later generations, but older games are probably some of the hardest ever. Specifically because they were frickin' inconvenient as hell twitch fests. No save points, no check points, no regenerating health, and (in RPGs) permadeath. You may have heard these types of games deservingly referenced as 'Nintendo Hard'. Some games were so hard people thought they were broken out of the box.

Eventually, devs finally figured the possibility of dying at level 30 and restarting at level 1 wasn't that fun. Rightly so. Most games are easier these days because devs profit from happy customers. Not raging gamers stuck on the first level.

It doesn't make us any less 'elite' (as much as I hate that term in gaming) if you haven't played them. There are plenty of difficult games out now. Don't take the list so personally.

Jink3472d ago

I beat the Snake Pit (level 6) without skipping to level 8 (Robo Manus). The 7th level (Inferno) is way more harder than the Speed Tunnels (level 3), IMO. The God-dam 9th level (Pink pipes, big gears, and yellow ducks) has to be the f**ckest level in the whole game.
And revolution tower (level 12) was endless.
LOL, I'll never forget the snow men in level 4. XD!!! The slap!
At the rat race (level 10), I can always tell where the rat is going to fall after you kick the explosives out. That's how aware I was of the rat's movement. I leave all three rats behind in that race. And General Slaughter is a piece of cake. The 11th level with the big swirl ball chasing you will always be epic.

Ahh, I just remembered... I also beat Battletoads on GameBoy. The last stage (before Robo Manus) in that game is unforgiving. You have the clock against you. Every time after I manage to beated, not matter how fast I do it, I'll always end up with 2 to 6 seconds left. I'd say it is the edgiest stage ever.

locos853471d ago

I have done # 5 on that list twice.

Beast_Master3471d ago

it took me 2 weeks to beat Tyson, wholly crap was that hard. List should be call the Bleeding thumbs list.

Christopher3471d ago

Never liked mario, never played some of the games, hell no could I ever do #1. Mike Tyson's Punch Out is about as far as I ever got with games that decided that the goal was to repeat everything until you memorized all of the levels, which is what most of those are.

Honestly, a good gamer is someone who doesn't spend countless hours memorizing the actions in a game but someone who has played so many games that he can pick up almost any game and be more than competent with it.

edgeofblade3471d ago

How do you know if you are "good" at video games? You enjoy them.

How do you know you suck at video games? You make retarded lists aimed at excluding as many people as possible.

Bits-N-Kibbles3471d ago

I totally remember playing that and trying to land on the damn ship. only got to the second level twice. It was more like a demo than anything because of the damn ending of each level.

Quickstrike3471d ago

They forgot beat Ninja Gaiden on hardest difficulty w/o dieing.

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Volvobug3472d ago

LOL. Good intro. Could've used some newer games too though.

Hixon4Life3472d ago

they could've put one game from after 1994 on the list.

heroicjanitor3472d ago

They played sh*t games for endless hours in order to get a million bajillion points and want some recognition for it? They can ask my sac for recognition, all it does is show they were absolute losers who spent to much time on a game. They still wouldn't beat me in fifa but that doesn't count because you don't win by practicing every level seven thousand times.

Just had to say that. It's what most people between the ages of 18 and 25 are thinking.

vickers5003472d ago

Old Wizard is one of the worst gaming sites (if it can even be called that) on the internet.

ThatArtGuy3472d ago

Not all games from that era are reflex memorization games. Gamers from all ages should respect each other and acknowledge that there are games from every era that are good. Now, I'll admit that some games are an acquired taste, but there are great and horrible games all throughout the genre.

Most people acknowledge Citizen Kane as one of the greatest films of all time. Doesn't matter if it was made in a different era. Now, if you can't handle watching black and white movies, you just deprived yourself of some great storytelling and cinematography.

As for Old-Wizard, his tunnel-vision is so narrow it's blinding.

Matpan3472d ago

Yo u do know most games nowadays are beatable within hours... while many MANY classics take a lot of practice to master and beat.

Sure, the challenge nowadays is in multiplayer mostly. But single player games have become easier and easier as it seems it is the best way to appeal to a broader audience.

Marceles3472d ago

Seriously...I'm 25 and I can say games were WAY harder in the "old bastard" days. Games that people cry about now are easy compared to those games. The newer Ninja Gaidens have nothing on the original in terms of difficulty. There's just too many moves and gadgets these days while before all you have is attack and jump with no continues or save points and only a few lives.

kesvalk3471d ago

from all the games from this generation that i saw, only one is really dificult, megaman 9... oh wait...

really, find me a game as though as battletoads or Ghosts and goblins that launched in the last gen or this gen, then we can talk...

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