Top 10 most visually impressive games of the decade (2000-2009)

VGArabia: You need more than amazing graphics in order to make a great game. But at the same time, no one can deny the fact that great visuals do make a good game even better. As we march into the next decade, games are getting prettier and the demand for better graphics are becoming stronger. I have constructed a list of the best looking games of the decade with choosing one game for each year.

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-Alpha3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

First of all, it's on the PC and unless some people are still trying to convince themselves that the PS3 can do better graphics, it's without a doubt that Crysis is the best game.

Considering how OLD it is and how photo-realistic the game is, it's no doubt that it's better than UC2.

The list stupidly gave no good justifying reason as to why UC2 was #1.
It's absolutely ridiculous to make a list and not give justifiable reasons.

Crysis is the best looking game this gen.

Technically, it's true.

If one wants to make some subjective argument on art then that is debatable, but UC2 is not the best looking game.

UC2 WILL be outdone by UC3 and future games, while Crysis STILL hasn't been topped.

I don't care if people don't agree with me, but how anyone can justify a list that gives such a shallow and cheap justification is beyond me.

"It’s boils down to this: Uncharted 2 is the best looking game of the decade. Want a prove? Go and play the game. Seriously."

Seriously? That's your proof? Ugh.

Mr Tretton3271d ago

You done crying about it? You do that a lot you know.

-Alpha3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Well considering the fact that you didn't actually make a relevant point addressing what I said, and since you are here just to make worthless remarks that don't pertain to the topic, then you should probably check out the open zone

DAVID BRENT3271d ago

list was going well until they forgot to put kz2 in either first or second place

Darkeyes3271d ago

Alpha... Crysis is the best looking game, but when you see the feat achieved by ND on a hardware that has limitations, then you can see the leap UC2 is over Crysis.... Try playing Crysis with PS3 spec PC and see how the game chokes the GPU to death... I doubt it will even run it on medium settings with decent frame rates...

No KZ2 in the list baffles me... It should be in the Top 3 along with UC2 and Crysis.

toaster3271d ago

A list about the most visually impressive games without putting Crysis at #1 is insane. Crysis is years ahead of Uncharted 2. Sure UC2 is the best on consoles, but the list is talking all platforms, so Crysis would top UC2.

MGS4 is amazing too. The PS2 version of RE4 is the best looking but I preferred the GameCube controls.

rhood0223271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )


Except UC 2 IS NOT ranked above Crysis. The list isn't ranking from least impressive to most impressive. It's ranking visually impressive games by the year.

It just happens to be in a 10-1 format.

Crysis is the most impressive game of 2007 (it just happens to be numbered as 3)

UC 2 is the most impressive game of 2009.

EvilTwin3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

EDIT: rhood beat me to it on the reactions to the list (it's easy to miss if you're just looking by rank, but it's a countdown by year).

And honestly, it's hard to argue with the order they're in, anyways. Regarding the UC2 vs. Crysis debate, I'd say art style matters as much as how photo-realistic the graphics are. That's how the games on the list from earlier in the decade still look so good (and why lots of people were so wowed by UC2). "Realistic" games can age badly without a great art style behind them.

I was playing Prime last night, and I can't believe how well that game has aged. Over 7 years later, and it's still remarkably beautiful.

(That said, even in a list of "realistic" games, I wish there was room for a game like Okami. You can't really argue with the author's choice for 2006, but Okami is going to age better than a lot of realistic games.)

toaster3271d ago

Ahh my mistake. Didn't realize that. I think a lot of people over looked the fact that the list is going by best graphics of that year.

shadow27973271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

The list is by year, not by visual fidelity. They are not saying Crysis looks worse than MGS4. Look closely, they picked the best looking games for each year. Hence the absence of Killzone 2.

Now calm down.

Edit: Turns out I was late to the party. Haha.

ryano232773271d ago

best 10 looking games are very easily in the last 3 years

Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Crysis, MGS4, Far Cry 2, Fight Night 4, Batman, AC2, R&C A crack in time, Pacific Rift

thats 11 and I've missed XX amount of games that look good.

Timesplitter143271d ago

Too many top 10's 'round these places...

What's next? Top 10 decades?

SilentNegotiator3271d ago

Always tossing gasoline on comments sections to try to avoid flamewars.
Good job as always, tool.

This list is missing Killzone 2.
It should have the God of War 3 demo on there, too :)

shutupandplay3271d ago

"UC2 WILL be outdone by UC3 and future games, while Crysis STILL hasn't been topped."
I feel bad for the person who is still playing crysis when UC3 comes out, simply because of the graphics. Talk about living in denial.

Hisiru3271d ago

Resident Evil 4 at 5° but NO KILLZONE 2 at 3° or something like that? No Killzone 2 on the list?


Insomnia_843271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

God Of War 3 will %&*@#$ all this games in the @55 and will leave them begging for more but Kratos will say no and Killzone 3 will come and give them some more with The Last Guardian watching.

It will be a graphical Orgy.


(omg wtf did I just write??lol)

littletad3271d ago

Said the ps2 version of RE4 was better on the ps2. That is false. The gamecube was superior, in almost every way, except the extra content. And since this is a visual list, the gamecube version gets the honors.

And I'm not sure what's the big idea about Crysis. Isn't this a console list?

-Alpha3271d ago

Why don't you at least try offering a rational relevant response instead of making baseless assumptions?

Karsghul3271d ago

Trade Prince of Persia for Shadow of the Colossus and you have a respectable list.

mikeslemonade3271d ago

PC gaming doesn't count. No one cares about PC. Me and millions of other people what PC gaming to die.

3271d ago
champ213271d ago


becareful what you wish mike, if pc gaming were to die. So will your next gen consoles :P

we cant expect sony or microsoft to come up with next gen gpus can we?

they will need to pick up the left overs from the pc.

SilentNegotiator3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I'm not "assuming" anything. I'm SAYING you go into every comments section and weep about PS3 fanboys (Often one of the first posts, too), and cause needless flamewars.

kornbeaner3271d ago

I think part of the reason why Crysis is #3 is that nobody really knows what it looks like. With UC2 and MGS4 it is played on a standard system where a developer can try to squeeze out the best possible graphics, but with Crysis you needed a ridiculous rig at launch and even the top of the line rig couldn't handle Crysis at its max setting. Of course I'm talking about a rig at launch I'm pretty sure now people could build a high end rig and see what all the fuss is all about but I think Crysis missed its chance to be known as a "BEST GRAPHICS OF ALL TIME" game because in order to play that game at max awe-inspiring settings gamers had to wait a good 2 years before GPU's and CPU's that can handle those setting were available and by that time the novelty of wanting to see the best graphics available had already passed.

flirt_games3271d ago

And what reason did you give for putting crysis in #1 (according to you)?
Technically and artistically uncharted 2 is the best game across all platforms inside price range USD 300.
Sure, you can do sh!tty coding and get a very very impressing looking scene, but you will need a huge $2000 pc to run. If you think this is impressive achievment, then you are an idiot.

blaziliuz123271d ago

hey alpha male,immortal84 was just saying that he liked the choices and then u bash him??wat a douchebag..

ColdFire3271d ago


As other have said, if PC gaming died then consoles would be screwed, as no one would be developing next gen GPU's and CPU's.

As for the whole Crysis debate, firstly the list is by year, so it is not saying UC2 is better than Crysis. Anyone who can play UC2 and then Crysis at anyway near high graphics, and come out saying UC2 has better technical graphics is making a joke of themselves. However, Crysis does require a good PC to play it, ($2000, where did you come of with that, half it and your getting closer), so UC2 is a good example of getting very good graphics from a weak system.

Christopher3271d ago

1. No clue what people see in Gears of War. I've played the game and it's pretty subpar in comparison to many games that came out in 2006/2007. Even GameSpy put Resistance and Genji: Days of the Blade above Gears of War for graphics in 2006.

2. Kind of wondering why Killzone 2 wasn't even mentioned, though I do understand it was a look at the last decade, so perhaps it would have seemed redundant alongside Crysis and Uncharted 2.

sikbeta3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

The GC version was Amazing but even with PS2 version not being on par, I enjoyed both, such a great game

And about Crysis, well the game is a Graphical Beast, so is always in the lists


"some people are still trying to convince themselves that the PS3 can do better graphics"

WTH are you talking about, how said that?

Why is always a dude trying to Compare a Fully Upgradeable PC vs a Console, cuz is so Fair to that right?

PCs always have the Graphics Edge, but is Amazing what Consoles can do without being upgradeable

Stop with the "Almighty PC versus Consoles" cuz is starting to get old

thewolf53271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

@ Alpha-Male22
First, it's in order by year and that statement at the end is his opinion, just like my opinion is that Killzone 2 is graphically better. But I don't know that because I haven't played Uncharted 2's single player and neither have I played crysis, but common sense tells me "gee, a computer game that requires you to buy a damn nice graphics card (or a whole new computer, depending on your situation) sure isn't as impressive as the game that looks about the same and works on the $300 home gaming-console/multimedia machine." The whole article is about impressiveness, it's in the title.

zeeshan3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

The author must have been drunk when he wrote this article. I mean there is no Killzone 2 there in that list. EPIC FAIL of an article!

hatchimatchi3270d ago

yes crysis does look more realistic than uncharted2, but with uncharted2 you don't have to have a monster pc rig in order to play it at max settings. Don't give me the spiel either on how a great pc rig is cheap. I don't have the time nor do I care to go track down parts for cheap and make it myself.

-Alpha3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Impressive graphics is not based on the subjectivity of having a capable machine to run it.

Objectively, you are all admitting Crysis is most impressive. Yet, you hide behind the excuse that UC2 is impressive because it runs on the PS3.

That doesn't make UC2 more impressive than Crysis in terms of graphics. This has nothing to do with whether you can run a machine or not-- Crysis is the most impressive looking game as it looks much more impressive than Uncharted 2. So why are you people bringing in the standard/capabilities of a machine?

What if I didn't have HD? UC2 would like garbage, but would I merit the impressiveness of UC2 with the knowledge that I have HD-limitations?

If not then why disregard a capable computer that can run Crysis?

A person above said Uncharted 2 has better animations-- now that is a solid reason and I appreciate that response, but regardless of it, I don't understand how UC2 is #1 because the writer failed to even give a valid reason.

People here love bashing guys like HHG and talk about "Gaming Journalism" yet when a list like this sucks off to UC2 fans nobody gives a crap about validation or reasoning. I've stated two things: UC2 does not look as impressive as Crysis, and the writer gives no reason as to why UC2 looks better.

hatchimatchi3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

you realize you're getting upset over an article from vgARABIA....

You think that this site has an audience outside of n4g?

I highly doubt it.

Crysis is the best looking game out, there's no denying that. Does it really matter though?

IaMs123270d ago

You guys need to open your freaking eyes and read! It says that its picking the top visual game for each year throughout the decade. SO if KZ2 would be on the list then UC2 would not be and so on. Jeez...

thesummerofgeorge3270d ago

You seem to be missing, or ignoring the fact that it's not counting down to the best, it's counting the best for each year of the decade to the present.

Prototype3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

If you look at the list its dated per year, so in a sense I can see why Uncharted 2 is on there over Killzone 2, however an "honorable mentions" list would be nice next to the top games each year.

Also on the whole Crysis/UC 2 argument here's how I see it:

Crysis is considered a benchmark game like Doom 3 was, yes it's a game and yes it is fun to some people however I see it more as a stress test on a lot of pc's to see what it can handle. Also Crysis does require a setup that can play it effectively.

Uncharted 2 is more of showing what the PS3 can currently do when companies put in time and effort. All that's required is a PS3 and maybe internet for online, thats it. Killzone 2 started it, Uncharted 2 perfected it.

3270d ago
kornbeaner3269d ago

Your response doesn't add up. Maybe you missed the part where I Said "People don't know what it looks like" At launch I saw the graphics, it looked impressive but most of videos out there weren't in HD so from what I remember the game looked the same as Uncharted 2 does now. Not only did I not have a capable Machine of running this game at max settings but so did most of the World. Did you know when they showed Crysis at E3 for the first time, they had a ridiculous rig that was built for nothing more then to show crysis at full max setting. The rumor amongst the industry was that the rig was running OC'd Dual cores, 8gb's of Ram and had one of the first rigs to run a Quad SLI chipset. So tell me how can anybody Judge the game on something almost nobody saw. I guess I can bow down and say "O' your right Crysis is the best graphical Game ever" even though I have only seen a brief glimpse of game at MAX setting while I and much of the gaming World has Seen the great graphics in UC2 thanks to HD video on websites and Television. Yes I know with out HD UC2 will look Meh, but most of the world is covered in HD now so missing out on UC2 graphics is hard to do. Unfortunately the same can't be said about the world when Crysis released, HD was still ways away, most video for the game looked alright. Crysis is being Judge on a matter of Circumstance is it fair? No, but thats the way it is.

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hardcore19123271d ago

the best looking game on earth, no game can match it.

alaa3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

It's hard to choose between those games.

bnaked3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

crysis is photorealistic, but Uncharted 2 is more beautyful, has much better art-design.. Uncharted 2 wins..

kraze073271d ago

UC2 may have better art design, but the photo-realism of Crysis alone blows UC2 out of the water.

t8503271d ago

Crysis on very high settings is insane.

means while uc2 gets outdone by any of the multiplats on the pc.

Tombraider underworld, Assassins creed (pc versions) easily out do uncharted.

blaziliuz123271d ago

guys the list is based on the year when it was released not the top ten best looking graphics of all time.

kraze073271d ago

We know that. I think hardcore was just pointing out a fact.

bnaked3271d ago


they match Uncharted 2 technically, but not visually.

Christopher3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Having played both of the games you mention on the PC and the PS3... the only thing they do better is run higher textures on a newer machine, neither of them touch Uncharted 2 on a technical standpoint in regards to lighting, draw distance, particle effects, and physics; and this is with the latest PC technology implemented.

What the PS3 and 360 do with 4+ year-old technology compared to any PC today is freaking remarkable.

t8503270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

all it takes to max out the games i mentioned on pc is a 3yr old 8800gtx which released with the ps3. ps3 was obselete when it released sad isnt it?

Uncharted is just 1 game and yea i see uncharted running assissns creed running at max looks alot better then uncharted. the 8800gtx pretty much sweeps the floor with the ps3 in any multiplat.

so no its not the cutting edge on pc.

there are so many multiplates released, game for game the older tech on pc beats the ps3. no contest.

infact even ign in their head to head uses the same 8800gtx till date, with pc winning just about every head to head.

so yea unless you just wanna be playing 1 uncharted all this gen which would be sad, id say you look at the wider picture.

Christopher3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

When you're talking textures, you are correct.

But, we're talking overall processing, especially in regards to lighting/particle effects, physics, ai, and the such. You'd need a good quad core to equal the processing power of the cell processors. This has kind of been proven in many tests over the last few years where the cell processor has been proven to be much faster at these type of processes.

Graphics isn't just textures, it's a whole lot more and it involves a lot about the environment. Uncharted 2 has so much detail in comparison to other games it's ridiculous. The thing is that this is possible on PCs from the last year or two, but the problem is that PC games are just developed with some enhancement through texture quality/resolution and DirectX, but not through programming that would be expected throughout all of the versions since it's rare for a PC game to not also be available on one or more of the consoles.

Go run around and interact with the environment in the city of Uncharted 2. See how everything reacts to the helicopter flying overhead, shooting at you, you shooting at them, and so on. The level of detail they took with really making the environment come alive just isn't seen in games because of the time it takes to go into that detail. Naughty Dog delivered on that unlike anyone else so far, not because they are the only ones that can but because they are the only ones who have.

mfwahwah3270d ago

No game can match it? That's a pretty vague statement. I'll assume that you're implying that Crysis 2 won't even look better than Crysis.

And actually, I think Chess is the best looking game. The pieces look SO lifelike in my hands, it's unbelievable.

ATi_Elite3270d ago

Crysis is not the best looking game on earth, here let me spell it out for you..

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky or Stalker Call of Pripyat have better graphics than Crysis Uncharted 2 Crysis Warhead Resident Evil 4 Killzone 2.

Crysis does just one thing well but Stalker does DAY, NIGHT, Weather, above ground, below ground, the list goes on because it does so much in an OPEN SAND BOX NON LINEAR Environment.

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Yi-Long3271d ago

... for instance, Rallisport Challenge 2 should be on this list, as it's a game that looks amazing even TODAY, with gorgeous trackdesign and lighting.

Apart from that title, I'm more about the 'style' and 'design' instead of how 'realistic' and how many poly's a game has.

alaa3271d ago

Rallisport Challenge 2 was released on the same year Far Cry, Riddick, and Ninja Gaiden were released. So, the game had a lot of competition.

Also, there are many games in the list that have amazing artistic design.

Yi-Long3271d ago

... and I own and have played those 3 games you mentioned, and was indeed impressed with all 3 of them. Far Cry at the time was amazing, Ninja Gaiden Black was a brilliant game and looked very good as well (although some levels were a bit 'boring', as far as design goes), and Riddick was an amazing looking shooter with great lighting and textures.

So I absolutely agree there were great looking games among the competion.

However Rallisport Challenge 2 still impresses today, it's silky smooth, no slow-down, no hiccups, hardly any pop-in, and like I said, the trackdesign and lighting were just amazing, and still are. It's pretty much the perfect game (although I would have liked a Japan-stage in there). It's just a drop-dead-gorgeous masterpiece both in design and execution.

DigitalAnalog3271d ago

But where the heck is God of War II?

-End statement

alaa3271d ago

God of War 2 released on the same year Crysis was released. Do you see the competition?

Pandam0bile3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Good list but I, personally, would have put Half-Life 2 on that list over Far Cry :)

hardcore19123271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Far Cry was more impressive graphically than HL 2. No offense though, both games are great.

Cosquae3271d ago

I would have been inclined to add the PC versions of Oblivion and Doom 3 to that list. Despite their flaws, at the time they were graphically ahead of anything else.

Clarence Callahan3271d ago

lol, look at this, the first guy says he prefers HL2 over FC2, and he gets a lot of disaggrees, and now the second guy says he prefers FC2 over HL2 and it's still not good.
(i hate fanboys)