Misty from pokemon is the Cosplay Babe of the Week

Craig Hasselback writes: "This week's cosplay babe of the week was a toughy. She's associated with one of the most popular video game franchises in the history of gaming, but more for the merchandising and cartoons than being a gym leader in red and blue. The moment we see Misty, we instantly say "gotta catch 'em all".

So of course this week's cosplay babe of the week is the cute and adorable Misty from the world of Pokemon - the unimaginably popular video game franchise from Nintendo that started on the Game Boy and has graced every piece of Nintendo hardware since, as well as spawned countless pieces of collectible merchandise, cartoons, movies and more. Pokemon shows the influence that a game can have on the public and the staying power as well. "

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vgn242764d ago

WHOA!!! Misty never had knockers like that. lol Sorry if I offended anyone, but that err "stand out". Like she's smuggling a couple Pokeballs in there. HA!

GunShotEddy2764d ago

Lulz. Gotta catch em all.

toaster2764d ago

She probably used Growth.

TimeSkipLuffy2764d ago

I don't mind ^^. I am in the cosplaying scene as cosplayer/photographer and this is nothing new to me. I know some Mistys with big OO and less quite original OO's XD.

vgn242764d ago

for record I'm not complaining. I'm a big fan of her "Pokeballs", just caught me off guard. OMG (forgive me for this) - Squirtle, use milk attack.

Mo0eY2764d ago

Man, lik half of these girls were underaged with big hoo hahs. I felt awkward flipping through them. :z

llMurcielagoll2764d ago

To be honest I was like WTF!! Some of those got really big Knockers. Come on they turned Misty into a Whore lool.

And Eddy Gotta Catch em all! LOOL!!

Dan and Eddy + Bubbles for the laughs!

2763d ago
Heisenberg2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

That "awkward" feeling you're concerned about... It's completely normal. Don't worry. You might even start to get some hair on your balls soon. But don't freak out!! You're just getting older.

How much you wanna bet Mooey just wrote that cause he felt guilty for rubbin one out to those young Misty's a moment earlier?

Raz2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I'd Pokemon the floor
I'd Pokemon the table
I'd Poke 'em on a chair or spring
I'd Pokemon most anything!


EDIT: @ Heisenberg - that was hilarious. Bubble Power+++!

XxZxX2763d ago

Nice boobs but average looks. So pretty average to me

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Briyen2764d ago

all of us in college are getting back in the pokemon craze with hgss and we talked about how we missed the old series.

and a course misty, Ann Chovy.

vgchica2764d ago

No joke. We were talking about this too. You don't go to OU (Ohio) do you? There is like a Pokemon craze sweeping Athens, Oh. But still. That is crazy because we we're talking about the old cartoon and bam.

christian hour2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

haha same deal. I think anyone who's either just about finishing college or just starting or somewhere in between played and watched pokemon as a youngster, and now they're all getting back into it minus the tv show. I've already clocked up 160 hours in HGGS and already have 300 pokemon :D If I fail my final year, pokemon was to blame.

Also I know the Irish Misty that features in this... kind of weird she showed up in this.

The Great Melon2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

No doubt about that. My roommate and I have both Gold and Silver. I may have not bought any Pokemon games since they left the Gameboy Color, but I am totally enjoying the remakes. I can't wait till finals are over in a couple weeks.

pcz2764d ago

hmm yes, more jack off material

TimeSkipLuffy2764d ago

I hope the guys at GoFanboys are allowed to publish the photos. It doesn't look like that they have done all the photos by themselves.

christian hour2763d ago

yeah one of em is a friend of mine, Have already sent her a link. Don't be surprised if 1 or 2 disappear, or suddenly have a model and photographer credited in em.

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