R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Nice! The original Shantae game was great.

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Freakin' sweet!

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Did DICE confirm 60 frames per second yet for ps4?

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Me too. Love quirky indie games.

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So is it like an LBP version of PS Home?

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One of my favorite indie devs. Stealth Inc is a great game!

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I just wish they would make a 64 Gig card. I keep having to delete games for the new PS plus one's. But the price of it would be way too ridiculous probably.

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WOW! Ok now I know it isn't just BF 3.5. This really does look like an impressive sequel. That ship on the land tearing through the city was insane!!!

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I want this so bad! Day one!

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Yeah that's probably why.

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The fact that it was banned (by Nintendo because of "religious offenses") just makes me want to play it all the more. Nothing says "intrigue" like a game that got banned.

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It's about time they did one on eShop, they've been already doing sales on psn for like 2 months. I got almost every Atlus game on psn, now I have my eyes set on Soul Hackers for 3ds.

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For games that require fast reflexes and scanning (looking left to right constantly) like fps shooters, it makes your reaction slower simply because a much bigger screen means it takes a little longer to scan eyes across it over & over. My kdr definately dropped due to getting a larger screen. It improved after about a month, but never as good as it was with smaller screen. Other games are fine, as long as I don't need to react to stimuli too quickly.

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@ Hitman: Jack Trenton made that comment several weeks ago around e3 (which was not that long ago). So no it isn't misleading. He said 85 MORE games.


BTW you said: "you just made overall for the mainstream majority of gamers here."

What does that even mean. Was that some kind of attempt to sound i...

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Also Jack Trenton said that vita will see 85 games by the end of the year. So beware of all those people saying that Sony is abandoning support for DEDICATED Vita games, just because of Remote Play. 85 games in the next 4 months is tremendous support. Remote Play is just an amazing new addition.

Sony never abandoned the psp even when it looked doomed, and because of their persistence the psp made a comeback and also made a killing in Japan financially. And with Vita's 85...

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Good blog. You might like Sleeping Dogs. Although later in the game there will be gunplay, but early on your an agent who fights with his fists in an open world game. Good story/plot in it too.

Also there are some simpsons open world games, that are not too violent while staying open world.

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What about ps4/XBOX one version?

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Good blog bro. A lot of these things were invented by others, and not necessarily by Nintendo first. I remember seeing a vintage sliding thumb pad controller for the NES that was made by a 3rd party. It probably paved the way for future analog sticks in games.

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That representative was likely an American/Western one who wasn't sure about if the update is western-bound (they probably didn't call up the American voice actors yet since they probably didn't flesh-out the story versions of Yukari and junpei yet). I suspect that the arcade update was handled by Arc Systems (since they work on actual fighting mechanics and do the art for Arena) while Atlus is busy writing the plot for the story element. Of course Atlus would bring this update to...

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I have a 56 inch monitor and now I play worse than ever. The ideal size is 32 inch if playing shooters. Also components and composites will always give u more lag. HDMI is best.

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