R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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I don't know if Shuhei meant it literally. I think he was just taking the high ground by saying something nice.

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Kids have a problem perceiving 3d? I never heard of that.

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Atlus just announced that they're publishing a ps3 fighting game (aquaPazza I think it's called) and just cut another publishing deal to publish some pc game. So for them to make these kinds of multiplatform deals this close to them announcing their buyer, makes it obvious that Nintendo didn't buy them.

Anyone know if it will have local multiplayer?

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I hope they do cross buy too. Or at least a discount for buying both.

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Day one for me.

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I agree, the 2ds is weird. No hinges? No thank you. Also, games like Mario 3d Land are so much cooler with 3d on. Come this holiday though, the Wii U should be getting some love with Mario 3d World, Mario Kart 8, and more. Mario Kart, Gran Turismo 6, Forza (not so sure about DriveClub though: development looks a bit underdone in time for launch) will clash head-to-head, and as a racing fan, i'm excited for both. I'll probably just be on racing games this holiday season

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Did they ever confirm whether or not if they will include online for the multiplayer for Super Mario 3d world?

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When I say "finally", I don't mean because it's too expensive, but that the price would have eventually looked like it was too high if the Wii U is only $50 less than a PS4. The Wii U is struggling even against the PS3 (the fact that the PS3 has been out for years is no excuse--if anything, the PS3 should have been selling less over time since anyone who wanted it should have bought it--but yet, the PS3 is still selling very well). So the addition of the PS4 would not have m...

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Dem's fighting words.

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Ha ha! Yeah, Uplay is the WORST. They got hacked, forced it into Far Cry 3 mp just so you can level up/get items at a normal pace, etc. Seriously, stuff like Origin and Uplay are stupid. I just want to play games, not be forced to put my info on another website and be part of their lame community/website to throw ads in my face.

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Yes! No more aim assist! A real return to SKILL based multiplayer. Besides, like the article says, the dual shock 4 is so perfectly responsive that the crutch of aim assist is no longer needed.

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"Addditional" it added so much, that it even gave a free "d" away.

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Good to see that Atlus's publishing wing is still...publishing. Looks like they must have been bought by a parent company (either that, or Index is making a comeback), so that they can stay free to publish instead of being locked by 1st and 3rd party publishers. Stay free and breezy Atlus.

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What about the 2nd analog stick attachment? How, after making the XL and now this version, could they STILL forget to add a 2nd analog stick? Especially on this one, since the analog attachment that's currently already available for 3ds won't likely fit on this one? Really should have put another stick.

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I just had an idea: What if they are gearing up to eventually use the 3ds as a replacement for the Wii U pad in the future? I mean: why would it be I-pad shaped instead of the ability to fold it?

Edit: also, the problem is where will the second analog stick go? I can't see the analog attachment for 3ds fitting on the 2ds since it is a different shape.

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It already said it will be a "value" so I'm guessing it will be cheaper. My only beef is the shape of it. Looks like it won't fold shut to fit in pocket.

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Wait a minute, it looks like it can't fold. How is that compact? I think it's a great idea since it will be cheaper without the 3d technology, but not letting it fold shut is stupid. It's like a big old ipad.

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Freaking finally.

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I wish I could be a fly on the wall and listen-in whenever EA has a fit over the Wii U. I wonder what their problem is. Truly childish if it really is because they wanted to make it an Origin console. It wouldn't surprise me either if EA was the one egging Microsoft on to block used games and force drm. Seems like it's right up EA's alley. Bunch of sneaky cowards in suits imo.

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