R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Microsoft has said a lot of things. And have done a 180 on peactically everything that they've once stubbornly held onto. So if xbox one pre orders STILL don't pick up, all that's left is the price point to cut. And the first thong to go will be that kinect of the want to match ps4's launch price.

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Yeah, but gamestop is still greedy. Forget Xenoblade. I can go to my local GS and they will still only shave off a measly $5 for used games. That is way too much.

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Lol what??


@DedicatedToGamers and GreenRanger:

Thanks I get it now :D

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Gamestop is unbelievably greedy. Just sickening.

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Good news

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Personally I'd love to see a new flight game Star Fox made by the makers of Ace Combat. But that's just my preference.

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Games kept me out of trouble. I mostly hang out with friends who enjoy gaming, and don't like to get involved in drugs, gangs, or anything else screwed up. The only problem is that they are distracting while in college, so sometimes I have to put consoles away just before midterms and finals so I can study hard.

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If they use the same engine, and pump it up for next gen, it should curb development costs, since they wouldn't have to overspend by making a new engine.

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When u say interface, do u mean the buttons and touchpad of the vita?

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Sorry about that man. Seriously ubisoft should have fixed that. There's no excuse. They should provide refunds. I never bought any dlc so I didn't know.

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What are the problems? I have ps3 version and I use component hd cables and a turtle beach to listen to the sound. I get zero lag. What kind of issues are u experiencing.

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Sounds fun. I'd like to contribute if it's community grows enough.

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Wow this is definitely a day one buy for me now. It just gets better and better.

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Assuming this pans out:

They're not looking to buy Atlus, they are looking to take over Index, which means that Index and Atlus would stay as they are. J-Trust will just provide financial support and not interfere with Atlus creatively. They will let Atlus do what they do best, and sit back like any other Trust and just collect a profit.

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Close range characters like Mokoto, Elena, etc would fit in well in a Tekken-based fighting engine

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Ha! Good blog! Someone had to eventually address the rampant influx of crybabies and complainers.

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Like MS doesn't have enough money.

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Coca-cola probably funded it. Even still, i'm sure it didn't cost much to make. Probably made over the period of 3 months or less. I'm sure Sony will only gain profits and not lose any money over this. And frankly, I have no problem with Kaz pimping out PS franchises if they bring more money to fund future HARDCORE games. Let's quit the dramatics.

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the ost was some of the best instrumental music I ever heard in my life

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That power brick is about 1/3rd the size of the entire PS4. That's way too big. That thing is gonna be a power hog.

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