R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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The review is underrated? What?

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But...$15 a month to play? Even Netflix costs only half that amount and we get access to millions of shows/movies. $15 A month is too much for ONE game. Unless Bethesda is offering the ability to play it's entire catalog of games for $15 a month (like Netflix, Napster, Sony's Music Unlimited, and other sub-based offers), then i'll have to decline their off offer. $4-$5 a month is more like it. And they better iron out the bugs because fallout and skyrim were notorious for bugs. Ot...

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Origin as the sole network?? That is the dumbest thing I ever heard of! EA is crazy if they think they can do that. And if it isn't true, then the person who made up that rumor is ten times more insane. What in the world...did EA ever have any part in constructing Nintendo's network?

This is crazy. Thanks for answering my question btw.

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Me too, I played so much that I unlocked everything already. Plus i'm an Ace rank. Didn't know u were playing, if I did I would have teamed up with you. I haven't played an online game this perfectly balanced since MGO.

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^ This. Good observation.

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Cool. So how does this [potentially] affect us as gamers? (I'm seriously asking).

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Really? A 500gb HDD for only $50. I need on badly, my hdd only has 6 gb's left thanks to ps plus.

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Can someone explain to me why Nintendo won't just let EA use Origin? Even if it's some policy of there's, can't they just work something out? Microsoft and Sony don't have a problem with it, nor have any problems arisen due to origin being on closed consoles. To simply say Nintendo should break-up with them is to excalate the problem further, instead of meeting in the middle. Isolation isn't thw key here. I know u guys are mad at EA, and I personally hate origin on con...

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Check out Quantum Conundrum if u want more/similar gameplay

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Iwata needs to start kissing some serious 3rd party booty. Having to get by on 1st party games alone is brutal in the HD era since it takes so long for a new batch of games to be developed. At least he's looking into indies like Sony did for thw Vita (and MS is starting to do too).

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I already have music unlimited so it's great news to me, but will we be able to play our own songs too? Or are we confined to only music unltd? The Vita let us do both...

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He doesn't own a Vita.

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Man I can't wait to play Battlefield 4 on my vita via remote play while siphoning some much appreciated bandwidth from my school's library!

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So what will happen on console versions? Do they think people will pay $60 for the game PLUS pay additional subscription fee's? Are they out of their minds? That's too much money.

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This isn't a real preview (they didn't get an early version from Guerilla Cambridge), it's just a guys opinion of the free Beta that just about anyone get their hands on and play for themselves -_-. Title should have said "beta". What a waste of a click.

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Wtf? I think the comedy in the series has Definately returned. Lol.

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My favorite was Lemmings 3d, but it is considered to be the most hated. No retro review was ever able to convince me as to why it is so despised. I think it's brilliant and it's in my top 10 list of favorite games of all times

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Galaxy 2 was actually pretty challenging.

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Destiny and Watchdog were not upscaled for next gen--they already were next gen. If anything Watchdogs was especially down-scaled for current gen on current gen systems.

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What kind of lame excuse is that? Youtube degrades the quality of EVERY video. It degraded MGS 5, and Battlefield 4. And yet they still looked leagues better than ghost did even with the same video degradation. Even GTA V looked scores better than COD Ghost's next gen mp reveal, and it is only a CURRENT gen game (and yes it's video on youtube suffered from the same ratio of video degradation as Ghosts did or any other video on youtube that captures game footage).

So t...

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