R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Some of my favorite games that were not very w ell-received were SaGa Frontier 1, Lemmings 3d, Pac-Attack, etc

From the article, I also liked LBP Karting (it's just a tad bit slow, I think Mod Nation Racer (made by same guys) was has exciting races though), and Metroid Prime Hunters could have been great today if it had online and used the 3ds's second analog stick attachment.

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@ Pisque: Lol what?? I don't even know you...

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It was confirmed for ps4/xbone too. Yeah but end of 2015 is too far away. And all we get is a prologue until then? This is typical Kojima. Showing a game,yet relasing it years.l later. Why not just only show it when it's closer to completion? Just annoying (mgs4 came out YEARS after he first showed-_-)

The reason why i'm mad is because Konami shut down Metal Gear Online servers, which is a game that came with MGS 4. It had a tight-knit community of die hard fans, and ...

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How long does game take to beat?

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U nasty

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It may be "it's own thing" but whatever that thing is, is still slapstick-stupid. It's just not even really funny: It's dumb, the dialog sucks, the plot is a joke (even funny can have a plot), the customization options dropped, it became cartoony, etc.

Everything it does is just for short-term shock value. Nothing of substance. Th SR 1 & 2 stories actually had characters u cared about who died. And a story that was pretty lengthy. SR 3 could be beate...

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Bottom line, what I'm saying is that maybe:

For one, your creative IQ makes it hard for you to just play games without having a venue to share your own creative input on what you did or didn't like about those games. I think that creative people need to vent their own idea's sometimes, so perhaps an open forum (such as n4g) for you to discuss what you didn't like (or what u think could improve) a game is just what you need to rein...

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I think I know where your coming from. The moment that you said that u enjoy the discussions and even making your own idea's, shows me that you are very creative. Your idea's probably transcend what most people today have conformed to. You probably have an idea as to the types of things that you feel are missing in games today. I have felt the same way. Ask anyone on n4g who I am friends with and actually share my PSN with, and they will tell u that I have a TON of games for it (plus...

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Lol damn you were really thorough though. Good blog.

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On topic:

The dot.Hack series had some insanely good music

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Not the point. They shouldn't have lied. What kind of a response/logic is that?

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First it was Santa Monica hype (turned out their writer returned--snore fest) and now this. They really need to quit hyping stuff unless it really is a big deal. It only let's people down.

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^ agreed. Elizabeth is way too overpowered and a bit socially awkward (since she rarely ever left the velvet room) to be an adequate Main Character in a social sim series like Persona. At best she may be in a spin-off (could be a movie, manga, Arena 2, or whatever). But one thing is for sure, she WAS given the wild card. So they must eventually plan to do something with it. Imagine if her story picks up after the p3 movie ends?

Also, I remember seeing a rumor a while back tha...

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Yeah I practically said the same thing. Except I also think there will be cameos. However they will likely try to not reveal too much about p3 and p4's main plots to avoid spoiling it for newcomers.

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MS didn't care what customers want. They wanted to block used games yet still charge $60+, put spy cam in our homes to limit the number of viewers who can watch films (and who knows what other messed up reasons), and a slew of other sick policies.

In fact, MS did something akin to reverse market-research:

They decided to take away so much from us, and had the nerve to tell us that this was somehow "the future" of gaming. They assumed that Americ...

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Arena hinted at it being Elizabeth (she gained the wild card which signifies that she must begin a new journey. However, I think they will have a new cast. IF they do anything with Elizabeth, Margaret, Marie, or any other past characters, it'll likely be another spin-off.

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Nah that was fan-made. A guy named AtlusxP5 made all that up. But his idea's, understanding of jungean psychology, and tie-in's with the past franchises (as well as his awesome music remixes on youtube) are one of the most impressive fan-inspired "sequels" to be conjured up.

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Yeah that would be sweet if I could take it on the go sometimes, and when at home, play it on a big screen HDTV.

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@ Jack Anderson:

MS's stance with indies was made clear before their 180. As well as the microphone/headset.

They specifically said NO headset.


They specifically said NO to Indie self publishing (and had reservations after it 180'd that)

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The author forgot to add "only about money" at the end of the title.

Because remember, MS stubbornly held onto it's evil policies until the last second. It's August now. They sure took long enough to reverse much of the evil things that almost helped to destroy the gaming industry, the right to own your own games, and the right to privacy of gamers.

Soo don't be so quick to blame "sony or nintendo fanboys". Because the last I c...

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