R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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lol have u followed his twitter? Kojima actually talks about his breakfast a lot and even posts pictures of it. Like anyone really cares. I just want a release window and to see Metal Gear Online sequel. Nothing else matters.

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I'm hoping MGO isn't overly westernised too.

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Clever title

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The reviews are based on the game pre-patch. The patch came out only hours before the embargo lifted, so the issues are mostly fixed. Too bad that Guerilla Cambridge took too long to release patch. It was too late for reviews. I'm only trusting post-patch reviews atm.

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Dude I was just about to send a PM about making a blog about the game, and here you already made it. Good lord man that was FAST!

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I know how u feel. I'm a fan too (I consider myself a fan of the first 3 consoles), but sometimes the overzealous fans don't want to see them grow in the ways Sony and MS have (in terms of features and 3rd party support--Nintendo has good games at least). But even still, the author didn't have to make such a flamebait title. Personally, if the handheld department was in charge of running the Wii U, I bet things would get better FAST. The 3ds is everything that the Wii U should be ...

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How about an mgs V release window? THAT would be nice.

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Very eloquent writing, and very comprehensive review of all the possible questions one would ask before buying it.

I just have one question, when you say it's a 3gb install, do u mean that the digital version is 3gb, or does the retail physical copy require a 3gb install off of the cartridge (like how some ps3 discs require a portion of game to be installed on HDD)?

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I'm hoping it's MGO since the L.A. team are the ones presenting.

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He's gonna make Capcom wish they never disrespected the Mega Man franchise while he was gone.

OT: Does a 2D game like this really need a $1 million budget (look at low budget for 2D games on phones)? Couldn't he do it with much less, and use the rest to develop ports for additional consoles/portables?

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Gabe and MS are fundamentally opposite. No way. Valve entices people to want to buy, and developers to give discounts. MS tries to charge u for everything, push the envelope on how far they can go to take away your ownership and privacy rights, while not offering much in terms of variety in gaming. Valve is the exact opposite of all of that MS has stood for ever since joining the console race.

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@ Snookies: They allow cosplay and satire articles on here, yet THIS is a problem?

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Hot damn we're getting Rayman Origins Vita for Vita and Ico HD for ps3 later in the month. Today we get RE Chronicles. Not bad!


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Not when it's $15 a month. Even Netflix is only half the cost and it supports millions upon millions of people/servers. No way i'm supporting a trend like that u.til the price is drastically reduced.

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I think a lot of people overlooked Catherine. One of my favorites this gen.

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It's sad that one must learn to "tolerate" other people's right to privacy and freedom. I'm sorry but I can't give MS brownie points just for realizing what they should have already known a long time ago. They took too long to renege on their evil policies, and only finally bent when confronted by poor pre-orders. The bad reputation wasn't enough to deter them--it was the money. So sad that an American company needed to be taught how to appreciate the very same p...

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Yeah but I can see Sony letting it happen, so whatever. Xbox's policies to strict? Move onto other hardware. I did.

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IMO, I think GungHo and Suda 51 should cancel the EU retail release, and just bring the game to EU digitally instead (via psn and live). It has been selling terribly in Japan and has been getting bad ratings. So if they only released it digitally they would not have to suffer too much financially if it doesn't sell well in stores (since digital is a simple copy & paste from their servers onto your console). Plus by not putting it in retail stores, they can release the digital version ...

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Only madcatz arcade sticks, or most others?

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