R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Day Z on Vita would be epic!

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They should look into Vicarious Visions. Those guys know how to make new versions of console games and put on portables. Also they can do ports well too.

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Np, i'll track u so I can keep reading more of your articles. Good job.

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Yep this article shows it is a little more compact (but being able to fold it is still better for your pocket of course, and to protect screen from getting scratched by your door keys)


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How is it tacky?

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I see what you mean, but the responsibility of making 3d "the future of gaming" is not Nintendo's problem. It is a visually aesthetic "enhancement", but overall 3d games can still be as enjoyable in 2d (for example, when you turn the 2d slider on off). If it can save $50 for those who would otherwise have visual issues due to 3d comprehension problems, then there's nothing wrong with that. I don't think it's existence undermines anything. However, I DO agre...

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No, the 3ds is selling faster than cocaine did in the 80's. The problem wasn't 3d, it's just that small kids couldn't enjoy the 3d portion due to it effecting their vision (or so i've been told). So I guess Nintendo thought-up of the 2ds so that families could buy the same system but for a $50 discount if their kid wasn't gonna use the 3d slidder anyway. Besides, it's a good bargain if you ever break the screen or hinges off of your current 3ds (if u own one), sin...

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It looks pretty good in that dude's hands in the pic. Not too big looking at all (unless that guy is the size of the Hulk)

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Santiago should just cut her losses at her new job with Ouya, and get back with Jenova Chen so they can whip up some more awesome games. I used to follow them when they were in college, back when they submitted games like "Cloud" to independant game festivals. I read their dissertations backk before I was even on college reading level. Now I seen how they grew and now that i'm in college myself, they were my biggest influences to go to school for gaming. But it breaks my heart t...

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If I can fully install the game off of the disc onto the HDD, then can I still give the disc to a friend?

Edit: Never mind, I fully read it and it says disk is needed for verification, which is totally fair or else people will keep passing it around after installing it (which s very bad for game devs).

Also i'm VERY happy that we can listen to audio via the dual shock 4's audio jack!

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Sweet! I hated having to die or steal another persons kit when I needed to change mine. Sometimes being a Recon/Sniper no longer cuts it when you have enemy helicopters trying to blow you up.

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The fact that it's being presented by the L.A. studio, and the fact that Kojima was tweeting about "maps" tells me that this one might be MGO, not just MGS 5. I mean: Why would he have the L.A. studio presenting, as opposed to his direct Koji-Pro team?

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@MeatheadMilitia: Yea...but only 2 games?

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Your ps3 broke?

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When was Persona 5 confirmed as next gen? Link please...

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Might as well make it a phone, open to multiple data carriers imo.

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How about a Vita phone? Phones do 3g, 4g, and WiFi all in one, while cost wouldn't be such a hinderance due to the fact that most people pay off their phones via acquiring a phone plan.

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Yeah I suspect Persona 5 too for ps3 or ps4 if Atlus is gonna put a 3rd party exclusive on ps3/4/vita.

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I can get a truck and a crew together to jack the warehouse, but i'm gonna need a place to store em all. Can I use your garage?

Lol I joke.

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^ This

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