R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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I'm wondering why this isn't also made available for PS Mobile (so it can work on Vita) if they bothered to make an android version.

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If Activision isn't gonna do anything with Crash, just give the franchise back to Sony. When it comes to this franchise, Activision is such a lame-duck publisher. They do the series no justice.

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And a lack of B/C is wht i'm keeping my PS3 as well. Also, all those PS Plus gamez!!!

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I'm still not sure if this is a complete re-boot, or a prequel to the main cannon. Which is it? Also, if their going for the empowered, non overly-sexualized type of Lara, how will they reconcile that with the Lara of the PS1/PS2 era (assuming that this new series is going to coincide with the cannon)?

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Lol yeah it's like Mezzo lives on Red Bull while staring at like 10 computer screens at the same time--all day long lol

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Congrats man!

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I knew u could win! I guessed it way back, remember? Your blog was something a lot of game devs/publishers need to read. Was my favorite blog of that month tbh.

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I am making an exception for the PS4 this time. I really don't think they're going to be able to make the PS4 much slimmer anytime soon. So I'm gonna take a chance and get it. Plus, I can upgrade harddrive, which is good for future-proofing.

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Insecure fanboyisms. That's why.

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^ Very good example. The best studios have a lot of versatility. It would have been a shame if ND only stuff with platformers (as good as those games were).

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The game did a pretty good job of slowly introducing the mechanics to players. It certainly is unlike any other game out there, though.

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*Ahem* well, I guess I should have thought that through lol. Still glad the option's there though hahaha

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Sweet! I never platinumed a single game (barely hit gold on a few) and I have a ton of games (so it's embarrassing when I add new friends who check trophies), so now I can hide my shame and no one will be the wiser!

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The plot thickens. Crossing fingers for Kadokawa Holding or any other Holding group (like Index) sugar-daddy type of company who will just support Atlus financially and not restrict their art or close down their independent publishing firm. Not some restrictive 3rd/1st party. Keep Atlus free!

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It would be an optional bundle. Nothing wrong with more options, especially if some people have the money for it.

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Nobody tells Kaz what to do. He stood his ground. Good game, Kaz. Good game.

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Good idea. Ubisoft's forums does take suggestions in the Rocksmith section.

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Don't waste your money. The ps4 can charge your controller on standby mode. Meaning: while ps4 is off (yet plugged in wall), it can charge your controller via usb. Do research about the console your buying, b4 u waste money on products that don't actually need to be purchased.

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Thanks for more great news Abriael! Your always keeping us informed about Atlus's fate!

On Topic: I'd do anything for that Balck & White Teddie shirt they're selling. Looks pretty darn cool.

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But it's funny. Just enjoy. Everyone knows it's a joke if they actually read just the description. It made me laugh lol

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