R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Day one purchase, son! <3

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Over 80 games coming before years end. Remote play is an option, not replacement. Playing ps4 games via WiFi from far away is not a suitable replacement. And from the announcement that 80 vita games are coming in the next 4 months, I think it's clear that Sony knows that too.


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This game looks sweet!

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Correction, the Infamous rumor may not be true. Not sure about that atm, but the 80+ games is the main point of my response any way, not just one.

Also *Shahid not Shahod

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I never once saw Sony try to "advertise" the vita as a portable ps3/4. The remote play is an additional option. There is zero evidence that they plan on abandoning dedicated Vita games. In fact, there will be 85+ games coming to Vita in the next 4 months, plus Sony just hinted at a new Infamous series Vita game.

Your apparent "zeal" for the Vita's well-being (and "concern" that it will be "cannibalised") is quite touching, however, ...

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Where are all the guys who were saying that Sony abandoned supporting Vita and saying they are simply delegating it to being a mere PS 4 remote play device? In fact, isn't there a blog here on n4g where someone complained about that very thing?

When Vita has 80+ games coming out in the next 4 months, plus many more in Q1 2014. Sony never once gave anyone reason to think they would abandon the Vita and even Shahid from Sony is hustling daily to get games for it. Here is a ...

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Hate piece?!

It's by a website called "Nintendo Enthusiast"

It's Nintendo Fans like YOU who keep enabling, instead of wanting the Wii U to improve, that make other gamers (and fans of the former, pre-Iwata Nintendo) laugh. Nothing wrong with improvement. I like the portable's division of Nintendo, but clearly they need to work on the console division (if the want to survive the next gen console race).

Don't be an ove...

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They are inadvertently trying to turn women into "damsels in distress" by even suggesting that they should get an exemption. If it's war, being stabbed, shot, etc are concerns you have to face. Is it okay for the female character to stab males? This is a rediculously demeaning topic for women to assume that they should be protected and treated like mindless, defenseless little newborns.

If a female soldier pointed a gun in my face and all I had was a knife, she&...

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Lol at the article: It speaks against painting women as Damsels in Distress, then the title says it's to "Help Women".

Isn't the assumption that they need help (based solely on their gender) essentially making them into Damsels in Distress?

Why don't more women help make the kinds of games that they want to see? Don't put the burden on men to do it (which would essentially make man the heroe, and women the one's needing to be &qu...

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How? Because his clothes is underwhelming and he looks a little sloppy? He never tried hard in school, ever. So it's in line with the story that he look like that (plus he was a very sloppy dude...remember his room?)

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Personally, I feel like this is BF 3.5. Even the animations and voice audio are the exact same from what I've seen so far. I really hope EA isn't forcing DICE to take the minimalist route when it comes to making sequels (like activision did with COD).

I want them to add something "new". Well, at least it has 64 players for consoles. But not much else seems new especially to PC players who already had 64 players.

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^ This!

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Of course. When you take out the money that retailers would have demanded to put a physical disc on shelves, then YES, the savings should be passed down to customers if the game is digital.

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JSR is in HD now, but yeah I'd like to see a 3rd JSR game.

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Did u guys see how many times dudes were getting shot through walls? STILL no dedicated servers, huh?

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Should have been done a long time ago. Metal Gear Online had females, customized outfits/hair, etc. Why is it so hard for COD to do ACTUAL new things, instead of doing old things that others have already implemented. Even their "revolutionary" fish AI was seen in games like Ecco the Dolphin (Genesis) and Super Mario 64 (N64).

Even the sliding has been done on Far Cry 3 and Killzone 3 before (and others). What took them so long to finally add it to COD?

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Haha! When she gonna take the next step? Can I suggest a game? Mass Effect 2--it was one of the first hardcore game that my GF actually beat. Plus she loved the fact that it had character customization that made her feel like she was in the game.

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Lol with as many times as she's reacted to hardcore games, wouldn't that mean that she's probably no longer casual since she's been playing hardcore games?

Just a thought lol

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And go up against BF 4. And up against the tons of other great games out there to choose from that aren't of the increasingly stale FPS variety.

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Yes, absolutely. The recent influx of indie games on PSN has reinvigorated my interest in games. Publishers don't like taking risks anymore. But indies are a breath of fresh air. Games like Octodad (n PC and coming to next gen) as well as recent releases like Stealth Inc (aka Stealth Basterd) are just so amazing and creative.

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