R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Sega bought Atlus. News just came out:


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Not good news

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This is great for gaming, as the audio budgets in game development are high, yet many people only play with the tv volume out loud so they miss out on the atmospheric feel of having the sound be heard as it was intended. Now we can all hear it via headphones without needing to buy turtle beaches. I bet the audio engineers and musical composers in games will be very appreciative of this. And so will my ears.

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If they lower the price considerably, then who cares if it isn't as colorful of a screan. People who were never gonna buy a Vita would now buy one. So they're not missing out on anything by getting the slimmer model if they never planned on getting one before. Problem solved.

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Thanx for the heads up!

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Can u please NOT describe the spoiler itself in the title? Some people don't want to accidentally see it.

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Hey how do u take screenshots while playing vita?

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^ I own the game and yes it really is that beautiful. The campaign has a lot of variety and the multiplayer is one of the best in any shooter series.

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Agreed, but I blame the administration (Iwata). I don't blame Nintendo per say, since a company requires people to run it. The company was perfect under Yamouchi (NES, SNES, N64). And even though the 3ds is cool, it is run by a seperate department at Nintendo. I consider myself a "true"/pure fan of Nintendo, but I am a fan of gaming first, and I am sick of the excuses that some Nintendo fans make for Iwata. It wouldn't matter if an 8 year old non-gamer ran the company, there...

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Behold, here is wisdom:

Buying a PS4 with a copy of Fifa 14 will still cost you $40 less than accepting a free copy that comes with the xbox one. Plus you get superior hardware and variety in genre's with PS4. Why sell yourself short only to pay $40 more for a console to get a game that will be obsolete in the next year when the next version releases, only to be stuck with inferior hardware--all when u could have done the same with PS4 and still saved $40 by not falling ...

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Microsoft totally dropped the soap these last 4 years with 360. I will never buy another xbox console. Ever. 4 years is too long to ignore your customers.

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Well said, lol.

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Just for anyone who didn't already know this: The DualShock 4 controllers will be able to charge in the PS4's USB slot even while the console is off (as long as it's plugged in wall). There is no need for this 3rd party peripheral.

Edit: @CrashBash (below): No, the PS3 had to be turned on for a USB linked Dual Shock 3 to charge it's own battery. The PS4 takes this a step higher by letting you charge your dual shock 4 even while your PS4 is turned off. Pretty ...

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Nothing, nevermind. Thanks for giving your P.O.V.

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The article writer didn't invent the commercial. Why are you so defensive?

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Ummmm...I think the kids like it because they don't have to beg their parents to buy them games--since games are free on phones. Kids don't have credit/debit cards. And even if their parents gave them a card, i'm sure it wasn't so they could blow their money on $40 3ds games. So phone games make for convenient and free quickies. Simple, really.

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THIS is why the haters are afraid of the Vita TV:


This thing will sell like nothing we've ever seen before. And once it gets Gaikai, the viacom/cable deal Sony made, netflix, crackle, music unlimited, etc, it will kill Apple TV and Google TV. It will dominate living rooms. And bring support for Vita's (portable or ...

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So it locks one account to one system, and u can't transfer from system to system. Can u at least back up on external harddrive, or do they not allow backups? I don't understand.

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Lol yeah whatever. They can't stop this genius idea Sony cooked up. Keep hating, haters.

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Sony needs to seriously market this. Maybe even a ps3 bundle. It's getting rave reviews and yet many don't even know about it sadly :(

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