PlayStation Vita TV Already Sold Out on Amazon Japan

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment surprised pretty much everyone by announcing the PlayStation Vita TV, that was almost immediately available for preorder in Japan.

How did Japanese gamers react? Looks like they bought it in droves.

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aceitman990d ago

I will buy one when it comes here . looks like its a hit.

NewMonday990d ago

Vita TV will expand the install base beyond imagination, this will bring even more games to the main handheld Vita owners

everybody wins.

abzdine990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

i said it yesterday: Vita TV is a game changer!
Good for japanese, now Sony localise that sexy thing!
How much does it cost? any ideas?

Soldierone990d ago

@above, its translated to around 95 dollars. So it will probably be 99 dollars when it comes to NA.

BattleAxe990d ago

I will buy one of these over a PS4, and I'm planing on buying a PS Vita this Christmas. I think PS Vita game development just got a massive shot in the arm.

badz149990d ago

it's like they put hot cakes in those PS4 and Vita TV pre-orders!

I can't think of any other reason!

miyamoto990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Its the small price & small size that seals the deal for Japanese gamers.
That is the bottom line.

Sony can play on Nintendo's low level price point after all.

PS vita will leverage the portable JRPG gamer market that is very popular in Japan.

expect a truck load of small to medium sized Japanese developers to flock to PS Vita and their Indie counter parts in the west.

I see publishers rushing to re-launch their old games on this new system

PS vita TV will be perceived as a home PS Vita TV Adapter or a console all its own.

Gaikai will be the Gai King icing on the cake next year that will grace the PS Vita TV with PS2, PS3 and PS4 games.

Its the price that really will kick start this most affordable next gen console.

I see this at around $75 to $85 in NA. stuff are just way too expensive in Japan.

Sony just pulled the rug under the competition.

ErcsYou990d ago

If it doesnt come to the US soon, ill be impoting one through Play Asia just for the remote PS4 features.

HammadTheBeast990d ago

This is genius.

It basically acts as a mini-home console, and the major audience boost means that development for the Vita itself will increase.

AbortMission990d ago

I think I might import one Lol

Abriael990d ago

That's my thoughts exactly. Having two different SKUs that satisfy two totally different kind of customers really expands the target, and with an expansion of the target come more games, and more games mean more sales. It's a self feeding process.

TheFamous1990d ago

Indeed. Really a smart move by Sony. I can't wait to see what Gaikai will bring.

Army_of_Darkness990d ago

I'm not sure if I understand this vita TV thing correctly??What's the point of getting it if you can access all your shows from Netflix and hulu through the ps4 already?!

NateCole990d ago


It streams your PS4 to another TV in your house. A vita player on your TV.

abzdine990d ago

Not only from your house but also from all over the world where you have a wifi connection.
Vita TV also allows to play Vita games on TV using DualShock 3, and DS4 in the future through a software update.

pyramidshead990d ago

Absolutely fantastic news, glad this has already taken off to an immense start!

morganfell990d ago (Edited 990d ago )


You can pull your Vita game saves from the cloud and play your Vita games on your big screen with a Dualshock. Many games will function right of the bat but some touch screen titles will require a patch.

I would expect more western games when it ships worldwide. In addition the other mentioned features such as streaming including Gaikai when that becomes available.

I have multiple PS3s in my house and have 2 Day One PS4s on order. For those that do not want to spend the money on larger consoles they could put a $99 Vita TV console in your other rooms and stream off the one PS4.

insomnium2990d ago

I gotta say I'm still in a shock because of how genious this thing is. Sony shot it out of the park with this thing and it came out of nowhere literally. Who ever saw this happening?

Sony I am surprize son!

FamilyGuy990d ago

Yesterday I predicted this thing will quadruple the PS Vita install base within a couple months of its release. $100 is such an easy to swallow price I still wonder just how well it really will do out here though.

So many people are still confused about how the Vitas remote play feature works.

Underworld989d ago

Couldn't this end up hurting Vita handheld sales? I hope not.

N4g_null989d ago

Wow I would even give that a try! Really great move sony. Looks like they are getting ready for another home console portable hybrid.... hand held just got real!

play it at home then pop it in the vita on the go! Smart sony smart! Now bring more arcade games out!

Jughead3416989d ago

Streaming my PS4 games to a seperate TV as long as I have a WIFI connection is a feature that makes it worth the price.

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r21990d ago

So will I. Its damn cheap and very tempting.

jhoward585990d ago

Yes indeed it is.

YOU Could Pay more But why!!!!

keabrown79990d ago

I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling we will never see it here in the states.

cluckey07990d ago

With how popular this thing has already become I highly doubt that. Something that sold out in a day will be expanded.

AbortMission990d ago

Uh, people love to buy Rokus here in the states. The PS Vita TV is very similar to a Roku and is damn cheap for what it does. Expect Sony to bring the PSV TV SKU over to western territories a few months after Japan.

KwietStorm990d ago

The fact alone that Apple TV exists, I think would warrant a release in the US, never mind everything else it does on its own.

iamnsuperman988d ago

I highly doubt it. Remember Sony is more than gaming and Apple TV is out and is quite popular. I think Sony was testing the reaction with the Japanease crowd to see if they were going to go global with it. So far the reaction has been really positive. It makes sense as Sony (electronic company) to release this and steal market share from Apple and Google.

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badz149990d ago


I think this is how Kaz is feeling right now!

GenericNameHere990d ago

Everyone on GAF is loving this thing! I mean, it's a $100 Vita! What more could you want?

Eonjay989d ago

Its the most affordable console around today. Its cheaper than an iPod Touch, and the visuals look great. $99 console has great indie and AAA. As a dedicated console alone you are completely set:

Killzone Mercenary
Final Fantasy X|X-2
Dragons Crown
Borderlands 2
Hotline Miami
Thomas was Alone
Walking Dead
Pixel Junk Monsters
Little Big Planet
Rayman Origins
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Velocity Ultra
Batman AO: Blackgate
Assassin's Creed: Liberation

PSP/PSOne Games

GenericNameHere990d ago

This is the Ouya -_-

...But 100% times better! Can't wait to get one of these if they come to the US!

Roughly $100. But if you're importing, you gotta cough up those expensive shipping and handling and whatnot

N4g_null989d ago

No its a controller for the vita!

jujubee88990d ago

The bundle in the picture looks pretty sweet! ^^

Kingthrash360990d ago

sony has done it. this is genius! im still baffled... i own a vita...i want vitatv...and i want vita2000...AND i basically own a ps4 already (my pre order recipt is in a safe). wow too see sony generate constant hype and surprizes, this is about to surpass ps2 level of success. well effing done sony.

GT67990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

VITA TV was shocking!!!! that was Awesome!!!!. rather buy that instead ps4..............
expect NEW games, new DEVELOPER joining.

xbone who????

TomShoe990d ago

I can't believe I actually thought this was going to flop.

I guess it's time to eat my crow.

Protagonist990d ago

I saw "the thing" and I immediately thought; WANT!

FamilyGuy990d ago (Edited 990d ago )


The thing is a stroke of genius wrapped in easy to swallow price point. Like I said roughly 24 hours ago, I'd buy one right now if I could. These guys are so lucky to be getting it first.

I can't believe some of the things I read yesterday, people actually thinking this device was a bad idea, didn't know what market it was meant attract, how it would sell. I'd say close to 95% of us saw it as a good thing.

Ahhhh, sweet vindication and all within 24 hours LOL

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Yo sony is killing sh!t!!!!

ouya they are!!

yeahokchief989d ago


Think of all the people complaining about lack of games on WiiU.

Now think about how many DS games there are.

Now think about how both platforms have 2 screens.

Someone have Nintendo get on this immediately. They're always 3 years behind EVERYTHING.

yeahokchief989d ago

Japan is really big on handhelds. I'll probably get one myself. Love my vita.

showtimefolks989d ago

Nintendo pay attention please, this is how you totally give your system a boost it needs badly

sony has recently shown a lot of support towards Vita and i wouldn't be surprised if sale figures really improve over the next 12 months

everyone who owns a Vita that i know Loves it, now its all about content which sony has focused on

Vita could become the ultimate device for all Indie titles

also being able to play fully next gen games on Vita via cross play is also awesome

ToaLugia989d ago

Then watch Nintendo make a peripheral to play Nintendo DS and 3DS games on the Wii U.

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majiebeast990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Wow thats like not even 1 day.

Sony has seriously flipped the table now that Kaz is chief. I heard he completely scrapped all the plans of the camera division because it was to by the books and not innovative enough.

I think we can expect a bravia led tv with build in Vitatv and Gaikai capability in the near future.

Abriael990d ago

Yeah, when i saw it "Not available" I was completely baffled. I didn't really expect the value pack to sell much too, since everyone and his mother probably already has a dualshock 3 in Japan, but I was wrong lol.

majiebeast990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Well it does come with a white DS3 and 8gb card probably alot cheaper then buying those seperate.

Like other have said it seems Sony found a problem that nobody thought we had till we saw this. Never in a million years would i think the 1 last thing was Vitatv.

Muerte2494990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

I can see that totally being a hit. Then you won't even need the dongle. You can remote play with PS4 in another room with just the controller and your Bravia. How sick would that be?

Being able to remote play your television on the PSVita. Watch everything on all your inputs on your VITA. The possibilities are astounding.

Heisenburger990d ago

Yeah bro, how sick would that be?

SO sick!

It's the sickest!!!

Ot: Good Lord Sony has been on a hell of a roll this year. I'm very excited for the future!

So sick! ;) lmao

mistertwoturbo990d ago

Yeah Kaz turned the PS3 around IMO, and now is putting Sony back on track for the most part.

FamilyGuy990d ago

Where has Kaz been lately though, haven't seen him in forever, Only Yosh, Andrew, Trenton and Cerny.

boybato990d ago

Does it mention how many items where allocated?

Abriael990d ago

Nope, they never mention that.

boybato990d ago

I see. Thanks for the response. Did't see it being mentioned in the article as well as I didnt bother pulling up (as im at the office. lol)

Great job from Sony. Hopefully this gets released WW as well.

stuna1990d ago

That'll still be 5 more than the Xbox1, lol.

Godmars290990d ago

Its $100 and plays PSP, as well as a lot of PS1/PSN titles. On a regular TV.

Its a no brainier.

rezzah989d ago

Does it play games from those specific systems, or just games through the Vita?

Godmars290989d ago

The box itself is a Vita. Aside from issues with the touch screen function which means it wont be play certain Vita titles, it can play anything the Vita can.

You don't have to buy a Vita or even a PS4. It can connect to PSN if you have internet and DL games off there, or play Vita titles from game cards.

rezzah987d ago

Thanks for the info, it sounds better than what I previously expected.