R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Good point. I'll never pre-order any overhyped games either anymore.

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Pre-ordered it and it arrived at my home 2 days before the reviews came in. I bought it for the co-op, but even that sucked.

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I suck at fighting games too. I cant be bothered to get into the scientific details of 2d fighting games (like frame data, etc). But 3f one's are okay.

Also, I suck at RTS genre games. Other than that, i'm REALLY good at stealth/hunting, racing, action, RPG, and most other genre's

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I wish i never bought Resident Evil 6 day one. Trash game.

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Wtf is wrong with Atlus? I've been patient, but 5 years and still no sequel?

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Maybe as RPG of the year.

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The man was like a Don. A true leader in the Japanese gaming landscape. Too bad he's gone, now there's no one to keep an eye on Iwata and the current state of Nintendo.

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The gta v booth had a massive line at tgs. This article is a lie. Most of the pics were likely taken as the events were winding down.

Pics of gta line being full of japanese patrons:

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does it have the drug trafficking economy that GTA Chinatown Wars had? I wish they wouldput that inthe cannon games.

edit: Also wanted to say great review. it should win best review of the month imo.

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I AM a Mega Man fan, but I don't know how well it would have sold, because Crapcom refused to ever promote the character for a long time. Yeah we had the 8bit psuedo-sequels, but for the most part, many people in my age bracket (age 18-24) don't really know much about MM since Capcom kinda abandoned him. Even Nintendo kept Mario (their mascot) fresh in the minds of a younger generation, but MM kinda fell-off after ps1 days. Yeah they had those MM network games on GBA but that's no...

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Can't hurt though. At least they know they tried.

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Why you hatin', Petey?

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Time to show Persona 5. Been too long of a wait. And some MGS 5 footage since Kojima said he'll be at Sony's conference.

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Wow if demand is really THAT high, amd the pre-orders are a large part of it, then that means that the PS4 will have sold almost double the amount of Wii U's. Time for Iwata to wake the hell up. The man blew his first year advantage.

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I loved "eminence front" on San Andreas

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I just wish I had enough HDD space. The download version is like 30 GB's. Damnit :(

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A full collaboration between these two development teams is like a dream come true--first it starts with the artist, then a game (I hope).

+1 for Indies!

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Lemmings, Breath of Fire, and SaGa Frontier!

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Must be dat Monster hunter 4. Playing it on old psp with only 1 analog stick was a massive hassle.

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No the best would have been Kadokawa. Too late now. SEGA is one of the worst matches.

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