R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen.


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Kinda old, no?

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Or he could pick up his pre-order the next day (saturday). That way he doesn't have to take off of work or worry about getting robbed at night (I live in NYC). Daytime is so much better. Assuming the store will hold his pre-order that long.

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I agreed...but it's weird because your avatar is a Capcom character. But yeah, those days are over for cashcom. They suck now. The only good game they have in the horizon is deep down, and it's being developed by SCEJ, not so much by Capcom.

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Still though, u don't have to go fiber to get a great connection. Mine is an A- speedtest in the whole united states. Not shabby, and it's not fiber.

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To hell with Titanfall.

I'll be on PlanetSide F2P and Killzone Shadowfall on PS4. Oh, and some other games that aren't of the over-saturated FPS genre.

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This isn't just a good blog--this is REAL journalism. Good work! I like.

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There's a month left and we're already past the half-way point. I think it's definitely gonna make it. But I hope they get even more than they needed, just in-case they under-estimated the cost of porting to so many systems.

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T'was a good blog man. U deserved this win.

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Thanks for posting this news, Poprocks. Totally awesome. I love playing on that OLED Vita screen!

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The Vita TV, and Vita's ability to do remote play for PS4. Coupled with the lowered price of Vita (and PS3) gives many options for the Japanese. Especially those who love portable gaming. Very smart presentation, Sony. They sure knew their audience.

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No, then ppl will abuse explosives. Headshots require skill, and knifing takes even more (since it's only effective if u can manage to get behind opponent).

Too much realism does not always make for balanced gameplay.

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I pre-ordered my PS4. I won't have enough cash left for games at first, but it's all good since we get 5 Free to Play games on day 1. So it's all goooooooood.

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Great game

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So I can play it at school. The only way i'm getting hold of a monitor at school is if I steal the one in the janitor's office--and i'm not about to do that. And by laptop, I mean PC's too. What's so wrong with that?

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I hope so too

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Dude don't sell your Vita. That's crazy. We're about to get Rayman Origins at the end of the month free on PS Plus!

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Sup bro. Yeah I agree with much of the blog. But with Iwata combining the portable and console departments, I think the Wii U can do alright. The main thing though is that I hope they don't take away too many resources from the 3ds's focus. Thanks for the shout-outs ^_^

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Wow, have the people who pre-ordered this actually SEEN the game? It looks terrible imo. Looks like the same old engine, even on next gen hardware (when watching on youtube even in 1080p). Sad.

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Will it remote play to laptops via usb? If not, then what is the point? I know it'll work on TV's, but what about laptops?

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Sgt. Slaughter! I remember you. I used to see u in those private match rooms and training rooms.

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