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Back in the day I'd have said Joe Flanigan would have been perfect, now I'm not sure who is the right man for the job.

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The reason I brought up 4K is because the tech behind 1080p is getting very cheap, so I'd gladly pay a little extra for for a 1080p Switch. Because I had no problem paying 700 dollars for my phone, so I see no reason paying something close to that for a great screen too.

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I hope this isn't true, because I'd gladly pay more for a Switch that allows for 1080p. Even many phones are starting to have 4K screens, so 720p is going to look dated very soon.

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Sakura Wars would have been great to see get a translation. I also think would be be nice to see the newer Princess Maker games come out in North America too. There has been many great PC games and console games over the years that sadly never came in in the west. Hopefully in the future that all will change and many games from the past, plus now have a better chance of getting a translation.

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I hope Gary Johnson and Jill Stein get added next.

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Very interesting concept! I do have one thing l wonder about and that is hopefully you won't get dizzy if you play it for a long time. I like the open world feel and really want to see what they do for the Dr. Robotnic fights.

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This game looks hilarious and should be fun too. Hopefully this game gets the funding it needs and also a stretch goal for a console port, because I'd enjoy playing a game like this on the consoles.

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Very well said. It is a shame, because that game was different and fun.

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I hope this means MS will start investing in games like these and game companies like Mistwalker.

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If this happens, then I'll be thrilled. Then I want to see Xbox games being able to come to the Xbox One. If that would happen maybe after the surge in people playing Advent Rising then there could be a sequel to that game.

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If this happens I'm going to be downloading a lot of Xbox games to the Xbox One. I never owned Crimson Skies, but played it at a friends house and this time will gladly buy it, if it comes out on the Xbox One.

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This and Snatcher both deserve sequels.

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Speaking of RPGs I'd enjoy seeing Nintendo make a RPG series using all of their Nintendo characters, think Super Smash Bros, but having them work together instead of fighting each other. Seeing the characters of Metroid and Star Fox working side by side would be sweet. I could see it being in the style of old school, top down RPGs and seeing it being a blast.

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I agree with TMNT. I would like to see a Lego Donkey Kong Country or Mario game. Lego Shadowrun could be cool too. Lego Back to the future would amazing also. I personally think there is a lot that can be done with Lego and it would be nice to start seeing more video games get the Lego treatment other than just movies. Lego BanjoKazooie, Spyro or Crash Bandicoot could be really something special. So hopefully more stuff like that happens next.

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I'm totally down for this and I also would enjoy seeing what Telltale could do for the series too.

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Seeing splitscreen gaming going the way of the Dodo is one of the saddest things over the last several years. I remember being able to play games with my brother growing up and it would have been nice to do the same now with my kids. I know this wouldn't be the game to play with the kids, but I'm speaking of splitscreen gaming as a whole over just this one game.

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I agree a new Star Tropics game would be awesome.

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I want to see Xbox games become BC soon. Getting to play KOTOR, KOTOR2, X-Men Legends, Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Crimson Skies, Morrowwind and Jade Empire again would be great. I understand the chance of playing Xbox game disks isn't going to happen, but being able to download these Xbox games would be awesome.

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I think games like this can work, but they just need more thought going into them. I remember Coded Arms from Konami and that was a neat idea. I personally would like to see that company make a new game and this time not make it for just a portable system.

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I'd love to see BG&E2 to have a somewhat open world play style think like Knights of the Old Republic. I never understood why BG&E got so much love, then l played the remake version so l finally could see why and it was amazing.

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