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The first one should have been too. So yeah, the sequel had better not be on the PS3 and Xbox 360. #22
I personally would prefer the Wolf Among Us 2. The Walking Dead had a perfect ending, so if there is another game I hope it's with a new cast instead. #6
This isn't news I wanted to hear. I wanted a new Snatcher or Policenauts game. I guess this means there won't be a sequel to those awesome games. #16
I personally would prefer another Wolf Among Us more, but this is good too. #6
That was Awesome. #8
Me I always picked Charmander and my bro picked Squirtle, Bulbasaur was the one you just got to help fill out your Pokedex. I never once had to use a Masterball on MewTwo, he was the easiest legendary Pokemon to catch. In one of my files, I even caught him with a Pokeball. Articuno was the hardest, Moltres the second hardest and Zapdos the easiest. I got him with the greatball.

The worse mistake I ever made playing Pokemon Blue, was taking it out on the road. I always wanted... #11
I personally wish Lionhead would give BC another go. I thought the concept looked nice and different. #6
I feel sick I missed out on this. I have some family birthdays coming up and this would have been the perfect gift for them. Like the saying goes when you snooze you lose. #9
If there is to be another system. I want L2, R2, L3 & R3 buttons. I also think it would better if it's more like the size of a tablet. This way it can have all the tablet games and the PS exclusive games too. #30
I'm not going to lie that looks awesome. If it plays like Valkyria Chronicles even better. #10
If I remember correctly MS bought the rights to Rise of Nations after 38 Studios closed down. So I could see it being a sequel to that. #11
Please be Dark Cloud 3 or True Fantasy Live Online is greeting a second chance at life. #15
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I'd really like to see it in Detroit, Michigan. The reason why is because in the Fallout universe it would have been one of the riches cities. The car industry was the second gold rush and that boom never crashed in the Fallout world. Like it did in ours. There would also be lots of underground cities to visit too, because of all the salt mines.

Plus seeing as in the Fallout universe Canada is apart of the US you could walk across the bridge or under the tunnel to Windso... #9
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That looks really interesting. I like the pop up book style. I would like to see MS revisit this game later on. I think it would be an interesting downloadable game. #12
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I'd like to win, but I sadly won't. #36
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I hope you don't win, but me instead. #32
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This is sickening for me to hear. I bought the 3DS on day one and I knew that a future model would come out later. But this to me is just wrong. I was fine with the old one and could careless about a slim version. But this isn't even that but a completely new system. I would be less mad if this was the next generation DS. So I guess this means I can't play any of these games until the next gen system comes out. Which because of this news I think the next gen system is even going to ta... #29
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I hope I win, but I know I won't. #61
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Best of luck to everyone. #13
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I so wish Capcom would make anew Dino Crisis game. Zombies are scary but having a giant monster trying to kill you and smarter too is a lot more scary. I would have thought companies would have been wanted to make a dinosaur game to come out around the time Universal brings out Jurassic World. But I've heard nothing. I just hope some day some company has the brains to make a dinosaur game again. #16
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