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Please be Dark Cloud 3 or True Fantasy Live Online is greeting a second chance at life. #15
I'd really like to see it in Detroit, Michigan. The reason why is because in the Fallout universe it would have been one of the riches cities. The car industry was the second gold rush and that boom never crashed in the Fallout world. Like it did in ours. There would also be lots of underground cities to visit too, because of all the salt mines.

Plus seeing as in the Fallout universe Canada is apart of the US you could walk across the bridge or under the tunnel to Windso... #9
That looks really interesting. I like the pop up book style. I would like to see MS revisit this game later on. I think it would be an interesting downloadable game. #12
I'd like to win, but I sadly won't. #36
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I hope you don't win, but me instead. #32
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This is sickening for me to hear. I bought the 3DS on day one and I knew that a future model would come out later. But this to me is just wrong. I was fine with the old one and could careless about a slim version. But this isn't even that but a completely new system. I would be less mad if this was the next generation DS. So I guess this means I can't play any of these games until the next gen system comes out. Which because of this news I think the next gen system is even going to ta... #29
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I hope I win, but I know I won't. #61
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Best of luck to everyone. #13
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I so wish Capcom would make anew Dino Crisis game. Zombies are scary but having a giant monster trying to kill you and smarter too is a lot more scary. I would have thought companies would have been wanted to make a dinosaur game to come out around the time Universal brings out Jurassic World. But I've heard nothing. I just hope some day some company has the brains to make a dinosaur game again. #16
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Well this sucks for me I still can't get a free game. Every month Games with Gold comes out the games are ones I already bought. I wish that MS could give away other types of games then just Xbox Arcade games. Because then maybe I wouldn't already own the game. As for people getting to try these games soon both games are fun. I personally like Strike Suit Zero more. I can only hope with more people playing Strike Suit Zero more people will like Space Sims. Because I can only imagine a... #21
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The one character I want back is Mew-Two and sadly it looks like he won't be. #11
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I can't tell you how much I would enjoy a new Star Tropics. The two that came out were great. I could see a new one becoming a huge success. #19
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I would gladly welcome another Startropics. The two games that came out were really great and I'd love a third one. #5
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I really hope this is true. Kinect could be a dream for RTS games. Seeing what could be in Halo Wars 2 will be awesome. I also hope that it's true that Age of Mythology and Rise of Nations come to the Xbox One. #13
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I agree with you so much. I am wishing with Jurassic World coming soon to the theaters it will put a spark back into game developers to make more Dino games.

There is so many different ways you could make dinosaur games it's not even funny. I could say so many ways you could make them but it be a long list.

So hopefully we get our wish soon. #6.1
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They should make a Kickstarter for this game to come to the PS4 and Xbox One. I know I would gladly pay for this game if they did. #3
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Trench warfare will be really cool. This COD game will take more tactics. Which is great. So I am happy to hear this game will be set during WW1. #21
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I enjoyed the game and can't wait to play the next one. But I just wish they would have kept the art style of the first more. I liked the cartoon look over the realistic one they are going with now. But I still will be buying the game when it comes out. #6
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I can't believe it one of the greatest adventure games is getting a remake. I don't care about Oculus Rift but I do care about this game getting remade. Everyone that says they love video games needs to do themselves a favor and Kickstart this remake. I can't tell you enough how great this game is. Just take my word for it. You won't regret it. #1
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Project Offset back in the day looked like it would have been a great game. It's just sad to think Intel bought the company then did nothing with it.

I think seeing Eight Days and the Getaway given another chance would be great. #10
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