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I hope the next one has Wizards and Warriors. That was the one game I really wanted to play again and wasn't there. #1
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It would be crazy if Splitscreen game play came back. I could see the only way it'd work is if you're online and streaming the game off the net. #8
I'd enjoy seeing B'awana Beast, Metamorpho, Adam Strange, Plastic Man, Swamp Thing, Icon, Atom, Blue Beetle, Star Girl, John Constantine, Etrigan & Firestorm. #2
If this is tue, that's great. More options are always better. #1
This has been one of my favorite games I've recently played. I really am hoping more great games from Dontnod will come out of this. It will be interesting to see what they do with their vampire game. But I'm looking forward to see what they do in the farther future. #2
I understand they want more money, but they won't be making any more money, with bringing the game out on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The reason is because I know lots of people that still haven't updated to the new systems, yet and have stopped buying games for the older systems to get it on the new instead.

Plus it's been said that the new gen has been the quickest people have gone to the new systems and that should tell you, people want new stuff and not the old. An... #13
This is really cool. I always like seeing the dedication fans will go too bring out games. So I'm happy about this news. #1
I'm down with this, because more RPGs to play is always good. #2
I never once spent a single penny in a Free to Play game. I instead just did good old playing the game for hours to get the stuff that I could have bought instead. If you don't want to buy anything you don't have too and if you do you can. So I see nothing wrong with. Now would I prefer to pay a little up front cash by buying the game instead, so it didn't take me forever to be to do something in the game, yes, but sadly few companies do that anymore. #11
You don't really need the source code to make a sequel. Because its a new game. Even if Sega remade the first game they could use the emulated file or if they really had to, they could start from scratch. I don't see that happening, so the best case to ever play the game again is if they put the emulated file online for people to download.

I remember in the past, Sega said they got it working as an emulated file and they let Gametap have the rights to put it on there.... #3.2.2
Best of luck to them. I also really hope they can bring visual novels to the consoles too. I enjoy those types of games and sadly there are very few. #2
I'd enjoy seeing this return and then Panzer Dragoon Saga can return next. #3
Really great interview to read. It has a lot of cool, interesting facts. #3
I really hope this will lead to Austrailia allowing more games to come out over there that are M. Plus many more new game IPs. #3
I could see Amiibo being a cool top down RPG game. Seeing Link, Isaac, Samus & Ness working together would be cool. It would be like Super Smash, but a RPG instead. #4
SOCOM had some really great PS2 games and I think would be great to play them again. #3
I so agree with King K Rool. I'd also add him to Super Smash Bros. #1
Best of luck to them. I'm happy to see more visual novels being made, hopefully there's a chance for a stretch goal for a console version. #1
Here is a cool idea, Sony should let Playstation Spain make PSVita games. I could see some great new IPs coming from this. #4
That truly is a nice looking Wii U controller and would have been more welcomed by gamers. I'm not saying the game pad is bad, just isn't used the way it should be. Instead it comes off as a cheap gimmick and it isn't even cheap. #3.2.1
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