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I really wish there would be another Playstation handheld. The PS Vita was better than the PSP and I have to imagine the next system would have been perfect.

All the next system needed was L2, R2, L3 and R3 for better controls, then it would have been perfect. The touchscreen and touchpad just isn't the same, so bringing those controls to the next system it would need.

I also would have liked a built in hard drive with at minimum 16 gigs and it use no...

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How about both? They both are different enough and I know I gladly would buy them.

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If this is true I'm very happy about it. Seeing as how the last one ended, I'd guess this one will not follow the comics and become its own thing. Which is okay with, because the world of Fables is rich and getting to see more of that world would be nice.

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I like the look of the red and black one. I also think if the specs are good it will be a system people want to pick up before the next Xbox and PlayStation come out in 2020.

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Well Eternal Champions might get a sequel, so it isn't completely forgotten.

Here is the link for the sequel.

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I'd like to see him make a new game studio and then he can bring out new games, with new ideas too.

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I hope not, but make it more like the first game. I still feel there is a vast amount that can be done in this universe and would be sad to see it go.

That being said I think it is best to make a different game before bringing out another Mass Effect and that being Jade Empire.

I'd love to see more of that world and would even be fine with a remake, then finally getting the sequel. That is the game Bioware needs to be working on next and hopefully th...

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This is sad news, because I always felt there was great potential with this game but it never got to where it could be.

Plus this was the only game to ever use the Project Offset engine too. Project Offset never came out so getting to see what it could do was the closest we ever got because of this game.

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I wish I could give you more than just one upvote, but sadly I can't. No Plastic Man, Constantine, Etrigan, Deadman, Question, Phantom Stranger, Static, Detective Chimp, Nightshade, or Nightmaster, but we get Sub Zero instead.

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Dude, I love your comment and if I could I'd give it more than just one upvote. Even just the other day people were killed and you hear in the news people not wanting to blame it on radical muslims. People need to start waking up, because people Are dying and it isn't because of Christians.

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I personally thought the last game was a let down and would prefer a new Tales from the Borderlands or A Wolf Among US.

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I hope some day Human Head Studios can make another Cyberpunk game. Just take the ideas from Prey 2 and turn it into a new IP.

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I agree Mortal Kombat characters shouldn't be in the game. I disagree with adding V, because the game should just be DC characters. I knew Plastic Man, B'wana Beast and Ambush Bug would never be in the game, but adding them would have been very interesting. So even though I doubt any will be DLC, I'd love to see them show up.

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I personally believe a part of it is because people wanted Prey 2 from Human Head Studios and not the game we got instead.

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I think the chances are slim, but I'd love to be wrong. I personally think Sega vs Capcom has a better chance of happening, but that could just be me.

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I'd love to see one. I just want L2, R2, L3 & R3. Because touchscreen and back touchscreen don't count. Also if it isn't too much of an ask I'd add onboard memory that can be used like a hard drive to make the games run better. Then the only other thing it'd need is to use normal memory cards and it will sell very well.

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After Far Cry: Primal I wish they'd go back farther in time to the time of the Dinosaurs.

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I wish this game would get a remake. I don't think we'll see a new Elder Scrolls until 2019 at the earliest, so I hope Morrowind will get remade soon.

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That would be great. It is sad how many great IPs MS is doing nothing with. I think Human Head is another team that could make a good Cyberpunk Shadowrun game too. Because they were working on Prey 2 before Zenimax pulled the plug from the game and from the little that was shown I can see them making a nice game in the Shadowrun universe.

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I can't believe I'm the only one who wants a new Shadowrun. I feel like that would be a game Xbox One users would like. Bethesda revived Fallout and I can see Obsidian working with Microsoft to bring out a great game. I can see it being a first person, open world game. Then because MS wants to make extra money they can sell DLC for extra story four or so months after the game comes out.

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