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I'd like to win, but I sadly won't. #36
I hope you don't win, but me instead. #32
This is sickening for me to hear. I bought the 3DS on day one and I knew that a future model would come out later. But this to me is just wrong. I was fine with the old one and could careless about a slim version. But this isn't even that but a completely new system. I would be less mad if this was the next generation DS. So I guess this means I can't play any of these games until the next gen system comes out. Which because of this news I think the next gen system is even going to ta... #29
I hope I win, but I know I won't. #61
Best of luck to everyone. #13
I so wish Capcom would make anew Dino Crisis game. Zombies are scary but having a giant monster trying to kill you and smarter too is a lot more scary. I would have thought companies would have been wanted to make a dinosaur game to come out around the time Universal brings out Jurassic World. But I've heard nothing. I just hope some day some company has the brains to make a dinosaur game again. #16
Well this sucks for me I still can't get a free game. Every month Games with Gold comes out the games are ones I already bought. I wish that MS could give away other types of games then just Xbox Arcade games. Because then maybe I wouldn't already own the game. As for people getting to try these games soon both games are fun. I personally like Strike Suit Zero more. I can only hope with more people playing Strike Suit Zero more people will like Space Sims. Because I can only imagine a... #21
The one character I want back is Mew-Two and sadly it looks like he won't be. #11
I can't tell you how much I would enjoy a new Star Tropics. The two that came out were great. I could see a new one becoming a huge success. #19
I would gladly welcome another Startropics. The two games that came out were really great and I'd love a third one. #5
I really hope this is true. Kinect could be a dream for RTS games. Seeing what could be in Halo Wars 2 will be awesome. I also hope that it's true that Age of Mythology and Rise of Nations come to the Xbox One. #13
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I agree with you so much. I am wishing with Jurassic World coming soon to the theaters it will put a spark back into game developers to make more Dino games.

There is so many different ways you could make dinosaur games it's not even funny. I could say so many ways you could make them but it be a long list.

So hopefully we get our wish soon. #6.1
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They should make a Kickstarter for this game to come to the PS4 and Xbox One. I know I would gladly pay for this game if they did. #3
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Trench warfare will be really cool. This COD game will take more tactics. Which is great. So I am happy to hear this game will be set during WW1. #21
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I enjoyed the game and can't wait to play the next one. But I just wish they would have kept the art style of the first more. I liked the cartoon look over the realistic one they are going with now. But I still will be buying the game when it comes out. #6
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I can't believe it one of the greatest adventure games is getting a remake. I don't care about Oculus Rift but I do care about this game getting remade. Everyone that says they love video games needs to do themselves a favor and Kickstart this remake. I can't tell you enough how great this game is. Just take my word for it. You won't regret it. #1
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Project Offset back in the day looked like it would have been a great game. It's just sad to think Intel bought the company then did nothing with it.

I think seeing Eight Days and the Getaway given another chance would be great. #10
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I really wish Nintendo would give their studios their own names. Because saying I work at Entertainment and Analysis Division is so boring. If Nintendo even wanted they could name the studios after their own characters. That would be even better then E&AD. Who wouldn't love to say I work at Bowser Studios or Mario Studios. #12
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I completely understand you. I watched the movie Les Miserables and a lot of it they could have just talked instead of in a singsong way. I have watched musicals before but I enjoy when it's a marriage of both singing and talking not straight singing. #4.2
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It's great to see I'm not the only one who thinks it has to much music. I personally don't understand why it won the Academy Award when the Wind Rises was a much better film. #4.1
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