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I agree with this and believe remote play would be a huge selling point for it. The only thing I'd add is l3 and r3 too. Plus being able to use normal memory cards would be another plus.

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I disagree with this so I'll just leave a few names why, Patrice Desilets, Jade Rayman and Michel Ancel.

In the past Ubisoft did more artsy type games and dropped that for the bigger kind of games, yet those don't sell any better, but worse.

I understand we are finally getting a new Beyond Good and Evil, but it never should have taken this long to be worked on.

I wish we could get a new Prince of Persia, plus another Dark Messi...

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Very well said and I couldn't agree more with Reggie needs to go.

I honestly am surprised Phil Harrison never joined Nintendo, because he helped make Media Molecule a big league player with Little Big Planet and Naughty Dog with Uncharted.

So l personally believe he could bring in new ideas to Nintendo, but l could be the only one that thinks that way.

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It sadly has been at least a decade since KH2. You have to remember the last one came out on the PS2, then skipped the whole PS3 and now we'll finally get it on the PS4, plus Xbox One.

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I want a new Power Stone, Dino Crisis and new IPs. So how about a mix of both?

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I'm most likely the only one, but l wish MS would work with Obsidian Games on making an open world Shadowrun game. Think what Bethesda did with Fallout and imagine how cool it would be to play in a cyberpunk universe. Having a RPG IP would be great for MS's portfolio.

Another thing that would be cool if if MS takes the ideas from the Shadowrun Xbox 360 game and turns that online only game into a brand new IP. I also would like to see a new Blood Wake and Crimson Ski...

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Even if it wouldn't sell that great, it would still sell better than all their other games they've been working on recently.

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If they're smart they'd start working on Timesplitters IV. With four player splitscreen multiplayer they could bring in a truck full of cash.

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I'd enjoy seeing MS make a Shadowrun open world game. Bethesda revived the world of Fallout and seeing MS do that with Shadowrun would be great.

I also would enjoy seeing MS try their hand at another online only game like how Shadowrun was one. That Xbox 360 game would have sold a lot better if it didn't use that name and instead was a new IP instead.

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This would be great. I'm still disappointed that the Rogue Squadron remake got canceled and because it did Factor Five had to close their doors.

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I for the life of me can't understand why that hasn't happened, because with all the remasters we've gotten this one would have easily sold a lot.

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I believe a big problem of theirs is they make games no one wants. People keep asking for Time Splitters and yet we still haven't gotten a new one.

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I'd be down for seeing Mike from StarTropics and this would be a nice way to tease a new game.

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I'd be down for a sequel or remake and hope someday it happens.

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I wish Sega would get back into making consoles and l feel like if they did they'd go after the Nintendo market over the PlayStation or Xbox ones. I think that would be great, because Nintendo does it's own thing and then because of Sega Nintedo games will be better. So it would be a win, win for everyone.

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This would be cool, plus it would be a return to the sidescrolling roots too and that would be awesome.

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How about not wasting a slot that could be filled with a DC character instead? Then you can make a MK Shaolin Monks game next.

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Back in the day I'd have said Joe Flanigan would have been perfect, now I'm not sure who is the right man for the job.

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The reason I brought up 4K is because the tech behind 1080p is getting very cheap, so I'd gladly pay a little extra for for a 1080p Switch. Because I had no problem paying 700 dollars for my phone, so I see no reason paying something close to that for a great screen too.

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I hope this isn't true, because I'd gladly pay more for a Switch that allows for 1080p. Even many phones are starting to have 4K screens, so 720p is going to look dated very soon.

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