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I hope it is four player splitscreen over two player. I had great fun with my friends playing back in the day on a 19 in tv and we all just had a 4 in screen to play on and now doing that with the kids would be great.

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It is sad how many great Adventure games were out in the past and very few. I remember the rivalry between LucasArts and Sierra, yet now both companies don't exist. I feel like there is a goldmine if Activision and Disney could bring the old classics out on consoles, plus PC again. A better idea would be a remake, but I doubt that'd happen.

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I wish more games had splitscreen gaming as an option. I loved how the Halo series always had that option, but for whatever reason it was dropped. I remember growing up playing four player splitscreen on a nineteen inch tv and found that to be a blast, even though you'd only have four inches of a screen it was awesome with friends. Yet now as an adult I can't even play with my kids on a forty-two inch tv.

I just wish developers knew people want this feature still i...

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I wish the games could be a new Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire and Power Stone.

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Hopefully this gets funded. I enjoyed Mutant League Football and I know I'll like this too. Plus if this sells well hopefully a Hockey version can get made next.

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They should use some of this money to help Human Head finish Prey 2.

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I really want another Fables game. Finding out what Bigby and Snow White are up to next would be great to see.

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I'm happy to see both Crimson Skies and Blood Wake. I'd Even be fine with a remake of those games, because those games would be great with online play.

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I was surpised how much I enjoyed the game and a true Dragon's Dogma 2 would be great.

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Level editors like this are great and I wish Nintendo or other companies would allow stuff like this in their games.

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Great idea, but even better would be if this is why Nintendo wants people to pay to play online. If people get to play all the past Nintendo games and the admission is only paying a small fee of having online I can see people having no problem to pay to play anymore.

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If Nintendo was to make a game like this, I could easily see it being a hit. Thankfully there is modders that will do stuff that Nintendo won't do.

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I didn't cherry pick, because I even brought up about the Wii selling systems, but not games. If you want to talk about picking winners and losers, why did OtakuDJK1NG-Rory not bring up about the WiiU too?

As for why I said nothing about NES or SNES was because Nintendo had no competition with the NES and for the SNES, Genesis was the new kid on the block.

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Your point, N64 and GC sold nothing like the other systems on the market. As for the Wii the system sold a lot, but people just bought it for one game and never bought another. I bought several games for the Wii, but I know many people that just bought it for Wiisports. So again I ask, what is your point?

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I'm honestly surprised he still has a job. He is the one of the worst execs at Nintendo. I personally believe Nintendo needs new execs and I think Phil Harrison would be a smart choice for Nintendo to go after. We know from his tweets he is planning on buying a Switch and with his help Nintendo could have some great new IPs.

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Hopefully things change for Nintendo or the company will be in deep trouble.

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I just wish MS would make a new Shadowrun in the style of the new Fallout games. I can easily see an open world first person RPG being a huge hit for MS. Then when people want more to play they can buy the DLC that adds many more hours to the story mode.

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With Young Justice finally getting a season 3, it would be smart to get the game on the backwards compatibility list.

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@Active Messiah Very well said, but sadly no company can admit when they are in the wrong.

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Thanks for posting this and trying to stop the lies that the Bethesda execs are trying to make up. Don't get me wrong Bethesda is one of my favorite developers, but I'm just not a fan of their excuses.

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