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It's disapointing Disney does nothing with Gargoyles. I can only imagine what Guillermo Del Toro could do with that world. It would instantly become Disney's Lord of the Rings type film. Thundercats and He-Man also are great IPs that sadly no one does anything with. I'd add GI Joe as another universe that would work in game form. Sadly the movies have sucked though. It's crazy to think back in the 60s that it was going to be a Nick Fury and Shield series, but Marvel said no an...

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It really sucks how little Sony cares about Psygnosis, they were one of if not the best developers of the Amiga. I wish Sony used them more and would let them shine again. Plus why not put the old Psygnosis games on PSN. I would gladly buy them and I doubt I'd be the only one.

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I'm honestly surprised that Disney came hasn't come out. It's Disney after all and should sell a lot.

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I wish this would have sold better. I was surprised how great of a game it was. Ninja Theory did a very well job on it and I'd be down to see more from this universe. I just sadly don't see that happening.

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I totally agree with this article that we need more 2D games on consoles and not just PC.

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I say just bring the games out and let people speak with their wallets. If it sells well you'll know people are fine with it and if sells poorly you'll know people don't want it. But to not give people the choice in my mind is just wrong and needs to be stopped.

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I hope this sells well for them, but I'm looking more forward to what they bring out next. Because I've already played this game and am looking forward to what's next.

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I so wish a new Rouge Squadron game could come out. I'd even be fine if it's just a remake. Plus Knights of The Old Republic needs another game too.

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I hate mobile sites, I've never once used them. I'm using a phone right now and when ever I go to the site the first thing I do is request the desktop version. I know that some people like mobile sites, but I'm just not one of them.

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This reminds me of Sega patenting the directional arrow in Crazy Taxi. So no other company could have an arrow above the screen, though thankfully companies found out you could put it below the screen instead.

These stupid patents don't do any thing good, but hold other companies at ransom.

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This could have been really fun. I'm disappointed this got canned. I doubt it but I'd enjoy seeing MS reuse the code and make the game for the X1. This a True Fantasy Live Online were two really cool games that should never have gotten cancelled. Both looked like they'd have been fun.

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This could be fun. But I hope it won't just be a Genesis exclusive, because it'd be nice to play it on the PC too.

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I never though of that and this would be really great. I'd also like it if you could make battles like in Mega Man Battlenetwork. I never understood the hate it got, because I liked. Plus it was a great spinoff on the main series. So it is just odd to me how many people hated it.

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Thankfully it never will, but if by some crazy chance it does I'll stop playing games. I prefer bigger games than Candy Crush or Angry Birds. I honestly don't see how they do so well. Right now I'm having a blast with Fallout 4 and you can't play a game like that on a small screen, so console gaming is going nowhere.

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I would like to see a real Warcraft game next. Plus I'd also like to see Blizzard work with either Telltale or Dontnod to bring out a game for Starcraft or Warcraft.

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Is that Sean Bean as the narrator?

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I'd say no to a lot of these. I believe only Halo would work and even still I would want other games instead. I do wish Telltale would work with DC Comics again on a Wolf Among Us 2. Plus it would be great to see what else they could do for the main line DC Comic characters.

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I'd be down for a new Advance Wars. It could even be a launch title for Nintendo NX.

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Hopefully as these companies grow some of them will move over to consoles. With India having over a billion people in it, to me at least this number seems small. I think it'd be great to see what kind of games India could make for the gaming market and don't want to just see just phone games, because I want to see more diversity in games. Plus this would bring in more gaming ideas too.

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I can honestly say I'd enjoy seeing a Starcraft movies. Because after Star Wars comes out I'll be ready for more SciFi movies.

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