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This makes perfect sense, because he couldn't have been a radical that said allah Akbar before he killed people. People need to grow up, know there is sickos that think they need to do this because of their religion and stop trying the put the blame on everything else or then the wicked person that did this.

I could put a gun in a person's hand, but here is the thing the person has a brain and they should know not to kill people. Just because l gave them it doesn&#...

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I'm not sure why it is using the Prey name, maybe after more is shown we'll see why, but as of right now it looks like a new IP instead. I'm curious what Human Head Studios is up to though, seeing as they made the first Prey and were making the sequel. I can only hope they get to make Prey 2, but have it go by a different name instead.

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I'd have preferred Morrowind, but l sadly knew that wasn't going to happen. Oblivion should have been added to this remake too, because then it would have been worth the price. Because as of right now the PC version still is better than this remake.

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I myself have always preferred Sega Saturn over Dreamcast, but l can see why people would want this. I honestly don't see why Sega doesn't try again making a system. I'd look at what Nintendo did with the Wii, if Sega could make a system for around a hundred dollars and sell it in that ball park that would be great.

With a system that sells for no more than 150 dollars would be huge. Have it be heavily built for old Sega games too and l can see lots of people wa...

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I know it won't happen, but I'd love to see MS work with Obsidian to make an open world Shadowrun game. Bethesda gave Fallout a new spin and l could see Obsidian doing the same for Shadowrun.

I also would enjoy a new Crimson Skies or Bloodwake from MS too.

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I know l might get some hate for this, but it is okay, Nintendo should just make an online only Star Fox game. This could be a huge game for Nintendo too, just thinking of all the cool dog fights you could have in the Star Fox universe is amazing.

The best idea of describing how I'd like to see the game is looking at Warhawk and what Free Radical was planning on doing with Battlefront. That to me l could see would become a big system seller for Nintendo. Because with N...

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I personally would prefer to see Morrowind get a HD treatment. Seeing Morrowwind in glorious HD would be beautiful, plus more people played Oblivion and Skyrim than Morrowwind, so letting the people see why Morrowwind is held in such high regard would be great.

The two newer Elder Scrolls games still have many modders improving on those games, so why not bring out a game that isn't getting the same treatment. So if you can't tell l want to see Morrowwind Remake, i...

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Leave Mortal Kombat characters to Mortal Kombat. As for DC characters I'd like to see they're Ambush Bug and B'wana Beast. Either of these two guys would make the game more funny. I also wouldn't mind to see Jakeem Thunder and members from Doom Patrol, like Negative Man or Robotman.

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The only way this would work is if Nintendo made it a USB drive. It could have 1TB worth of space and you could download the games to it. Think of it like Google Chrome or Amazon Fire Stick, then add apps like Netflix and it could be a hit. But because of the 1TB USB stick it would be expensive, so it would have to be a lot smaller.

If you could download games from both Nintendo's home console to handheld system l really could see people enjoying it. Do l think Nintend...

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I want to see Elder Scrolls Summerset Isles of Black Marsh. I also want to see a new Quake, Commander Keen and Prey 2.

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Great article, l just wish these guys and gals could make a new Timesplitters game instead of the ones Crytek wants them to make. A new Timesplitters game with local four player split-screen gaming would be amazing. Sadly it looks like no new game is in development.

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For me personally I'd say yes. I remember playing back in the day on a 19 inch tv playing four player split-screen. Mind you this is early 90s, but man that was fun. It was a pain playing on a screen less than 5 inches, but playing with three other buddies was a blast. Back then no one had a tv bigger than that size, yet today the smallest you find people with is a 42 inch.

It always amazes me how you'll hear people talk about today saying they'd never want to ...

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I'd enjoy a new Quake game, but personally I'd prefer a new Commander Keen game instead. I could envision if you make it like a modern game instead of new sidescroller game, it would be able to keep the charm of the old game, but still make it feel fresh.

The best way to describe it would be like a cross between 3DRealms Prey and Valve's Portal. Because those games had lots of different puzzles and that is one thing that Commander Keen was known for. Then I'...

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I'm down for this, l just don't think it'll happen. The big reason why is because if Disney was smart they'd turn Monkey Island into an animated tv series and after that comes out they could sell merchandise. So the price to own the IPs wouldn't be cheap, but he might be able to license the IP instead.

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If any game could revive split-screen gaming it is Timesplitters. It wouldn't just revive two player split-screen, but the legendary four player split-screen instead. Sadly Crytek is more interested in games like Homefront instead of games people want.

It doesn't need to even be a new game, but a remake and that would be fine. Something like how MS remade Halo: Combat Evolved and then brought out the Master Chief Collection. Doing something like that, but with Time...

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I personally believe Nintendo dropped the ball with the Amiibos, had they made it instead of DLC, but for a game world it could have been a lot bigger. Imagine having the Starfox crew fighting along side Samus or Pokemon in the world of Zelda.

The idea of having an open world type game with the Nintendo characters could have been huge. Seeing the characters from Golden Sun meeting Fire Emblem's characters could have been neat. This could have easily been the next Ninte...

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Had my school done stuff like this I'd have enjoyed it a lot more. History lessons would now really come a live and anything that can help kids learn, plus remember it is a good thing in my book.

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How can anything compare to it when there is no other Football game out, other than Madden?

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I might be the only one, but l always thought a surfboarding game could be fun. Make it liked Amped, but instead of snowboarding you're surfing. Have crazy side games like parasailing, wake-boarding and jet skiing too.

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I agree Nintendo does need to do more with their IPs. If l was in charge of Nintendo I'd set up a new branch that makes movies. You could even call it Nintendo Movie Studios if you wanted. After that is done I'd get Guillermo Del Toro for Legend of Zelda, Jon Favreau for Star Fox, Joseph Kosinski for Metroid and Peter Jackson for Pokemon.

I feel like Nintendo has so many great IPs and they'd be perfect for the live action treatment that l hope someday it will h...

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