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I'm honestly surprised he still has a job. He is the one of the worst execs at Nintendo. I personally believe Nintendo needs new execs and I think Phil Harrison would be a smart choice for Nintendo to go after. We know from his tweets he is planning on buying a Switch and with his help Nintendo could have some great new IPs.

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Hopefully things change for Nintendo or the company will be in deep trouble.

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I just wish MS would make a new Shadowrun in the style of the new Fallout games. I can easily see an open world first person RPG being a huge hit for MS. Then when people want more to play they can buy the DLC that adds many more hours to the story mode.

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With Young Justice finally getting a season 3, it would be smart to get the game on the backwards compatibility list.

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@Active Messiah Very well said, but sadly no company can admit when they are in the wrong.

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Thanks for posting this and trying to stop the lies that the Bethesda execs are trying to make up. Don't get me wrong Bethesda is one of my favorite developers, but I'm just not a fan of their excuses.

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I really hate how because this game was cancelled Human Head has been forced to make cellphone games. Prey 2 was their biggest break into the video games market and I just wish they'd be given another shot, at those kind of games. From what I understand Human Head owns the ideas from that game, so I wish another company would help them bring it out as a new IP instead.

This easily is one of the biggest games I wanted that was canceled. If only Bethesda wasn't greed...

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That was my point with the company doing poorly. If MS bought them I doubt they'd cancel any of their games because of how much it cost to buy Konami. That being said I wish anyone would buy Konami and do something with those IPs. Konami alone holds some great IPs, but I personally want to see the Hudson Soft IPs get reborn.

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If MS really is smart they'd buy Konami. Because that company has been doing poorly, recently and MS would gain a huge amount of IPs too. Another plus is Konami owns the rights to Hudson Soft and lots of those games would be perfect Xbox Live arcade games. So in the end, this is a win, win.

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I have no problem if delaying the game brings out a better game, but I do have a problem when Bethesda cancels a great looking game, like Prey 2.

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This is a cool idea and I'd add the features from Modnation Racers too.

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I like Bethesda, but canceling Prey 2 wasn't a creative move at all. It instead has lead a company close to bankruptcy and now there is one less video game company making console or PC games, because Human Head can only make phone games now.

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I personally would have enjoyed a game like this, because it looked like a interesting spin on the series.

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Am l the only one that liked the game? I thought it was different and fun.

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That looked awesome! I liked how it was adding platformer ideas into the game. Hopefully MS will rethink about bringing a game like this out, because I gladly would buy it.

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How is Just Dance on the list, yet Dark Messiah of Might & Magic isn't?

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Eastern European developers have been making great games over that last several years and even doing a better job than some western ones too. I'd add Ukraine as another country that has great talent in gaming. Games from GSC or 4A have been great and I'm looking forward to seeing more Eastern European developers in the future.

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I really wish they would and the reason is because l thought that was one of Telltales best games. That universe has a lot of potential still, so why not make a sequel.

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Didn't they say they in the past were working on Ghosts 2. If so this way they could say this game isn't in the future like Infinte Warfare, because that game is in more in the future. I hope I'm wrong and we don't get Ghosts 2 but a new game instead.

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I want to see a new Amped, Blood Wake, Crimson Skies and Perfect Dark. I also would enjoy seeing Shadowrun, but I'd enjoy seeing it being an open world game like Bethesda's Fallout games instead of the top down gameplay of old.

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