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I finally got around to seeing the movie the artistic style of the film is beautiful. The score also is pure magic. I'd like to see a real Blade Runner game over this. Microsoft reviving Shadowrun would be good too. The whole cyberpunk genre could be great in video game format, but for whatever reason no one really does anything with it, which is sad.

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Seeing how long this game is taking to come out I could see it being a launch title for the next PlayStation and Xbox, around 2020.

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The game was fun and there was room for improvement. Sadly a sequel won't ever happen. I wish it would though, I just doubt anyone will buy it from Rhode island.

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This was a great game and there needs to be a sequel. Sony has lots of great IPs that need a revival and I'd add Legend of Dragoon and Drakan as games Sony needs to bring back too.

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If this is true than that is awesome. Hopefully it will lead to a sequel, because the ones that followed this game weren't as great as this one.

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With how popular dinosaurs are I'm surprised that Capcom hasn't made a sequel yet.

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It is amazing how rich the universe is yet for whatever reason MS isn't doing more with it and even a third person view like the Witcher would be perfect too.

In a perfect world MS teaming up with Obsidian to make it would be the best, but I don't doubt another company could do the universe justice too.

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I know a lot of people want it to be Fable 4, but I'd prefer it being an open world Shadowrun instead.

I know there is a Shadowrun game on the PC, but a FPS, RPG game would be great. Bethesda made Fallout go mainstream by turning a top down RPG into a FPS, RPG and maybe Playground Games can do the same, but for Shadowrun instead.

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Personally as bad as these are MS made a worse mistake a few years ago and that was when they sold Bungie. Destiny would have been a Xbox and PC exclusive, plus Halo wouldn't have been tarnished.

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I'd like to see what a life would be like in a Star Wars universe, Middle Earth would be another one.

I am surprised Sword Art Online wasn't on the list though.

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Interesting interview and was insightful. One thing I partly agree with is raising costs could offset the price of making them, but I know if they start selling for 70 instead of 60 you'll still have greedy companies charging an arm and a leg for DLC.

If you knew paying 70 would allow for free DLC it would be great, but just don't trust companies to keep from charging more.

Smaller companies I could trust, but big corporations never, because the...

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I agree Crimson Skies should get another game. I'd add Blood Wake, Perfect Dark, Freelancer, Fable and Alan Wake.

I also would add Shadowrun, but go back to it being a RPG. The old one was an open world top down RPG and the best way for MS to revive it is look at what Bethesda did with Fallout and turn Shadowrun into an open world FPS, RPG. Get a company like Obsidian to help make the game and then it'll be a success.

I also would like to see MS r...

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This brings back good old memories.

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This is a good game, but I wish they'd get more servers and make it so that if the main player exits the next person becomes the lead.

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If a digital only future happens I'll be saving thousands of dollars. I've been wanting to play Friday the thirteenth for months, only recently got it because it finally came out on disk.

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If this ever happens I'll be saving thousands of dollars, because I won't be buying anymore games. So hopefully this won't ever happen.

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EA = Everything Awful.

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Hopefully soon this game will be shown again, because from the little we've seen the game looks fun.

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I think Capcom wants to see how the remake of Dragon's Dogma does before they make a sequel. Hopefully it sells a lot, because the first was one of the most fun RPGs I've played in years and I'd love to see what a sequel could look like.

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Very well said, Halo is a perfect example of what not to do. The developers at 343 said after the fact they made a mistake with taking co-op out and you'd have thought other developers would look at that, then not make the same mistake.

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