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I personally would have preferred that the game was locked at 30 FPS if it allowed for split-screen. I may not use it much anymore, but when I do it's awesome. I for one wish split-screen gaming came back. I prefer playing with people I know over don't. #44
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I'm sorry, but it is! Why'd I need a PS4 and X1 if it had the same games as last gen. So it's time to move on. If you can't buy those systems now, when you buy them in a few years, the games you wanted to play on them will still be there. #15
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I know it will never happen, but a Shadowrun open world game, like Elder Scrolls would be cool. #9
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I haven't gotten my copy yet, but if this is a single player only game, why does it bother people how they got their money? If it was a MMO I can see why this would be added. But if you can't play online why would it hurt anyone, how you got the money? The only people I can see it hurting is the person playing it this way and even then it's their game, so they should be able to play how ever they want. #5
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I say a Green Arrow game could be fun. Make Green Arrow more like the comics and less like the TV show. Another good option would be Flash. If anyone has played Infamous: Second Son, they know the speedster parts were some of the best ones. So getting to play as the Flash would rock. #20
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Yeah, I agree going to Canada would be cool. I personally would make the next Fallout be set in Detroit. This way you can walk across the bridge into the city of Windsor. It would be interesting to see how the Canadians like being Americans. I could totally see them trying to break away from the U.S. So hopefully in the future Canada will be an option for Fallout. #6.1.1
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What about The Wolf Among Us season 2? #9
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Dude, you picked some of the best games of all time and I'd be glad to see just one get a sequel. But if the other three could too, man that would be awesome. #7.2
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I think there's a good chance that Elder Scrolls will also get shown, with the next Fallout game. I invision Fallout 4 for early 2016 and the next Elder Scrolls for late 2016. It's also possible that the Fallout online game will be shown. We know it's in development, because when Interplay was making their version of Fallout, Zenimax said they were making a Fallout online game and it only Zenimax had the IP rights to Fallout. #5
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The day this happens is the day I quit gaming and I don't think companies want that. Ask any console or PC gamer and they will tell you they spend thousands of dollars on games. Do the same with the mobile market and they will say they play free games or spend no more then a dollar. So which one do you think game companies like more? #44
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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Detroit would be perfect. Setting it in the D also gives you a chance to see what Windsor looks like too. #9
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Dino Crisis or bust. #18
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I personally think it's going to be Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Fallout will come out my guess early 2016 and Elder Scrolls late 2016. This way they don't cut into each other's sales. #11
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Wow! I can't belive this person really believes he owes this person. It looks like this person doesn't want my money either. #29
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You know, I knew someone was going to make that comment. #7.1.2
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I just want to see Fallout: Detroit. Detroit would be completely different in the Fallout universe, compared to ours. It would have been one of the richest cities and in the Fallout universe Canada was annexed. So you just know Detroit Windsor would have been a very rich area and so the bombs would have fallen there. #7
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The day this happens, is the day I stop playing them. I love the campaign modes more then the multiplayer one. I like playing these Michael Bay approved explodethlon games. So if they go away, the developers won't be getting my money. I rented Titanfall, but would have owned it if it had a real game mode. #34
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And is any one surprised, its Black Ops 3? It would have been a surprise if it wasn't. #6
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I read that as run slave, instead of Steve. Which sadly he was probably treated as. Best of luck to him and his new adventure. #3.1
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WB get on this! Let David make JLD and let Warren make a JL game. I could see both games being great and selling really well too. #9
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