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If MS really is smart they'd buy Konami. Because that company has been doing poorly, recently and MS would gain a huge amount of IPs too. Another plus is Konami owns the rights to Hudson Soft and lots of those games would be perfect Xbox Live arcade games. So in the end, this is a win, win.

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I have no problem if delaying the game brings out a better game, but I do have a problem when Bethesda cancels a great looking game, like Prey 2.

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This is a cool idea and I'd add the features from Modnation Racers too.

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I like Bethesda, but canceling Prey 2 wasn't a creative move at all. It instead has lead a company close to bankruptcy and now there is one less video game company making console or PC games, because Human Head can only make phone games now.

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I personally would have enjoyed a game like this, because it looked like a interesting spin on the series.

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Am l the only one that liked the game? I thought it was different and fun.

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That looked awesome! I liked how it was adding platformer ideas into the game. Hopefully MS will rethink about bringing a game like this out, because I gladly would buy it.

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How is Just Dance on the list, yet Dark Messiah of Might & Magic isn't?

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Eastern European developers have been making great games over that last several years and even doing a better job than some western ones too. I'd add Ukraine as another country that has great talent in gaming. Games from GSC or 4A have been great and I'm looking forward to seeing more Eastern European developers in the future.

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I really wish they would and the reason is because l thought that was one of Telltales best games. That universe has a lot of potential still, so why not make a sequel.

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Didn't they say they in the past were working on Ghosts 2. If so this way they could say this game isn't in the future like Infinte Warfare, because that game is in more in the future. I hope I'm wrong and we don't get Ghosts 2 but a new game instead.

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I want to see a new Amped, Blood Wake, Crimson Skies and Perfect Dark. I also would enjoy seeing Shadowrun, but I'd enjoy seeing it being an open world game like Bethesda's Fallout games instead of the top down gameplay of old.

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There is no definitive version, because each person has a personal preference. I myself like Vlll over Vll, but that doesn't mean my voice is more important than anyone else's. We all are different and what l like someone else might not like or what they like l don't like. If we all could agree on everything, then everything that gets made would become unoriginal and who wants that? So l personally like how each man and woman has different tastes.

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Thanks for the reply and hopefully Human Head gets another shot at a real video game, instead of having to make phone games instead.

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I'm with you there, because that game looked like one l wanted to play, over this one that I'm fine passing on. I'm not a big survival horror fan, so this new game doesn't interest me.

Side note, whatever happened to Human Head Studios. I'd have liked to have seen them make Prey 2 a new IP instead or even another game from them, but still no game has come out since that time. So hopefully the studio is still making games.

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Hopefully the games come out this year or it made no sense to have shown them both very early. I personally like seeing games that are coming out within the next year over two or three years from now.

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I might be the only one, but l personally think Titanfall 2 felt more like a Star Wars game than Battlefront. I'd love to see a reskinned Titanfall game that was a Star Wars game, but sadly EA has the license and can't make good games. If EA was smart and l don't think they will be, but if they were they'd let Respawn make a Star Wars game.

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I for one like owning the game, so like having the option to buy a game for cheaper. I was just looking on PSN and Xbox Live and saw games that came out last year that were still 60 dollars, but if l buy them from a store l can get them for either 20 or 30 dollars. So the day digital is the only option I'm done with gaming.

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Sadly if this console fails l only see Nintendo having one more shot at a console, so I hope the next one would skip the gimmicks and instead be a beast in power. That being said hopefully this system won't fail and Nintendo won't have to do a Hail Mary.

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Sadly it is not, but EA instead. I remember when MS bought Lionshead they said this game wasn't part of the deal. So with EA having it, this means there is less of a chance of it returning, than say if MS owned it.

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