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I think it is good to see inspiration from the Justice League. Because if you are going to make your own comic universe you want it to be familiar but at the same time new. I my self would have put lots of money down for City of Titans but I don't like MMO games. But if it was straight single player that would have been awesome. I love the whole concept of getting to make your own superhero. That I believe a game like Infamous, Crackdown, Elder Scrolls & Fallout could be pretty neat. #1.1.1
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I would be down for a Legion of Superheroes video game. Believe it or not but I would prefer a live movie of this over the Justice League. It still sucks that their comic series was canceled. I could see this game being pretty cool. I would love to see what they do with Phantom Girl. There is lots WB can do with their DC properties. So hopefully more will be done soon. #1
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I get the Hall of Justice vibes from Justice League from that building. I never heard of this game so I am happy to get to hear about it. I hope they get all the funding they need to make the game. Plus the extra money they need for the stretch goals too. #1
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That looks really nice. It sucks that the console versions can't get mod downloads. #4
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I hope this sells well because in the past Chris said he would like to buy the Rollercoaster Tycoon series from Atari. I loved playing this game years ago so I will be picking it up for the iPad. #1
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It's sad that this game did not make it. But he is right for people in the US it is more of a hassle to have to make a UK account so you can buy stuff on Kickstarter. I have even passed on different UK games because of that. I will get them the normal way when they come out though.

If there is a relaunch of this game with a US account next l will gladly support the Realm. So I hope that they do relaunch it. #1
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I would love it to be a new Gothic. There is a lot of potential for what could be done with the next one. #1
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Digimon if I am not mistaken came out in Japan before Pokemon. But in North America Pokemon came out first. Both games are great and I wish the new Digimon games would still come out in North America.

I also would like to see a new Monster Rancher game too. #13
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I think that is pretty nice looking. I believe it would have even sold really well with the tablet crowd. The only thing it is missing is an extra analog stick and the Nintendo Tablet would be great. #8
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Viva Piñata would be perfect for Kinect. I would love to see Rare revive Wizards & Warriors some day too.

I also would love to see a new Perfect Dark. It would be really nice to see what could be made for the cyberpunk world these days. #7
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I don't get why they even need to call it Prey 2 because it sounds like it is totally different. So why not just make it a new IP instead? Plus the Prey 2 version from Arkane will be a lot different from the one Human Head was making. So I say again why even make it a Prey game. #2
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I have a better idea just make Legend of Dragoon 2 for the PSVita or PS4. Then all will be forgiven. #24
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I am all for more superhero games. So to me that would be great. #4
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This would be so cool Phantom Dust was a great game. #2
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A few of these I would love if they were real. I have wanted a pokemon game that allowed cross breeding from Gold & Silver and on. #11
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Well I hope this means that the original ones come out Steam, #3
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It will not happen because Sega is to much money. Sega-Sammy is worth 5 Billion dollars. Nintendo is worth 14 Billion dollars. People like to think Sega is bleeding cash but they are not their casino machines & arcades bring in lots of cash. People forget Sega does not just make video games. The arcades & casino is where they make most of their money.

I am not saying Sega does not lose money. They do on different games but overall they make more money then they lose. #5
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Like I said on the site how does the guy have any claim to the character? All he gave was the suggestion. He did not draw the character himself. Lasted I checked when people give a suggestion to a company they become the owner of the idea.

That is why you always see companies say don't give ideas. Because if you do they can claim ownership & don't have to give compensation. #1
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I really hope some day there will be a Resistance 4 game. I would at least set it 50 years later. This way humans can make huge advancements in technology from the Chimera tech. Plus this way you can bring in the real Chimera that was hinted to in the game. So this way humans would have a better chance at killing the new bad guys. #4
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Out of the six the Flash was the one that looked like it could have been fun. #1
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