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Trench warfare will be really cool. This COD game will take more tactics. Which is great. So I am happy to hear this game will be set during WW1. #21
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I enjoyed the game and can't wait to play the next one. But I just wish they would have kept the art style of the first more. I liked the cartoon look over the realistic one they are going with now. But I still will be buying the game when it comes out. #6
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I can't believe it one of the greatest adventure games is getting a remake. I don't care about Oculus Rift but I do care about this game getting remade. Everyone that says they love video games needs to do themselves a favor and Kickstart this remake. I can't tell you enough how great this game is. Just take my word for it. You won't regret it. #1
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Project Offset back in the day looked like it would have been a great game. It's just sad to think Intel bought the company then did nothing with it.

I think seeing Eight Days and the Getaway given another chance would be great. #10
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I really wish Nintendo would give their studios their own names. Because saying I work at Entertainment and Analysis Division is so boring. If Nintendo even wanted they could name the studios after their own characters. That would be even better then E&AD. Who wouldn't love to say I work at Bowser Studios or Mario Studios. #12
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I completely understand you. I watched the movie Les Miserables and a lot of it they could have just talked instead of in a singsong way. I have watched musicals before but I enjoy when it's a marriage of both singing and talking not straight singing. #4.2
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It's great to see I'm not the only one who thinks it has to much music. I personally don't understand why it won the Academy Award when the Wind Rises was a much better film. #4.1
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Thank you for saying that. I have been wanting a Gargoyle world since the first game. Another great one would be in the world of Darkwing Duck. #1.2
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I wish Little Orbit would make a sequel to Young Justice: Legacy. The game was pretty good. Plus I want more Young justice. Cartoon Network made Young Justice so I hope we can get some YJ characters in the CN game. #7
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I hope Rare gets a chance to revisit this idea of a game. I really enjoyed Diddy Kong Racing and I would love a new Go-Kart racer game from them. #15
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Hello #1424
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I so would enjoy a sequel. The first was pretty good. Plus it end with Serena saying something happened or something like. #16
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I so would enjoy a new Wizards and Warriors from them. Plus I want another Perfect Dark too. I think Perfect Dark would look really cool now. Just like how neat Rare could make the Cyber Punk world with today's graphics. I know I will get some hate for this but a game like Nuts and Bolts would be great. I really enjoyed Nuts and Bolts. The only problem was it should have been a new IP instead of a new Banjo game. So I would like to see that concept reworked and become a new IP. With comp... #2
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I would be okay with that idea if they made it a different game. I could see that game being pretty cool and neat. I believe CD Projekt RED could make a really nice female main character game. So I hope that happens some day. #4
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That is cool news to hear. But I would prefer to hear Keiji wants to make a spiritual sequel to Mega Man Battle Network more. I think Mighty No.9 Battle Network would be pretty cool. So I hope a game like that happens some day. #5
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It's good to hear they finally made it. I hope they can get a lot more money to make the game even better. #1
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I think it is good to see inspiration from the Justice League. Because if you are going to make your own comic universe you want it to be familiar but at the same time new. I my self would have put lots of money down for City of Titans but I don't like MMO games. But if it was straight single player that would have been awesome. I love the whole concept of getting to make your own superhero. That I believe a game like Infamous, Crackdown, Elder Scrolls & Fallout could be pretty neat. #1.1.1
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I would be down for a Legion of Superheroes video game. Believe it or not but I would prefer a live movie of this over the Justice League. It still sucks that their comic series was canceled. I could see this game being pretty cool. I would love to see what they do with Phantom Girl. There is lots WB can do with their DC properties. So hopefully more will be done soon. #1
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I get the Hall of Justice vibes from Justice League from that building. I never heard of this game so I am happy to get to hear about it. I hope they get all the funding they need to make the game. Plus the extra money they need for the stretch goals too. #1
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That looks really nice. It sucks that the console versions can't get mod downloads. #4
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