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Seeing splitscreen gaming going the way of the Dodo is one of the saddest things over the last several years. I remember being able to play games with my brother growing up and it would have been nice to do the same now with my kids. I know this wouldn't be the game to play with the kids, but I'm speaking of splitscreen gaming as a whole over just this one game.

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I agree a new Star Tropics game would be awesome.

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I want to see Xbox games become BC soon. Getting to play KOTOR, KOTOR2, X-Men Legends, Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Crimson Skies, Morrowwind and Jade Empire again would be great. I understand the chance of playing Xbox game disks isn't going to happen, but being able to download these Xbox games would be awesome.

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I think games like this can work, but they just need more thought going into them. I remember Coded Arms from Konami and that was a neat idea. I personally would like to see that company make a new game and this time not make it for just a portable system.

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I'd love to see BG&E2 to have a somewhat open world play style think like Knights of the Old Republic. I never understood why BG&E got so much love, then l played the remake version so l finally could see why and it was amazing.

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Speak for your self. I personally like BC and there is still games l want to play, plus some that still aren't BC yet.

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Call me crazy, but I don't want a different experience and instead a traditional way to play Nintendo games instead.

Just give me a controller like the perfection one and I'll be very happy.

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Here is an idea let Human Head bring their version of Prey out too. This way everyone wins.

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I can't belive it is finally happening a new Monster Rancher game!

In all seriousness I hope it is either a new Gitaroo Man, Uncharted Waters or Romance of the Three Kings game. I doubt it will be one of those three though and instead be a new Ninja Gaiden game instead.

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I've been wanting a new Commander Keen game for years, so l hope it happens soon.

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Sadly there is truth to that and as an American that makes me sick. Even yesterday we had NFL players on 9/11 not standing and bringing shame on them, plus America.

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A new MDK and Freespace would be fun. Plus a VR Battle Chess game could be fun too.

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If Ubisoft gets bought I bet Patrice Désilets is going to be laughing at what happens to the Guillemots, because what they did to him.

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I want to know what Bigby Wolf is up to, so bring on A Wolf Among Us Season 2.

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I agree with this or better yet I'd prefer if Konami sold the Hudson Soft games to someone that wants to bring those games out again.

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That is a really cool and innovative idea, but sadly that means they won't do it.

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I hear you, but I've also have read comments on Neogaf and Reddit that people wished more of Renegade Kid's games were on other systems too. I understand a good amount have come out PC, but from comments I've read people wanted their games on the Xbox One too. That being said it is possible Renegade Kid wanted to bring their games to the system, but Microsoft wouldn't allow them.

I do agree with you on how many skip great games because they can't think f...

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Very sad news, because they made some great games. I do have to wonder though if the closing has anything to do with them not making many games for systems other than Nintendo ones. Because sadly not many people have been buying games on Nintendo one recently.

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This looks like a fun game, but I just wish it was for the consoles too. Because I game more on consoles than I do the PC. That being said best of luck with this game and I hope it sells well for the team behind this game.

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If this is a new system l hope it has R2, L2, R3 & L3 this time. Because touch screen isn't anywhere as great as real buttons.

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