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Would he not have to get Sega's approval first? If he did that is awesome. I hope it is made. #6
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Sounds like a cool game. I hope they get the funding they need. #1
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I would love a new PGR game. But who would make it? Would it be a new team or old team members of Bizzare? #3
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Well I would not buy it. I may not buy used games but if I want to sell them it is my right. I can buy furniture, books, computers you name it and when I don't want them anymore I give them away or sell them. So I would have to pass.

Plus with games today using game passes once I put in the game only I can use it. Then if some one else in my family wants to play the game they have to pay ten dollars so they can use the whole features. So if I have to pay ten more dollars... #3
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Gargoyles and Tale Spin would be awesome. I still don't understand why Disney has not made a live action movie of Gargyles. It could be like their version of Lord of the Rings.

The Great Mouse Detective would be great. The same with Rescuers down under.

Having Studio Ghibli games could be fun. But Disney would then have to license them & I don't think they would do that. #2
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I hope they can get their funding. #2
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I would love to see a return of Eight Days. Plus I would throw in Getaway 3 too. Both games could be a way to show the power of the PS4. #4
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I think the game will come out just on the Xbox 720 & PS4 instead of the 360 & PS3. It would make an awesome launch game. So I hope that it comes out some day. #4
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I would love season two from them. I am half way through the second chapter and I will be buying the last ones when I finish with that chapter. #3
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I would love to see a Stargate game that uses the mechanics of X-Com and was made by Obsidian. I would really enjoy that game. #3
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I hope the game does come to the Vita. I would like to be able to play the game on the go. So a Vita version would be nice. #4
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I do believe they have had too. The reason is CoW can't keep selling the way it does forever. I hope Activision will allow Raven to make a new Hexen or Heretic. I could see them revive those franchises and make them like Elder Scrolls. That being having their own open world RPG series.

I also want to see a new Gun game. Plus a new Darkwatch game too.

If you look at all Activision makes I believe if they don't start making new IPs or reviving old ones... #2
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I hope it is no less then 500 that way it will be a better system. I payed 600 and it has lasted a long time. Why would I want to pay less because if I did it would have cheaper parts at 400 over a 500 dollar one. #15
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I think this is great because new game ideas will come out of this. You can look at many game companies studios & you will see that there is just a few women making games on that team.

So I hope in the future women can have just as many women as men on the game development teams. Also with more women making games females will start looking like real women in video games instead of fake fantasy females. I can't stand how you always see females not wearing much clothing... #2
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I so agree with the game being set in Detroit. In the Fallout canon the US annexed Canada. So you could have the city being Detroit-Windsor instead of just Detroit. Detroit in the fifty's is so different from today. So it would be cool to see how it would look in Detroit.

Also you would have the salt mines as a place go and hide from the bombs. So I think Detroit would be pretty cool. Because if you go by the Fallout lore it would be one of the most rich city's in Fa... #1
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Alienguard sounds like it could have been interesting. I liked the idea of it be set during World War 1. Gotham by Gaslight could have been really interesting. I idea alone would have been great. #9
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Both games look like they could be good. I really like Un Lucky7 I just do not like using Indiegogo. Because if they don't get the funding they still end up with your money & the game might never come out then. #1
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This would be interesting if now Prey 2 is a launch title for the next gen systems. I wonder if they decided to make this its own game & not related to the Prey game. Because maybe it is now called Alien Noire. That part is what I find interesting. Why would the link be under Alien Noire & not Prey 2 unless like I said it is now called some thing else. #3
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I really hate this stuff. How is M games worse then say an R rated movie. Gore in R rated films look more real then they do in video games. The same can be said about guns in movies too. Yet I would not say films are evil. Why because it is the person that is evil. I have played many M rated games and watched many R films yet you don't see me going on a crazy loony spree.

I wish people would start blaming what the shooters do on them and then alone. Because say I put in... #2
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Well this really bites. I would have enjoyed a survival horror game with dinosaurs. Plus Onimusha is a great series & I want more of that plus Dino Crisis.

I find it weird Capcom says they prefer to work on new IPs over old. What would they call Resident Evil then? I believe it's an old IP. Another one would be Devil May Cry. Those both are old IPs. No one liked Resident Evil 6 & the new Devil May Cry.

People have been asking for these games for... #2
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