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I'd be down for a new Advance Wars. It could even be a launch title for Nintendo NX.

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Hopefully as these companies grow some of them will move over to consoles. With India having over a billion people in it, to me at least this number seems small. I think it'd be great to see what kind of games India could make for the gaming market and don't want to just see just phone games, because I want to see more diversity in games. Plus this would bring in more gaming ideas too.

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I can honestly say I'd enjoy seeing a Starcraft movies. Because after Star Wars comes out I'll be ready for more SciFi movies.

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I wish the mid tier kind of games would return. It was nice when you could buy those kinds of games for forty dollars when the big ones were sixty. THQ was a mid tier kind of company, but wanted a bigger slice of the pie and failed because of that. Had they stayed in their small niche market they could still be around. Another company that went bankrupt that made bigger games than independent ones, but smaller than other companies was Midway and Acclaim was another. Some people just get to bi...

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As good news as this is I was wanting a TV series like Game of Thrones.

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Even worse is when you realize Steve Jobs bought Pixar from George and then sold Pixar to Disney for 6 Billion. George could have made a lot more money had he used his brain.

Plus Disney could easily make animated movies off of the LucasArts adventure games like Curse of Monkey Island. It really is amazing how little George sold LucasFilm for, like you said it wasn't just Star Wars, but all his production companies too and you just know in a few years a new Indiana Jones...

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Hopefully these games will come to PSN and hopefully if they sell well a new one can come out too.

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I know it doesn't get as much love as Genesis or Dreamcast, but I always liked Saturn more. Sega truly back in the day made masterpieces and I wish they would do that again. I can't even remember in the last ten years or so that Sega really blew my mind. Yeah there has been a few gems like Valkyria Chronicles, but for the most part nothing comes close to the days when Sega made game consoles.

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I really wish MS would give this IP another go. I could see it being a big hit on the Xbox One, because who wouldn't want to fight against prehistoric creatures?

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He-Man by CD Project Red or Obsidian as an open world game would be perfect. Sadly I'm left to my imagination.

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I know my comment is going to sound crazy, but maybe if this happens Ubisoft might make great games again. Less sequels and more original stuff. I know crazy.

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When you see this, the Rogue Squadron remake game and sequel were canceled it just makes you sick. It shouldn't be that hard to make the Star Wars games people want, but the ones people don't want keep coming out. Have you seen how many bad cell phone games there are? Why not just make one great game instead. The old saying quality over quantity is so true.


I wish them the best of luck with their new IP, but I really wish they'd make a Scribblenauts Unmasked 2.

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I really hope they make another Fables game. The Wolf Among Us was great and the universe is so rich that it's very easy how you could make more games, yet for whatever reason they don't. I just hope they change their mind and make a sequel.

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I disagree with the idea that you should only Kickstart games that you know of the developer. The reason why is, because they use things like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to become more well known. So you can't say every startup is bad, you just have to decide if it's worth the risk or not. I've always looked at crowdfunding as how investors do, just without the added stake in the company. So instead of shares you get gifts. When you're an investor you take the risk that the produ...

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This is cool, I always enjoy seeing stuff like this.

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The Lego Company in the past said they'd never do Halo, because it is M. But now that it is T I'd like to see a Lego Halo game.

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I hope the next one has Wizards and Warriors. That was the one game I really wanted to play again and wasn't there.

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It would be crazy if Splitscreen game play came back. I could see the only way it'd work is if you're online and streaming the game off the net.

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I'd enjoy seeing B'awana Beast, Metamorpho, Adam Strange, Plastic Man, Swamp Thing, Icon, Atom, Blue Beetle, Star Girl, John Constantine, Etrigan & Firestorm.

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