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I hope Sony does make another handheld, because the PSVita has been great. I'd add R2, L2, R3 & L3 for the next system, because touchscreen just isn't as great as those buttons would be. I also would add onboard memory that can be used as a hard drive to make games run better and cut down on load times.

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I might be the only one, but I've been wanting for years Eiji Aonouma to switch making games with Yoshiaki Koizumi. I think would be great to see what new ideas the director of Zelda could bring to the Mario games and the director of Mario to the Zelda games.

This would also help keep both producers from getting bored from always working on the same series.

As for this news though I hope it happens, because I could see him making a wonderful new IP....

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I could see the DC/Marvel idea working, but it would never become as popular as Pokemon and the reason is you can't catch DC/Marvel characters.

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I myself would like to see Hot Shot Tennis more, but I'd be fine with a new game of this too

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I wouldn't call it cell shaded, but water colored instead. That being said I'd like to see more games using this art style, because the look just pops off the screen and I like that.

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I like the Ice Climbers, Paper Mario & Retro Nintendo character ones the most. I also would like to see more games based on these properties. Because I can see an Ice Climbers sidescroller game being great fun.

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Hopefully it will be set in WW1 over the present day. There is a lot of great stories that can be told from the Great War. I doubt it'd happen, but I'd be down for seeing it telling the stories from Austria-Hungary's side.

Seeing how the assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary was the reason WW1 started that would be an interesting side to watch and then seeing how they lost the war effected their country would make for great tv.

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Good call on Digimon. I'd add Monster Rancher as another series that could work too.

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I like the Amazon idea, but I'd bring the idea of the dinosaur version into the Amazon instead. Having to try and survive in the Amazon jungle would be hard by itself, but throw in dinosaurs for added difficulty.

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Very disheartening news, because you don't get to see games set in China that much and even fewer in that time period.

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Knights Of The Old Republic remakes need to happen. Hopefully they will be able to.

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The last l remember is Michael saying the consoles weren't powerful enough for the space exploration he wanted to add to it. Think Free Radical's Star Wars Battlefield lll they were working on before it got canceled, but instead of SW it would be in the BGAE universe.

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I still think Beyond Good and Evil 2 will come out. Because it has a big following and Michael Ancel really wants to see it get made.

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I look at Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sites as a way to be an invester, just without the added bonus of getting money back. So other people need to do the same, because anything could be the next big thing or failure.

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It is disappointing we'll never see a sequel to this or Black and White.

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This needs to happen, because I've been wanting to see Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct for years.

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I want a Morrowind remake. That is the one that l want the most. It would be great if Bethesda bought the source code for the remake one that modders have been working on. Because it would save them time not having to make it themselves and because it is a mod it would be cheap to get the source code.

Valve has done that in the past with mods, so l see no reason that can't happen with this too.

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I really wish Bethesda would have given that game the remake treatment, because it is the one people want the most and is the one a remake would give the biggest facelift.

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This makes perfect sense, because he couldn't have been a radical that said allah Akbar before he killed people. People need to grow up, know there is sickos that think they need to do this because of their religion and stop trying the put the blame on everything else or then the wicked person that did this.

I could put a gun in a person's hand, but here is the thing the person has a brain and they should know not to kill people. Just because l gave them it doesn&#...

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I'm not sure why it is using the Prey name, maybe after more is shown we'll see why, but as of right now it looks like a new IP instead. I'm curious what Human Head Studios is up to though, seeing as they made the first Prey and were making the sequel. I can only hope they get to make Prey 2, but have it go by a different name instead.

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