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Dino Crisis or bust. #18
I personally think it's going to be Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Fallout will come out my guess early 2016 and Elder Scrolls late 2016. This way they don't cut into each other's sales. #11
Wow! I can't belive this person really believes he owes this person. It looks like this person doesn't want my money either. #29
You know, I knew someone was going to make that comment. #7.1.2
I just want to see Fallout: Detroit. Detroit would be completely different in the Fallout universe, compared to ours. It would have been one of the richest cities and in the Fallout universe Canada was annexed. So you just know Detroit Windsor would have been a very rich area and so the bombs would have fallen there. #7
The day this happens, is the day I stop playing them. I love the campaign modes more then the multiplayer one. I like playing these Michael Bay approved explodethlon games. So if they go away, the developers won't be getting my money. I rented Titanfall, but would have owned it if it had a real game mode. #34
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And is any one surprised, its Black Ops 3? It would have been a surprise if it wasn't. #6
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I read that as run slave, instead of Steve. Which sadly he was probably treated as. Best of luck to him and his new adventure. #3.1
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WB get on this! Let David make JLD and let Warren make a JL game. I could see both games being great and selling really well too. #9
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Being honest I think that is a very conservative number. I can easily see it doing twice that number. Because when you think how much games, like Crazy Birds can make, imagine how much more a Nintendo IP could bring in instead. #5
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Maybe I'm crazy, but I really liked the game. If there is a sequel, I want to fight the vampires this time around. Before the game came out I was hearing it was getting so much hate and when I finally got it I was surprised why. Because I liked the story and game. Was it short yes, but I've played many games that were shorter. So I just don't get the hate for the game. #15
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After more thought, there is a lot more Nintendo characters I want to see.

Golden Sun: Isaac
Captain Rainbow: Nick
Drill Dozer: Jill
Chibi-Robo!: Chibi-Robo
Eternal Darkness: Alexandra Roivas
Doshin The Giant: Doshin
Geist: John Raimi
Star Fox: Krystal
Captain N-The Game Master: Captain N. #11
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This is what I thought the characters would be. The reason why is, because Nintendo doesn't have to license their own characters. Plus there is some many great Nintendo only characters that still haven't been in the series. I want to see King K Rool from Donkey Kong Country and Mike Jones from StarTropics. #9
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As much as I've enjoyed The Walking Dead, it had a great ending. So let it stay that way. On the other hand a new The Wolf Umong Us would be great. #6
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The first one should have been too. So yeah, the sequel had better not be on the PS3 and Xbox 360. #22
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I personally would prefer the Wolf Among Us 2. The Walking Dead had a perfect ending, so if there is another game I hope it's with a new cast instead. #6
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This isn't news I wanted to hear. I wanted a new Snatcher or Policenauts game. I guess this means there won't be a sequel to those awesome games. #16
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I personally would prefer another Wolf Among Us more, but this is good too. #6
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That was Awesome. #8
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Me I always picked Charmander and my bro picked Squirtle, Bulbasaur was the one you just got to help fill out your Pokedex. I never once had to use a Masterball on MewTwo, he was the easiest legendary Pokemon to catch. In one of my files, I even caught him with a Pokeball. Articuno was the hardest, Moltres the second hardest and Zapdos the easiest. I got him with the greatball.

The worse mistake I ever made playing Pokemon Blue, was taking it out on the road. I always wanted... #11
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