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I'm down for this, l just don't think it'll happen. The big reason why is because if Disney was smart they'd turn Monkey Island into an animated tv series and after that comes out they could sell merchandise. So the price to own the IPs wouldn't be cheap, but he might be able to license the IP instead.

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If any game could revive split-screen gaming it is Timesplitters. It wouldn't just revive two player split-screen, but the legendary four player split-screen instead. Sadly Crytek is more interested in games like Homefront instead of games people want.

It doesn't need to even be a new game, but a remake and that would be fine. Something like how MS remade Halo: Combat Evolved and then brought out the Master Chief Collection. Doing something like that, but with Time...

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I personally believe Nintendo dropped the ball with the Amiibos, had they made it instead of DLC, but for a game world it could have been a lot bigger. Imagine having the Starfox crew fighting along side Samus or Pokemon in the world of Zelda.

The idea of having an open world type game with the Nintendo characters could have been huge. Seeing the characters from Golden Sun meeting Fire Emblem's characters could have been neat. This could have easily been the next Ninte...

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Had my school done stuff like this I'd have enjoyed it a lot more. History lessons would now really come a live and anything that can help kids learn, plus remember it is a good thing in my book.

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How can anything compare to it when there is no other Football game out, other than Madden?

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I might be the only one, but l always thought a surfboarding game could be fun. Make it liked Amped, but instead of snowboarding you're surfing. Have crazy side games like parasailing, wake-boarding and jet skiing too.

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I agree Nintendo does need to do more with their IPs. If l was in charge of Nintendo I'd set up a new branch that makes movies. You could even call it Nintendo Movie Studios if you wanted. After that is done I'd get Guillermo Del Toro for Legend of Zelda, Jon Favreau for Star Fox, Joseph Kosinski for Metroid and Peter Jackson for Pokemon.

I feel like Nintendo has so many great IPs and they'd be perfect for the live action treatment that l hope someday it will h...

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I'd like to see A Wolf Among Us season 2. I also would be fine with a game based on Saga, from Brian Vaughan.

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I like how this is an opinion, is in the opinion spot and yet they try and pass it off as a fact. Everyone has a different opinion and it may be the greatest game to you, but maybe not for someone else. There can never be absolute best or worse, because everyone is different and so for that reason this can't be the case.

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I'd be down for founding this game, just because he had a hand in one of my old school favorite games, Commander Keen. But seeing as there isn't a console version I'll be passing.

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I can agree with Advance War, because it has been some time since one came out. But the other ones have had a game not that long ago. That being said I do want to see sequels to them, but when it said games that need comebacks I thought it was going to talk about Nintendo games that haven't had a sequel in a decade or so. Because I really want a new StarTropics game or Super Mario RPG 2 and those are games that need a comeback.

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It stinks the Shadow Hearts games never sold well, because the games were great. I would so like to see another, but will happily take a spiritual sequel instead. Plus he should try crowdfunding, because he would get a lot of money for it, plus it also brings more exposure to the game too.

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I agree with the Witcher. I'm personally surprised no company licensed the rights to it. Every paid cable company has seen how well Game of Thrones has done and I can see The Witcher being a hit too. Another show I think would be fun to watch is one based on Shadowrun. It would be great to see what that universe looked like on the big screen or small screen.

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It is amazing to think this is the only game that used the Offset engine. It is too bad Intel bought the engine and has done nothing with it since then. If they were smart it could have been used in other games like how they license Havok. I still would how great the game Project Offset would have been had it been able to come out.

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As great of a feature this would be it might not be worth the extra money it would cost to add it. If it doesn't cost that much I could see this being added to the game, but if it costs more than the new players they'd get, I sadly don't see it being added.

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One can only hope Nintendo makes a MOBA type game. It could be a launch game for Nintendo's new system.

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I really wish a sequel could come out for this game. I love the whole idea of cyberpunk games and seeing where they could go for the next one would be great.

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I honestly don't know why Nintendo doesn't just put it online. It is a finished game and at least this way they can make some money back from making it.

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That NES port of Donkey Kong Country is really cool. It is great to see pirates doing stuff like this instead of what they normally do. If they put more time into things like this who know what they could think up next.

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I know it's way too early, but I can only imagine what Fallout 5 will be like. I just hope New York City or Las Angeles aren't where the game will be set in. There is a lot of post apocalyptic games set there and I want to see other parts of the US instead.

My top three are Texas, Michigan & Florida. Texas would work pretty much anywhere. In Michigan I want it to be in Detroit, because in the Fallout universe Canada is a US state, so set it in Detroit Windsor. In ...

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