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PAX Australia confirmed: Melbourne, July 2013

887d ago - GCAP 2012 this morning kicked off with the announcement all Australian gamers had been hanging ou... | PC

PAX Australia Is Heading To Melbourne In 2013

911d ago - At this years PAX in Seattle it was announced by Mike "Gabe" Krahulik and Jerry "Tycho" Holkins (... | PC

Want to Join the Team? We are Looking for News Editors

Now - We are looking for news editors for the following categories. Games, TV Series, Movies and Tech. If you are an aspiring journalist in one of these... | Promoted post

Halo 4: PAX Prime - Interview with Kevin Grace

929d ago - The Halo Counncil Writes: The Waypoint Community Modcast presents this special interview with Kev... | Xbox 360

Twinfinite: PAX Gameplay Footage Roundup

929d ago - Yamilia from Twinfinite writes: "For most of the games we played at PAX, footage wasn’t allowed.... | PC

Halo 4: Frank O' Connor Interview

930d ago - Frank O'Conner -- the Franchise Director at 343 Industries -- answers Halo 4 related questions at... | Xbox 360

Twinfinite: Hands-On With Tomb Raider At PAX

930d ago - Twinfinite's Yamilia Avendano writes: "I hated Tomb Raider when I was growing up. The controls f... | PC

Twinfinite: Virtual Reality Headset Impressions

930d ago - Twinfinite's Yamilia Avendano writes: "We had no idea what the Oculus Rift was. When we were emai... | PC

Far Cry 3 Sets the Benchmark for Open World FPS Genre (Interview) - PAX Prime 2012

930d ago - "Ubisoft's Far Cry franchise is known for its epic scale and role-playing elements that delivers... | PC

Episode 102: This Old Pipe Dream

930d ago - Xeserox of Just Press Start writes: "This week on the show, we had to deal with Dave making us... | PC

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: The Awaited PlayStation Gift (Interview) - PAX Prime 2012

930d ago - "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has come a long way since it was announced earlier this year... | PS3

ZombiU Attracts the Hardcore Audience to Wii U (Interview) - PAX Prime 2012

930d ago - "Nintendo's success with the Wii was a surprise for many analysts within the video game industry,... | Wii U

GameSpy - We Learn How to Play Card Hunter at PAX

931d ago - GameSpy - We've known about Card Hunter for a little over a year now, and other then it being som... | PC

PAX 2012: 20 Craziest Costumes

931d ago - "There are only a handfull of places you can bump into a laid off Storm Trooper an... | PC

One Journalist's Summary of PAX

931d ago - Nothing like going to PAX and being blown away by everything. From games like Harold, Hawken, Dis... | PC

Gareth of Skewed and Reviewed Talks About the Hot Games of PAX on BJ Shea's Geek Nation

931d ago - Gareth of Skewed and Reviewed looks at Borderlands 2, Company of Heroes 2, and Dishonored as part... | PC

The Tyuno Project @ PAX Prime 2012 Highlights

931d ago - The Tyuno Project: "What’s up everyone, this is Tyuno The Great. On August 31- September 2, I got... | Xbox 360

Video Game Warzone #169 - STFUandPlay

931d ago - PAX Metal Gear Solid GZ Dishonored Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Party Worsecase from G... | Nintendo DS

PAX Prime 2012: Ufology Card Game Preview

931d ago - At this past weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo, HP and I had the opportunity to sit down and play a rou... | Culture

Best Of PAX 2012 | STFUandPlay

931d ago - It’s that time again folks! After a wonderful week in Seattle, we’ve composed a list of the best... | PC

PAX 2012: The Cave Hands-on Impressions | Co-Optimus

931d ago - Mike Katsufrakis: "Since I was in control this time, I decided to choose the Time Traveler, The T... | PC

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PAX 2012: BattleBlock Theater Eyes on Impressions | Co-Optimus

931d ago - Mike Katsufrakis: "We first played The Bethemoth's BattleBlock Theater way back at PAX East 2011,... | Xbox 360

Invisible Walls: Episode 223

931d ago - Hey Ash’s Anthony stops by to talk Borderlands 2, then we gush on Guild Wars 2 and highlight the... | Culture

Nintendo Land Packs Years of Franchises Into Wii U (Interview) - PAX Prime 2012

931d ago - "Nintendo has created many of the industry's most notable and successful video game franchises of... | Wii U

LittleBigPlanet Karting PS Move Impressions | PAX Prime 2012

932d ago - DualShock Nexus: After playing the LittleBigPlanet: Karting beta a while back, I wasn't too impre... | PS3

PAX 2012 Cosplay Part 1 |

932d ago - You know it happens, we know it happens, everyone knows it happens. When you put a bunch of geeks... | Culture
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