New Borderlands Patch Will Test Borderlands 2 Tech, Adds Steamworks

A new patch coming September 9 for the PC version of Borderlands will add Steamworks support and will begin to test some new systems development studio Gearbox Software wants to incorporate into Borderlands 2.

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DA_SHREDDER2462d ago

OMG!!! This sounds fantastic! Wonder if they are gonna mess around with the TDM game types too?

thrasherv32462d ago

We have more important things to worry about.

2pacalypsenow2462d ago

i got this on ps3 but really want to get the goty for $7 for the dlc's but idk

Dark_Overlord2462d ago

for $7 the content is well worth it, Dr Ned and General Knoxx are really fun and worth the asking price, on the other hand Mad Moxxi is a POS, and clap trap revolution is good but nothing special :)

Blacktric2462d ago

Is this Kotaku editor high again? The game already has Steamworks suppoort. How else could we earn Steam achievements if the game didn't have Steamworks support before ffs. Classic Kotaku. Dumbasses posing as an editor.

BattleAxe2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

You're right, I just checked and I do indeed have Steam Achievements for Borderlands.

thrasherv32462d ago

I don't think BL has Steamworks. Yes, I'm aware it has steam achievements but that's all it has. Steamworks has many more features other than achievements and BL has none of them.

Megaton2462d ago

Hmmm. What does this mean for those of us who use WillowTree on our saves?

nolifeking2462d ago

Wonder if they'll add the steamworks on the ps3 version. Really hope they work on the voicechat though.

KingDustero2462d ago

Same here. I'm sure Valve would be more than glad to help get Steamworks working well in the PS3 version.

I agree about the voice chat. It was just terrible in Borderlands. Only the host can somewhat be heard. Everyone else just lags like heck.

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