Twisted Metal Multiplayer Gameplay with Axel

Dualshock Nexus: PAX Prime 2011 is shaping up very nicely this year. One of my favorite games that they are currently showcasing this year is Twisted Metal. Check out some of the multiplayer gameplay footage of Twisted Metal featuring Axel. Enjoy!

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detroitmademe2640d ago

kool,nice to see a map with some more vibrant colors,I was getting a little worried bout that at first.

bequietjohnnie2640d ago

Yeah, that's exactly what I thought. I was afraid the graphics wouldn't hold up but that level look very nice and detailed.

OllieBoy2640d ago

That theme park map looks amazing.

-Alpha2640d ago

Sucks that he is pre-order. What happened to the days when you had to get into a secret part of the map just to unlock the characters? I remember unlocking Axel in Black and now he's just DLC.

Great looking map though

jimmywolf2640d ago

agree 100% but were entering a world were the best way counter the used market is pre order DLC an paid DLC

Whitefeather2640d ago

Actually the "DLC" that you get for preordering is an early unlock. He's still in the game but you have to unlock him if you don't have the code.

LoaMcLoa2640d ago

Yeah, but do you have to pay for unlocking him? Or is that by some challenge in the game?

blusoops2640d ago

U don't pay to unlock axel. He's already in the game.

Whitefeather2640d ago

He's in the game you unlock him in the traditional gaming way. They haven't said how yet but the preorder stuff is just an early unlock, he's in the game.

Blaine2640d ago

The MW3 and BF3 crowd would vehemently disagree, but I'm positive Twisted Metal and Starhawk will be the best multiplayer games this year. There's just something that needs to be said for fresh experiences.

Twisted Metal is going to be awesome!

hardandsloppy2640d ago

Both Starhawk and Twisted Metal come out this year, I agree though

CernaML2640d ago

Twisted Metal comes out next year I'm afraid. And I do believe Starhawk hasn't even been given a release date yet.

hardandsloppy2640d ago

sorry i meant to correct him then i fuked up

Istanbull2640d ago

Both Starhawk and TM come in 2012, TM comes in February

Both will be the best multiplayer games in 2012!

Blaine2640d ago

Shit, lol, you're right!

I meant more that they're coming within a year than that they're 2011 titles, but I didn't phrase it properly.

antz11042637d ago

TM: Black was AMAZING, they need that on PSN. This game will rule!

Smelly1sam2640d ago

I LOVE AXEL can't wait for this game!

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The story is too old to be commented.