PS All-Stars Updates: Crash Bandicoot, Cross play, Beta, Characters and More.

DualShock Nexus: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale was the game we spent the most time with at PAX Prime this year and we have a lot to say about the game, but first we want to share all of the information we managed to pick from Omar Kendall's brain. We got some new info on Crash Bandicoot, DLC, cross play, private and public beta character updates and a whole lot more.

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Carl_Shocker2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Great so in a way...he's confirmed, I mean they wouldn't tease us on something like this only for them to go "Oh sorry...couldn't get him, shame huh" in the end, imagine the backlash. Hopefully they got Spyro aswell

The only other thing I'm worrying about now is what Crash they will use, I do not want to see that ugly looking one with the tribal tattoos and that ugly mask which is supposed to be Aku Aku yet has Grims voice off Billy and Mandy. Same goes for Spyros old design

As for DLC....just the characters they couldn't get, oh and the OLD dante, Raiden from MGS2 and more FF characters

TheFinalEpisode2291d ago

If Crash is (almost)confirmed then Syro would be too since it's pretty much the same deal since they're both owned by Activision :D

Army_of_Darkness2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Having crash I understand that and agree, I but seriously dont give a shit about spyro, a purple child dragon!? He was lame then and is still lame now. We better get cloud and sepiroth.

princejb1342291d ago

@army of darkness
Spyro would be awesome
Spyro to me could be equivalent to pika he from smash brothers
A four legged creature that can own many other characters if the player is good enough

NastyLeftHook02290d ago

i would love to see crash in the game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2290d ago

Yeah, I'm glad that there is finally assuring news that hints at the fact that Crash may be in the game which further hints that Spyro might be in the game as well.

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Tikicobra2291d ago

How would Spyro even play?

Laika2291d ago

like a boss! and then some flames, ram attacks and head slams

RmanX10002291d ago

If they found a way for Fat Princess and Sackboy to be fully functional fighters, im sure they can get Spyro to have a few tricks.

Scholarship2290d ago

His Legends trilogy had a combo system in it, so they'd probably just take from that.

beerkeg2290d ago

Spyro won't be in it. You can quote me on that.

Unless he's in it, then don't quote me on it, I won't be available to commment. Unless I'm paid, obviously.

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Parappa2291d ago

If Crash is in the game then you'll definitely see him with the tattoos. They're using all of the newest models for their characters which is why they used the crappy versions of Cole with his tattoos.

Griffin48712291d ago

Spike's newest model looks like crap.

Thirty3Three2291d ago

Actually, the newest model is from Nitro Kart 2. it looks pretty much exactly like Classic Crash. And if we do get Tattoo crash, I'm positive an alternate costume or preorder costume will be his CLASSIC outfit, if not vise versa.

LiViNgLeGaCY2290d ago


Actually, I loved that version of Cole.

Soldierone2291d ago

IF Spyro is in it, it will be the Skylanders version since Activision will want to be advertising that.

Crash though, I don't see why they can't use the old one. Its not like he is doing anything right now. It'd be even more awesome if Sony announced they bought the rights back.

HammadTheBeast2291d ago

You mean the one that looks like it got run over?

NBT912290d ago

To be honest a new Crash game would not really "work", the games were very short unless you went for 100% completion, and even then there are videos of people achieving that unbelievably quick.

Basically a new Crash game would need to have free roaming in it and what not, which is what ruined the series in the first place. It only works as an old school platformer and in the days of Call of Duty, Uncharted, GTAV etc... I just dont think a new Crash game using the classic formula and gameplay would really be justifiable as a full blu ray game purchase.

Play Crash 2 or even 3 again and then compare it to Ratchet and Clank, or Jak and Daxter and you will see what I mean.

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smashcrashbash2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

I hope that was a confirmation of Crash's existence in the game. And I am sure they will use original Crash for the game. Since Activision is not using Crash for anything right now I am certain there is no reason why they would insist to use the Crash with the tattoos.Also I am glad they confirmed that there will be more then 20 characters. That leaves room for a few more hopefuls unless it is only one more or something. Still hope for Tomba, Old Snake, Spyro and Cloud

@ Tikicobra on all fours just like in the game probably using his fireballs, flying abilities and dash attacks.His super attacks probably would involve his friends stepping in to help him.

RmanX10002291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

If you listen closely that is the sound of every PS Fanboy asking for Crash, fainting in ecstasy.

I am glad they pretty much got him. He deserves to be in this. As long as they use classic and not the new one. Or have both as skins.

GammaSix2291d ago

he needs to be in the game,

he will be my main!

nevin12291d ago

Fruit Bazooka was great weapon in Crash 3.

Anyway, shouldnt Sony/Super Bot be worried this game is being released in November with other highly games?

WillGuitarGuy2290d ago

I could see the fruit bazooka being a level 2 super in the game. As for release date I don't think it'll be a problem seeing as that it's being hyped by a lot of fans.

Relientk772291d ago

Omar also said "stay tuned" for a Final Fantasy character

so I think 2 new characters that are yet to be revealed are a FF character and Crash Bandicoot

I hope another is Spyro the Dragon


Thirty3Three2291d ago

I agree, 100%! On both of those points!

Also, I LOVE your name! Fantastic Christian band!

wollie2290d ago

ha! I love relient K

such an awesome band.

on topic: crash ftw!

Thirty3Three2284d ago

I totally agree, Wollie! Amazing band!

I don't know why I got 4 dislikes, but to each his own, eh? Probably Atheists hating me just because I'm Christian. We're all human, not that different.

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