Uncharted 3 Gameplay Videos From PAX Prime 2011

Skewed and Reviewed have posted two videos of gameplay from PAX Prime 2011.

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Chaostar2457d ago

These off screen videos never do a game justice, although at least we get a little look at this MP map.

blackmamba7072457d ago

well I remember washed out graphics in multiplayer beta, this looks miles better, really nice surprise from Naughty Gods

Ezio20482457d ago

holy mother of god... i mean just look at the graphics you guys!!!!

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7xsPD2457d ago

People who disagreed with dudelean are not very smart. Games do need good gameplay and a good story, after they have good gameplay and a good story, then they need to worry about the graphics. Uncharted has the same exact story in each game, just a different piece of treasure and different levels. So saying this is GOTY is like saying that Modern warfare 3 is GOTY, just because it looks pretty doesn't mean it's good.

RIP_Weazel2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

...uh huh....yeah....of course 7xsPD, of course.

Hicken2457d ago

So, after saying he was right about the gameplay, you go on to ignore the gameplay? And... the exact same story? Sorry, but even though I haven't played the first one, even I know they're not the exact same. If you mean "adventurer goes on adventure, has friends, beats bad guys" then yeah, that's the basics of what happens in most adventure games.

And MW3 looks pretty? I shoouldda just skipped ahead to that part of your comment and laughed.

jwk942457d ago

Those two players sucked so badly.

TheCampfireSong2457d ago

I seems that the first people that try the game out suck so hard.

Machioto2457d ago

Yes,I feel like if the player is bad then he/she should not post a video unless they want to show how the game progressed.

jwk942457d ago

how does that contribute to my statement?

Inzo2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

This game looks fantastic. Its just a matter of time before some PC fanboy starts throwing specs around and ultimately making no point what so ever.

That multiplayer looks like load of fun.

ddkshah2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

well my pc has teh more memowyz and teh 2 gwaphicz cawdz. I have teh sexz cawz cpuz as wellz. I am teh elitezt and teh godzz. My pz pwnz teh psthwee and teh toybox x wan millionz xD / teh sarcazms

Though I do have a gaming pc, my ps3 does more justice with the sheer amount of aaa exclusives like this. The amount of progression from this gameplay footage vs the beta is just amazing. Even though this footage is off screen I can notice the amount of reduction in blurriness and big improvements in the character models and animations as well. Naught Gods wants to come second to no one in the console world :D Can't wait till nov!!!

Garethvk2457d ago

It was so much better than the beta. Plus it did not have the play balance issues.

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