Battlefield 3 Caspian Border - B-Roll - Official Extented Trailer Footage from PAX11

Battlefieldo writes:

Here is another video that shows tons of uncut footage from the Caspian Border Gameplay Trailer. In the Background you can hear EA's Kevin O’Leary talking about Battlefield 3.

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Dart892513d ago

Hey cod don't those graphics and game play wanna make you eat you're heart out:D??Can't wait for the beta.

Pixel_Pusher2513d ago

hurry the f*** up DICE and release the god damn beta, I'm tired of waiting for this game!

Officially burnout on BF3 info.

K1te2513d ago

The game looks gorgeous!

Convas2513d ago


IaMs122513d ago

I cant wait to see the difference from the Alpha and Beta

xruiner892513d ago

This is still Alpha footage.

latinalover2513d ago

let me guess its PC version

Wenis2513d ago

Nope this is ipad gameplay.

latinalover2513d ago

what if ipad beats PC & consoles in sells. lol

Klaykid1232513d ago

*facepalm @ latinalover thinking iPad has BF3 on it*

C_Menz2513d ago

@Klaykid123 BF3 actually does have a Iphone/Ipad version coming out.

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The story is too old to be commented.