Resistance to Follow the Horrific Trail of SOCOM Confrontation? Hopefully Sony Learned! - NGV #50

"Hello everyone and welcome back for another episode of Nick’s Gaming View where Nick covers the latest gaming news and events throughout the industry. This week was definitely a slow one due to the ongoing gaming convention in downtown Seattle, PAX Prime and while Nick was unable to attend the event, he dives and searches for the most interesting and eye-grabbing topics within the gaming industry this week.

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killajd2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I see both titles being very similar with inovations and additions to their games. Socom had a rough start with their beta and added very little in change with their new socom game. Same goes for R3. They had a rough start with their beta and added very little change in their game also. Visuals are one thing but thats not the key thing for these games. They want to be innovative and change the game when it come to shooters. I feel both games havnt done that!!! Now remember this is just my opinion so please no hateful comments. Game on!

BattleAxe2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

The difference between Socom and Resistance is that with Socom, Zipper completely changed the game play to a CoD/Uncharted hybrid with mediocre visuals and removed all of the popular game modes. Resistance on the otherhand still looks and plays like Resistance, and unlike Zipper, Insomniac listened to the fans and brought back the Weapon Wheel, and improved aiming in the game to allow players to look down the sights of the weapon they're using. Sorry Nick, but the title of the article is stupid, and you cannot compare these two games or the development studios that made them. Nicks gaming view is way off the mark once again, Insomniac has already said that they are not letting go of the series yet....

Ju2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Socom4 IS totally underrated. It couldn't convince the CoD players and alienated the hard core fans. But more than that the "fans" destroyed the game by constantly talking it down. I loved it. It is one of the favorites this year for me. BTW: It sold pretty decent in the US, not so much in Europe.

And it begins that people try to downtalk the Resistance series (which also happened with R2). I don't care. R3 is another must have title. Finally really got into the game in the Beta. It got me hooked pretty much. A pity I'll loose my stats when the game comes out.

Nick2120042640d ago

I am hyped for Resistance 3 and already know it will be an outstanding title, just not sure about placing it in the hands of another developer.

-Alpha2640d ago

I think that Resistance will continue on handhelds like Vita, but I doubt we will see another main game on the PS3 after R3.

guitarded772640d ago

I actually agree... I don't see another Resistance on the PS3. I expect a launch Resistance game on the PS4 though. That's just speculation on my part.

Anyway, I've played in the R3 beta since the SOCOM codes went live, and it was a horrible mess until recently. The game was damn near broke when it started... no, scratch that, it was broken. Insomniac has come a long way with the game in the past few weeks and it works pretty good now. I'm still not sold on the game to pre-order, it's a bit too CoD for me and doesn't have the hugeness of R2's online. It is what it is, if the SP turns out to be more R1 than R2, then I'm in... I just need to see more as I haven't been impressed with the MP. On another note, I like the SOCOM 4 MP... I played in that beta too and never had the number of issues I've had with R3.

MidnytRain2640d ago

The beta actually had less problems before they let all the SOCOM 4 owners in. I don't know what happened.

Ju2640d ago

"The game was damn near broke when it started... no, scratch that, it was broken. Insomniac has come a long way"

Well, shows their commitment. I agree, it now plays great. And isn't that the purpose of a Beta in the first place. If everybody would address those things like Insomniac did...

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2640d ago

Unlike confrontation though Resistance will still be Resistance without day 1 patches....Confrontation was not Socom until months later, and even then a weak one at that. I guess it was/still is better than Socom 4.

9/6/11 cant wait until it releases.

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