This is Easily The Single Worst Piece of Marketing at PAX

Kotaku - If you visited any of the restrooms at PAX (well, the Men's rooms anyway. I don't know about the ladies' rooms. I could have checked, but… er, anyway). If you visited any of the men's rooms at PAX, you probably saw this Prototype 2 sticker on the inside of the stalls and stuck above the urinals. At first glance, it's good for a chuckle—poop is funny.

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yen8882638d ago

haha that's brilliant


Some number 2 do take allot of work depending on what you eat.

I always take my PSP in with me because you never know when you will have one of those 15 minutes poops.

Cablephish2638d ago

lol, hell yeah, handhelds on the toilet.

Micro_Sony2638d ago

I prefer rushing my No.2's - just take one giant breath hold it and squeeze.

Dont like the smell of my dodo so would rather be in and out in a flash.

KidMakeshift2638d ago


That's swell and all until your butthole prolapses lol

ATi_Elite2637d ago

unless you had way too much tequila then topped it off with a double order of extra greasy cheesy nachos from Taco Bell then it will come out easy, cause you'll be pissing from your asshole and once it stops......then the FIRE starts and your ass is on Fire BURNS!

Hufandpuf2638d ago

They basically called their own game sh!t.


Have you not heard any one say

That game is the sh!t

Which actually means that the game is great.

ATi_Elite2637d ago

They might as well call it shite cause the last one sure the hell was!!

kornbeaner2638d ago

Microsoft did the same thing at E3. They plastered kinect ads everywhere in the mens restroom. Mirrors, above the urinals, in stalls at the doors. It was kind of sad really, how desperate must you be for your products success that you would advertise in the restroom? Seeing those ads made me think of kinect as a bigger joke than I did previous and seeing this just further puts the idea in my head that activision only has Call of dookie.....I mean duty in their portfolio.

Laxman2162638d ago

Im sorry, do you not get the joke?

k3x2637d ago

Some people have no sense of humor whatsoever. Some *cough*Kotaku*cough* want to make themselves look so sophisticated they pretend no kind of toilet humor would make them laugh, which usually backfires and makes them look like humorless douches. Only srsbsns here, move along.

Laxman2162637d ago

Haha, I think you hit the nail on the head there dude.

Rocket Sauce2638d ago

"...Because poop is funny..."

Micro_Sony2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Everyone loves poop even the guys at Rare

Motorola2638d ago

OOOO that's actually pretty good. I MIGHT even get the game now just because of that.

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