Mass Effect 3 - 11 minutes of footage

Check out 11 minutes of Mass Effect 3 footage in direct-feed (live-stream capture).

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kingdoms2491d ago

Epic... My favorite games this generation.

the_best_player2491d ago

Looks like a Mass Effect 2 Mod.

iamnsuperman2491d ago

one thing I am noticing is the lack of enemy AI. They take cover but apart from that they do not seem very observant to what is going on. For instance one vaults over the wall you are behind

lzim2491d ago

and the atlas fight was like pewpewpew pop.. that was it? awww

PCE2491d ago

Have you played it? Awesome! Can you post a review on N4G? I am curious...

Cpt_kitten2491d ago

deep rpg elements??? that skill tree is just as small as the second game

bioware sellouts don't sell a 3rd person shooter as an rpg thats like calling call of duty an rpg

if it were deep rpg elements it would be like classic bioware

dragonyght2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

lol its funny you said that. COD does have small rpg element in it it called perks not that many ppl realize tho

NYC_Gamer2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

They rather compete with other 3rd person shooters instead of giving us a real rpg

Aloren2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

That skill tree is not like in ME2. You get different ways to increase each skill. Dunno if you watched the video, but for throw, you get something like that :
recharge speed
then either Force or Radius
then either High impact or combo
then either Multi throw or recharge.

If this applies for every skill, it really broadens the possibilities you get to develop your character (much more than in ME2 anyway).
That combined to the return of the weapons mods (and the level cap at 60) makes me believe it will indeed be more like an RPG than ME2 was.

zeddy2491d ago

didnt like mass effect 2 at all, not my kind of rpg. im a fallout, elder scrolls and kind of guy.

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Letros2491d ago

Assembling another team? Christ Bioware I spent 90% of ME2 doing that.

Blacktric2491d ago

He said army not a team. This is a galactic war. Assembling a team to stop Reapers wouldn't do good for crap.

Letros2491d ago

Oh my bad, thanks for the correction, now I get to spend 99% of my time assembling an army.

JellyJelly2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

@Letros - You'll probably need a team to assemble that army.

bobrea2491d ago

Yea, but you'll definitely need a squad to assemble the team that assembles the army

Neckbear2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

You know, that's pretty common in most RPGs. A huge fetch quest before you meet your destination.

Considering it also kills any resemblance of good pacing in a genre that's supposed to feature highly replayable games, well, it's perhaps its worst common flaw.

That said, BioWare is one of the worst offenders in this regard. Has always been, in fact.


Baldur's Gate still followed the oh-so-common formula of "here, have [a number] quests almost completly unrelated to the main one and do them, only that way you will be able to find closure in the game".

I can agree in the statement that latest BioWare games lack soul, however.

Letros2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Not true, Baldur's Gate was much different than their recent pseudo nonlinear pathways.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy all their games, I just expect more from them after masterpieces like The Witcher 2, which is linear yes, but doesn't try to hide it and makes up for it with immersion and some soul.

Kakihara2491d ago

This looks exactly like Mass effect 2 to me. That may not even be a bad thing but honestly if you told me this was an add-on pack for the second game I wouldn't doubt you.

Aloren2491d ago

Doesn't that also kinda applies to games like Gears 3, uncharted 3, or AC revelations though ?

Ethereal2491d ago

Most anticipated game. Love the series.

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