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Crytek and Basemark Join Forces to Create Virtual Reality Benchmark

28d ago - Basemark and Crytek today announced a new partnership to help create a definitive PC system test... | PC

Fear and Loving the Oculus Rift: VR and the future of gaming on Xbox One and PS4

50d ago - Thomas Dennis of the Express writes "I was somewhere around Oxford Street, on the edge of Covent... | Next-Gen

Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Crytek: VR is a ‘Blank slate’

62d ago - Crytek’s interest in virtual reality (VR) doesn’t just reside with their videogame engine technol... | Tech

Crytek's Virtual Reality Tech Demo Made Me Fear For My Life, and That's A Good Thing | OnlySP

63d ago - OnlySP: Virtual reality is set to revolutionize player immersion in the entertainment industry...... | PC

Crytek Predicts "4 Years for Mass Adoption" of VR

63d ago - Crytek predicts "4 Years for Mass Adoption" of virtual reality and head-mounted displays in the c... | Tech

Crytek on VR: 'People should not be forced to buy one type' of Input Device

64d ago - VRFocus reports on the suggestion that Crytek doesn't feel consumers should be 'forced' to buy a... | PC

Crytek to Release 'Experimental' CryENGINE Updates

65d ago - VRFocus reports on the announcement that Crytek plan on launching 'experimental' updates for the... | PC

New Reality in Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey

79d ago - acutegaming says: "Go beyond boundaries and step into a palpable world of wonder in Robinson: The... | PC

Crysis Analogue Edition – Board game version of the FPS

114d ago - Independent developer Frame6 has been granted an official licence by Crytek make a board game ver... | Culture

Crytek Confirm New VR Demo for E3

115d ago - VRFocus reports on the revelation that Crytek will have a brand new VR technical demonstration to... | PC

Back to Dinosaur Island Confirmed By Crytek For Two Events

136d ago - VRFocus reports on a confirmation by Crytek's Fatih Özbayram on Twitter that their VR demo Back t... | PC

Crytek Has A New Demo For E3 - "Will Be Really Good", "People Will Like It"

138d ago - It appears that Crytek will have something to show to the public during this year’s E3. | PC

Crytek's "Back To Dinosaur" Oculus Rift Tech Demo - Direct Feed Full Length Video Released

141d ago - Crytek has released the full length direct feed video of its GDC 2015 Oculus Rift Dinosaur Tech D... | PC

What Could the Amazon/Crytek Deal Mean For Gaming?

148d ago - It was recently reported that Amazon has spend $50-70 million to license CryEngine 3. There’s no... | Industry

Crytek: ‘VR has a transformation power’

169d ago - VRFocus - Crytek’s work in virtual reality (VR) stepped up a gear at the Game Developers Conferen... | Tech

Crytek VR Interview With Cevat Yerli

171d ago - Crytek co-founder Cevat Yerli discusses the opportunities in virtual reality and Back to Dinosaur... | PC

Crytek signs 'huge' licensing deal with mystery firm

171d ago - Develop: Crytek has signed a major licensing deal with a mystery firm as part of its strategy to... | Industry

Crytek: CryEngine 3 VR Support Coming in 'a few weeks'

174d ago - VRFocus - Crysis developer Crytek placed a huge focus on virtual reality (VR) support for its Cry... | PC

Crytek Ready to Jump Into Virtual Reality

177d ago - Crysis maker Crytek has expressed hopes to create a full virtual reality experience, the develope... | Industry

Crytek Cevat Yerli Talks Nvidia Shield Crysis 3

178d ago - Crytek founder Cevat Yerli talks about the power of the Tegra X1 Nvidia Shield and how Crysis 3 p... | Android

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Crytek’s New Back to Dinosaur Island Video Showcases VR Footage and Reactions

182d ago - VRFocus- A number of developers and publishers are showing off work in virtual reality (VR) this... | PC

Crytek Unveils CryENGINE Updates, Back To Dinosaur Island Demo

183d ago - VRFocus- Yesterday’s graphics talk may have been about Unreal Engine 4, but today is Crytek’s tur... | Tech

Crytek Bringing New VR Showcase to GDC 2015

203d ago - VRFocus- Virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts may recall last year’s Gamescom event in Cologne, Germa... | PC

Are Cutting Edge Graphics a Double-Edged Sword?

227d ago - With development costs higher than ever and games like Minecraft and League of Legends proving th... | Industry

Cancelled First Person Ryse Revealed

263d ago - Before Son of Ryse was released on the Xbox One, it was originally being made as an Xbox 360 firs... | Xbox 360
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