A study in fanboyism: Crytek calls out IGN | Warp Zoned

Warp Zoned writes:

"I can't say I'm surprised by IGN. After all, this is a site that has its top editors cranking out articles about how Xbox 360 exclusives in one year are better than PS3 exclusives in another year. However, this time they may have bitten off more than they can chew."

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ultimate-remag2558d ago ShowReplies(2)
kevnb2558d ago

wow, this guy just wont shut up now.

DatNJDom812558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Hey crytek dude is speaking the truth about ign though. I give him props for that. I haven't played the demo so I really can't comment on the Crysis 2. But from all the venting I see here, it looks like we PS3 owners get the shaft again. But my question is this....... Why are PS3 owners mad that this game is flawed? With so many exclusive down the pipeline who gives a fuck about a gimped multiplat? Guys its not that serious. If your not happy with Crysis 2 don't buy it. Simple. Killzone 3 still is the best shooter out in my opinion. Just let the bots cling onto yet another multiplat and claim that "the PS3 suxorz! It can't do multiplats. We winzzz" bullshit. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for uncharted 1 gfx on 360 though. Anyone?

strifeblade2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

uhh you obviously dont know graphics when u say 360 cant do uncharted 1 graphics.BTW uncharted 2 is overhyped in the graphics department if u ask me.

as a multi plat owner of all 3 consoles i have always noticed multi plat ps3 games flawed, although it occurs less now.

im not a 360 fanboy but it is my preffered console for my reasons, however mgs4 is my fave game eva.

Still gettin crysis 2 on 360, the game looks good and if u only have ps3, it doesnt mean u should pass it up if its the inferior version.
ull miss out on a lotta good games goin by that logic.

Remember ps2 was technically the worst of 3 consoles in terms of graphics but that dont stop ppl from playing multi plats back then, and ps2 had most exclusives too

yakuzakazuya2558d ago

@ strifeblade

As a multiconsole owner, I have not found a single 360 game, multiplat or exclusive that looks as good as the first Uncharted. Even the newest Unreal Engine game Bulletstorm looks dated compared to Uncherted: DF.

Vherostar2558d ago

"I’ve gone on the record saying that if you stick PS3 and 360 side by side I would challenge anyone to find any meaningful difference. I don’t see it at all."

As is the most with 90% of multiplatforms the difference is always so minor you couldn't tell just by playing it but these sites HAVE to have a winner and picks one for minor reasons like better colours or whatever. It's all a joke and only a couple of games like FF13 have massive differences.

D3athc3ll2558d ago

@ Strifeblade

You obviously haven't played Uncharted 2, and if you have played it, ur just blind!! Or dumb!!

only 360 game that might beat Uncharted 1 could be Gears of War 3 with the new unreal engine crap!

Then again, Uncharted 3 is coming! 360 loose!

I has a friend = engrish

MysticStrummer2557d ago

@strifeblade - Uhhh you obviously need new glasses if you think anything on 360 matches UC1, much less UC2. Maybe you mean you prefer the art design of some 360 games...? As for PS2 having the most exclusives, that was before MS convinced their minions that exclusives don't matter, regardless of the fact that exclusives have always been the measuring stick by which consoles are judged.

ShadowJetX2557d ago

The reason why the PS3 fans are so angry is because of how hyped up this game was. At one point they said the PS3 version would run better then the 360.

Now I haven't played the demo, and nor do I plan to, so I can't come up with a opinion, but according to majority of complaints, the PS3 got the shaft again when it came to a multiplat release.

lil Titan2557d ago

PS3 is shit when it comes to multiplat games, but it not the PS3 fault but these lazy developers. i was looking forward to crysis 2 since they said them selfs that they would take full advantage of the PS3 and 360 hardware. last time i listen to a developer thats bringing out an multiplat game. im expecting the worst for now on when it comes to multiplat. enjoy PC and 360 players PS3 does own the best exclusive title though. hope rage and Brink makes my comment obsolete

zero_cool2557d ago

he still lied about his claims about his game from start.First he said crysis 2 was hitting cling of both the consoles then he said the PS3 was running crysis 2 at a top level & identical to the pc version & even went as far to say his game is running better then any other game running on PS3's hardware then afterwards said the 360 & PS3 versions were running crysis 2 on the same level & the pc was running crysis 2 on a much higher level then consoles were so this guy has changed his claims around more times then i care to remember & was differently full of himself to think he could outdo the other developers on PS3 because that was utter bullshit.

ThatIrishGamer2557d ago

The 360 version is so dumbed down that the HUD doesn't move on screen. . .it's just stuck in place. On PC and PS3 the HUD moves to add to the immersiveness of wearing the suit.

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Inside_out2558d ago

Looks great on PS3...

I have no idea why the PS3 reviewers want to cry. It looks gorgeous and the level of detail in this map alone sinks other PS3 games.

xAlmostPro2558d ago

It looks good although only the enviroment..

If you also listen to the video he says ps3 version suffers from frame rate issues..

It does look nice on the front of things and has nice lighting.. but there's never anything happening, no effects or particles or anything that make it immersive :/ the demo's alright though and it's not AS bad as it's being made out, although crytek did hype it to much

RumbleFish2558d ago

Honestly: how dumb do they think we are? Or blind?

I don't care if there's a difference between the versions. The game looks terrible on PS3.

They just want to sell their crappy game and lie to consumers.

Vherostar2558d ago

Looks terrible on ps3?? Then must with 360 as the difference is so negligible the average person without testing equipment couldn't tell the difference so SHOO fanboy SHOO.

RumbleFish2558d ago

Yeah you're right, I am a fan of Playstation. So what? I said I don't care if there's a difference between versions. The only thing I care about is my experience with the demo.
The demo looks terrible on PS3. It may look terrible on 360 too, but I don't care cause I don't own a 360.
Neither do I want the game to look better or worse on any console. I just want good products and Crytec don't deliver that.
Crytec are trying to sell a really bad product and they lie to us consumers.
It's them to blame!

PotatoClock2557d ago

"Neither do I want the game to look better or worse on any console. I just want good products and Crytec don't deliver that."

I'm sorry, but when does graphics make a good or bad game? Are you too dumb to realise that consoles have graphical limits?

Just because a game doesn't look as good as you thought, its suddently a "bad" game?

If you want a fantastic looking multiplat then buy a fucken PC instead of whining about a graphicaly inferior version on a console.
What the hell did you expect?

RumbleFish2557d ago

I expected something better than this. The first Crysis was well known for it's graphical strength. Crytec said they would make use of every platforms' strengths.
Judging by the demo I find they did not do what they promised.
I find the demo bad and I find graphic is an important part of the quality of a game. Graphic is not everything but it still is important to me, because what I see and what I hear are the informations the game can give me. Controls are the third important part of a game because it's my input to play. Gameplay is the fourth part. For me all four parts heve to be polished and refined. That is how i define quality. This is my opinion.
With this demo Crytec gave me enough information not to buy thier product.
I am not dumb and I don't whine and I don't think that I insulted you so I would appreciate it if you do not insult me. This is a place for opinions and if it bothers you how I find the game, I'm sorry you have to deal with it.

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finbars752557d ago

Crytek is going to be called out after there game has flopped.Do they relize they bit off more then they could chew.They truned there backs on the pc world,they give consoles a broken half ass sub hd game that was suppose to blow our minds visiually.All in all good job on making an ass of yourself Crytek.See you on the other side.

Moragami2557d ago

Both consoles suck, and so do their cheerleaders, get a clue people, nobody wants to hear you justify your choice of platform. Especially when the differences are so negligible.

PC forever.

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BeaArthur2558d ago

Every site has fanboys and every small site tries at sometime or another to call out one of the big ones in order to get noticed. Same sh!t different day.

Lamarthedancer2558d ago

I wonder if IGN will respond...

BeaArthur2558d ago

Why bother? If they address this then they will just be giving them exactly what they want...more traffic.

BubbleSniper2558d ago

Crytek on damage control!

cant wait to see where PC ver. stand in all of this.

my friends on Steam say it will be dumbed down and lost faith

in Crytek.

not gonna call judgement on Crysis PC jus yet... and it baffle me how DX11 may not be ready for PC launch... this game irritating and have not even played yet.

didn't bother to touch leaked, unfinished PC build, fyi

Shackdaddy8362558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Dx11 isn't ready for Shogun 2 on release either. And thats a PC exclusive...

P.S. If you did touch the leaked PC build and were tech-savy enough to look around the .cfg files, you would see that Crytek hasn't even shown their highest setting yet. There still is a higher up setting than "Hardcore" (I'm guessing it's "Enthusiast" or something). Although too many people are busy complaining to pay attention to that fact....

Megaton2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I wasn't aware that the developers behind Shogun 2 had a graphical pedigree on par with that of Crytek. People are totally justified in having high expectations for Crysis 2's graphical prowess, and are well within their right to rage over those crushed expectations and severe display of consolitis in the demo. Crytek built the reigning PC benchmark of the last 4 years. Their name is synonymous with pushing graphical boundaries. The logical assumption would be that they'd go bigger and better for the sequel. Doesn't appear to be the case. Not even close.

Shackdaddy8362558d ago

That doesn't mean its justifiable to complain about a feature that will be out in a patch THE DAY OF RELEASE. Honestly people...You guys are just annoying...

zag2558d ago

DX11 has been out ever since Win7 has been out but it's only in Win7, MS will never release it for anything else until Win8 comes out unless they do DX12.

And those "settings" are generally how tough the game is.

Crysis has baby going all the way to hardcore or real hardcore, which simply meant everything was the same as easy mode just that you didn't get told about grenades and shown where they'd land, and everyone spoke in North Korean so you didn't know what they were saying etc.

and you could be one-shotted by sniper etc.

nothing new or major there.

Shackdaddy8362558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

settings from .cfg files:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
also known as:
gamer, advanced, hardcore, ?????, PS3, xbox
Thats what I'm talking about. As you can see '4' is not known yet which will probably be enthusiast. It is also labeled in the .cfg files as "very high".

I think the difficulty will be something like
easy, normal, hard, delta

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zag2558d ago

Um DX11 is already out, it's in Windows 7.

And the only place you can use DX11 is on Windows 7, with a GFX card that also supports DX11, which is just about all of the released cards these days.

The main problem is there's been very few PC games released that make any use of DX11.

That's why you can still use vista for all the newest games and don't have to worry about upgrading to win7 or have a DX11 GFX card.