Crytek Faced Xbox One ESRAM Issues, Console Hardware Considerably Less Powerful Than High-End PCs

During this year’s SIGGRAPH, Crytek’s Nicolas Schulz and Theodor Maderfinally admitted how more powerful high-end PCs were compared to both current-gen consoles at launch.

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kingdip901085d ago

Seems they are distancing themselves from Microsoft a little. That's not a positive sign for xbox one.

SoapShoes1085d ago

It's a good thing, you don't want them to die because they're in bed with MS.

kingdip901085d ago

Oh I have no doubts that this is great for crytek.

die_fiend1085d ago

What's great for Crytek is they're now obsolete. Only free-to-play games? Even when you were making 'AAA' games at £50 a pop, they were awful

Sayai jin1085d ago

Die? Really? What do you mean and why would the die?

WalterWJR1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

They went bust sayia and got bailed out recently. Rise was probably a big factor in this, the game must have cost a bomb to make.

Baka-akaB1085d ago


Apparently you've got disagrees that need to take an hard and cold look on that recently announced mediocre looking dota concurrent for Riot games , valve and blizzard

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gamer78041085d ago

it must be a miracle then, because of the multitudes of tech companies that are partnered with microsoft all over the world haven't immediately died due to working with them. /s

G20WLY1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

I'm sure I remember them saying they had no problems developing on Xbox One... it was right about the time they were hyping Ryse... :/

Did they lie? Were they forced to? /confused...

Sayai jin1085d ago

@ Walter- got ya. Understand. I just saw the poster say die and in bed with MS. I see people use these phrases with in bed with; when in fact it is just business.

Its a shame too because Ryse was a good game. At least I enjoyed it, but did not have a lot of replay value.

XB1_PS41085d ago

@dip90 The article doesn't mention anything that would make it seems as if they're distancing themselves. Just noting that BOTH platforms released in a weak state when compared to PC.

u got owned1085d ago

"During this year’s SIGGRAPH, Crytek’s Nicolas Schulz and Theodor Mader finally admitted how much more powerful high-end PCs were compared to both current-gen consoles at launch. Obviously this isn’t surprising at all, but it’s at least good to see developers admitting what we already knew.

As Crytek’s Rendering Engineers revealed, when both Xbox One and PS4 were already dated the moment they came out."

I guess they are talking about all current gens consoles. Also noticed the said "at the moment they came out, I guess PC will always lead the way.

starchild1085d ago


Aweful? Get real. You fanboys are truly absurd. Most of Crytek's games have scored well. Not to mention that the user reviews are generally on the positive side. But yeah let's go on pretending that their games all suck .

BitbyDeath1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

CryTek can still turn things around for themselves if they just release a TimeSplitters game, and by that I do not mean a Timesplitters skin on a Crysis game, I want a real Timesplitters, local co-op, hundreds of weapons and characters and be a real blast to play.

TimeSplitters is their saving grace.


Makes game for Xbox One = Xbox One is the best thing ever and everything else sucks.

Makes game for PC = PC is the best thing ever and everything else sucks.

Yeah, I believe in you Crytek... NOT!

badz1491085d ago

but but but...according to some Pinball game dev, the ESRAM is not a bottleneck! Crytek must be lying! /s

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gapecanpie1085d ago

"Console Hardware Considerably Less Powerful Than High-End PCs"

And water is indeed wet./s

If you want the best Graphics and VR tech and backwards compatibility with older game including some console games with emulation and a machine that double as a entertainment system for wide range of use that's completely unmatched then get a PC....

If you just want something thats very cheap at initial start up but cost more then a PC over time(psn+, PSnow, xbl, $60 games) and has very few good exclusives left then get a console.

spacedelete1085d ago

you make it seem like PC is so pick up and play and simple. do you know when upgrading PC some older games stop working or need to be reprogrammed to work on new hardware ? then theres the high electric bill you will receive for running your ultra powerful master race PC. never trust anything that comes out of a PC gamers mouth. most of them are 40 year old virgins who have no responsibilities and will never get laid. master race indeed.

gapecanpie1085d ago

"never trust anything that comes out of a PC gamers mouth. most of them are 40 year old virgins who have no responsibilities and will never get laid. master race indeed."

So much fail in that paragraph that I don't even know where to start.

Pc gamers are the ones with the most responsibility and chances are make the most money... my job is stressful but it pays so damn good and I can't speak for other PC gamers but my fiancée can tasify that I get laid lol....

DefenderOfDoom21085d ago

Or, you can go to a ARCADE .

claudionmc1085d ago

Dude, we have no doubts that PC surpasses consoles in hardware power, graphics and visual fidelity, not to mention the strategy games that are unplayable on consoles...

But man, please, stop saying that consoles costs more than a PC. I had a gaming PC and the costs in electricity, peripherals, gamer accessories and hardware upgrade are much higher, and the digital games in consoles can be easily shared into 2 players, so the price per game is still lower than PC.

A console will be cheaper and more efficient for playing all the games, because it was made for playing games. There is always something better, but not necessary more efficient ;)

Baka-akaB1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

They each got their perks , even if pc more so than consoles ... but i doubt many people look more than superficially at cost .

They consider cost , but would usually just pick the ecosystem they are comfortable with .

And you're kidding yourselves if you think consoles only got "a few exclusives" worth fussing about . Same goes for pc . It would even be more about what genre of gaming are predominant than the amount of titles .

Do you care that there are 100 exclusives pc mmos if you aint into mmos ? Same goes with jrpgs and some other genres on consoles

WeAreLegion1085d ago

As someone who games on both consoles and PC, I take offense to that comment.

Has very few good exclusives left? Are you being serious?

Paprika1085d ago

How many graphic card upgrades do you need to stay up to date with a pc? Lol.... surely not just one.... PS now is optional....

Also, the cost of gaming on ps4 is progressive and not huge to start and then progressive till the next upgrade like pc. A $1-3k PC would see costs spread for some players a whole gen on ps4.

bumnut1085d ago

Go to an arcade? most arcade games are dreamcast/ps2 quality. Arcades are dead.

strangeaeon1085d ago

The PS4 is also "considerably less powerful than a high end PC". What a hit seeking title.

aquamala1085d ago

"How many graphic card upgrades do you need to stay up to date with a pc? Lol.... surely not just one.."

to be up to date by pc standards? yeah sure you probably want to upgrade once every 2-3 years. but no need to upgrade if it's just to keep up with console standards lol. a PC gamer that can only play Watch Dogs or BF4 in 900p would probably want to upgrade, but by console standards that's totally fine.

blackmagic1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Just upgraded my PC last month and started mining cryptocurrency (bitcoin, litecoin). Cost me just over $1500 to build a MONSTER rig and it will be paid off in less than a year through mining. I'm now looking at annual upgrades and still MAKING money. Sorry, consoles lose the cost argument by a mile.

kreate1085d ago


I made a lot of money from flipping console games in the stores. started from ransacking the corpse of blockbuster and took all into gamestop and made a $1000 buck.

than there was the best buy flipping for 2 years.

than there was that walmart flipping.

than there was the target triple trade in flipping.

cant do that with pc games though.

so whatever u can do to make money, its all good.

ThatOneGuyThere1085d ago

this @sshole thinks "fiance" is french for "hand"...

Joe9131085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Why are PC gamers elitist I do not get it you act like you are a better person because you play games on a PC your not the only person to act that way on this site is it hard to believe some people can't afford a high end pc hell I work in I.T. so I hate computers in a way the last thing I want to do when I get home is set at my computer desk lol why be such a dick about it also I just do not get why do all PC gamers feel they have to be a prick whenever the topic come up it is almost not even worth talking about then you bash spacedelete for saying what he said when he is right to view things like you you are either young and very dumb or you are a pathetic old guy who has nothing better to do than to try and make fun of console gamers or make yourself feel like a giant because you game on a PC I just do not get it. Sorry I might have gone overboard but I can't stand how some PC gamers act just like people fighting over which console is better a person works hard let them buy what they want to play on.

OT: These guys are ass hats they always praise consoles when they have a game coming out then bash consoles afterward.

livininsin1085d ago

What does what you are doing have to do with gaming? You don't even need to be a gamer to flip product for a profit so I don't see how that is relevant to his comment. Blackmagic is saying his pc will pay for itself in less than a year by mining bitcoin which can't be done with a console. I know this is true because I also mine bitcoin.

SlapHappyJesus1085d ago

"never trust anything that comes out of a PC gamers mouth. most of them are 40 year old virgins who have no responsibilities and will never get laid. master race indeed."

I feed and grow strong on your obvious jealousy.

TekoIie1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )


So what do you plan on doing after you finish 3rd grade?