Xbox 720 likely at E3 2012, Crytek on board

Microsoft is gearing up to announce the successor to the Xbox 360 at E3 2012, and Crytek is already developing a new TimeSplitters game for the next generation of consoles, can reveal.

Specifications for the new machine have not been finalised, but Crytek is using Microsoft's DirectX 11 as the current basis for next-generation development. Tessellation, multithreaded rendering, and compute shaders are the three headlining features for DirectX 11.

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Convas2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Hmmm, don't know how to feel about this. Does this actually mean that Halo 4 will be pushed back to be a launch title for the NeXbox?

Excited and worried at the same time. How much'll this cost? What'll be the jump in technology? What're the specs? Oh yeah and of course ... WHAT ARE THEY USING AS A STORAGE MEDIUM?!?

The Meerkat2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Maybe there will be 2 versions of Halo 4?

Like Halo CE and Halo CE HD.

It would be Halo 4 360 & Halo 4 720

tigertron2256d ago

I think Halo 4 will be the 360's final encore.

2012 is the most likely E3 for next-gen to be unveiled, with Christmas 2012/spring 2013 releases. I'd be surprised if Sony and Microsoft went another E3 without showing their new hardware, especially when Nintendo just unveiled theirs this year.

captain-obvious2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

i think it'll happen since Nintendo already did it and showed the WiiU

Sony is going to be last to reveal its new console since the PS3 still got games to go by and they got the PSV to launch first

AND halo 4 might be a launch title
remember there was NO 360 logo at the end

maniacmayhem2256d ago

Its more than possible that the nextbox will be 100% compatible with the 360. Therefore they can release halo 4 and still announce a new console.

I doubt the online infostructure of live will change so drastically that it will break halo 4 gameplay.

THWIP712256d ago

...just like how Nintendo released LoZ: Twilight Princess on GC and Wii.

ksense2256d ago

I am pretty sure Microsoft will tease the next console at e3 2012 just to eat into the Wii U buzz. I am really not sure about Sony though. They might do it just like they announced vita right before the 3ds launched.

gamingdroid2256d ago

What about cross play between consoles? There was also some talk about games being forward compatible.

Maybe a new Kinect that comes standard with the console too.

Now that is pretty cool.

Active Reload2256d ago

If it's powerful enough, Crytek could release Timesplitters onto the Wii U or Epic could maybe bring the Good Samaritan to it. It would be more than likely, those two companies that would push the console harder than most...

JeffGUNZ2256d ago

It makes perfect sense. Microsoft didn't show ANY Halo 4 gameplay. Just a teaser reveal trailer. They also announced it as a "new trilogy", makes sense to have this new trilogy on their next gen. console. Launching this system with a game like Halo 4 next gen. would be HUGE.

Also, think about this. Gears of War was pushed to September. Makes sense, it puts Gears back on a every 2 year cycle. I wouldn't doubt a Nextbox reveal at E3 with a launch 2012 holiday season. Microsoft is good for holding their cards and showing off content and releasign it shortly there after.

tigertron2256d ago

Halo 4 will be a 360 title.

Also, at the end of the trailer you see the 360 Jump In bit at the end.

AngryTypingGuy2256d ago

I definitely don't think that Halo 4 will be the 360's final encore. It's doing too good. The 360 will go well into the next generation and then slowly fizzle out. Unlike the original Xbox, the 360 is profitable for MS.

With all the money that companies lose to start up a new console, it will be an asset for MS to keep making money off of the 360 into the next gen, just like Sony will do with the PS3.

ginsunuva2256d ago

Lol you mean halo 4 and halo 4 720p

sikbeta2256d ago

What was the point of kinect if they're going to launch a new console? I don't think it's going to happen...

gamingdroid2256d ago

They can release a new Kinect with full backwards compatibility. Besides there is nothing preventing the current Kinect to work with a new Xbox.

AngryTypingGuy2256d ago

The points of Kinect were to breathe new life into the 360 and to capitalize on the motion-gaming craze. Who wouldn't want a chunk of the massive Wii market?

AAACE52255d ago

I swear, it seems like right after I say something, it gets announced! I said earlier today that the next Xbox would get announced at E3 2012! And about what could happen with Halo 4!

Fallouts2255d ago

I do remember reading a while back on a rumor about all 360 games being BC and taking it a step further by enhancing the game. Don't k ow by bow much or if it's even true but damn that would be a great idea, no more remakes just put it In.

EVILDEAD3602255d ago

Halo 4 will release next holiday on the 360 to an Xbox with 60 million plus install and a 45 million active subscription short Halo will finally launch in the holiday window and will have it's largest install in the history of the console. And will see the infamous price drop..

Halo 5..Forza 5..The next Gears trilogy..Fable 4..Kingdoms 2..will all make it onto 720.

All 360 assets will be backward compatible..Xbox Live accounts will push forward and so will Kinect.

This means we won't see a new 360 for 2 years and gives developers a 2-3 year shot to develop massive new ips to launch for all 3 new consoles.

People believing that Microsoft will pass up E3 is on drugs..because if they pass then they will lose all of the momentum that they have created this Gen and we saw how that has worked out for other consoles.


SilentNegotiator2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

A 2012 reveal hardly means a 2012 release. More likely 2013. Halo 4 will be on the 360.

Just remember what they say about rumors on the internet. MS is just starting to reap up profits with Kinect; I don't see them breaking that any time soon, unless they have a "KinectBox" system in mind.

"Real Banjo Kazooe would be also cool,.."
Don't wait up. Rare is a shell of their former self. They made the last game that way to have LIVE features; no surprise since they're a part of MS now. If the next game isn't on Kinect, it will at least have something LIVE related.

gamingdroid2255d ago

Based on manufacturing cost, Kinect is profitable day-1 for the hardware. That's of course not accounting for extra Xbox 360 hardware sales, other accessories and games.

Kinect has been wildly successful for MS.

SilentNegotiator2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )


That's exactly what I said. But they just started selling the thing, like, half a year ago. Why would they abandon it and bring out a new console any time soon when Kinect is doing so well?

catguykyou2255d ago

They can announce the console at 2012 e3 and not release the console for another year. Wouldn't be the first time. Announce 2012, release 2013. Halo 4 comes out in 2012. 360 didn't have a Halo game at launch. I don't expect the new xbox to either.

catguykyou2255d ago


All of the accessories from the Wii are compatible with Wiiu.

I would imagine that they will still push Kinect even with the new Xbox. No reason it couldn't work on the new system. It just uses a usb connection.

gamingdroid2255d ago

MS aren't abandoning it with new hardware. They can either support both the new and existing, or continue using Kinect as is with the next console.

In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion the latter is what is going to happen. Then midway through the next cycle, they will release an updated Kinect to extend the life of the current console then.

ChrisGTR12255d ago

i bought a 360 on launch date but im fed up with the lack of exclusive games and new focus on kinect audience.

HappyGaming2255d ago

Halo 4 will be Xbox 1s Halo 2... the reason why people buy/keep their old Xbox...

dcbronco2255d ago

I believe MS will announce and launch a new system next year(remember they don't want to do the look and wait thing anymore). And Halo 4 will be on both systems. But it will be the same disc. Many may have forgotten that a year or two ago it was rumored that MS was working on a technology that would allow them to upgrade a game according to the specs of the machine being used. It may even have something to do with the new disc upgrade they did recently. They could launch a new console, that not only plays new 720 games, but upgrades old 360 games and improves Kinect because of a USB 3.0 interface. Anyone wanting to continue using a 360 or that wants a cheap console can still buy a 360. People who buy a 720 would get new value on their old games, abilities on Kinect and new experiences on the the new console.

dcbronco2255d ago

And I am so tired of the lack of exclusives nonsense. 360 has just as many exclusives as Sony. They may not be 1st party, but they get far more 3rd party support. And for all of this "I want exclusives" talk, no one really buys the games. Does anyone really think Sony made much profit if any on Killzone 2. It took 5 years of development. I would bet they lost money on that. Forza gets panned buy the same "exclusives" people and yet it continues to outsell the vast majority of Sony first party games. Only UC comes close. Fable, Gears and Halo all kill Sony exclusives in sales.

I know the reply, "I only want great games". Well another studio closed this week. Great games or not. You have to sell games too.

HappyGaming2255d ago

If PS4 is coming to E3 2012 we will know about it from March :P

Sony can never keep a secret...

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zinkabass2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Most likely,.. What else do they really have?
Banjo Kazooe? Maybe it will release on both,.. one in 1080P with tessalation,..

MS=WEAK (even weaker, than at the start of this gen)
They have less studios than they had going in,.. sad

zinkabass2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

What did I say?,.. Halo4 on nextbox would only help them,.. Real Banjo Kazooe would be also cool,..
Or they can just pack and go home, without any first party,.. they would need to be damn crazy,.. Maybe you guys are just so loyal,.. battered wife syndrome,..

Or maybe they just really know and understand their consumers,...Sesame street and teletubies,.. apparently

Ghoul2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

wich all respect

dont underestimate a company preparing a new system, IF they announce the next box at e3 2012 then alot of companys are allready developing on the next hardware specs (estimates)

that would also explain the lack of new games this year on the 360

im not a fan of ms (but i like my box) and i bet if they announce a new xbox you can rest assured they will enter with a big bang.

maybe you should start with a little common sense instead of trying to be a pseudo analyst of the gaming industry.

i game for 26 years and work for 7 years on the games industry but i wouldnt dare to make such bold claims like most people do these days.

btw crytek back up ms alot lately and IF they are involved defining the next hardware you can rest asured that it will deliver.

if there is a company that pushes hardware still its crytek

zinkabass2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

@Ghoul,.. I do agree somewhat,.. but same apologetics was used last year,..
Want to make a bet? Hell, I doubt there will even be another MS system.
And about crytek,.. they don't push shit,.. they mostly brute force it,..If they were defining the new hardware,...shit would not look 599,..but 1599,..