Apple Unveils Metal, Brings True Console-Quality Graphics To iOS 8

Apple revealed new graphics technology for iPhone and iPad today called Metal, which makes more efficient use of the processing power of the mobile devices.

Announced during WWDC, Apple showed that EA, Epic Games, Crytek and Unity have been working with Metal, with Epic founder Tim Sweeney showing an Unreal 4 tech demo on stage. The Zen Garden demo will be free when iOS 8 launches.

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Christopher1294d ago

True Console-Quality Graphics? They've been doing that since day one. The question is which console are they comparing it to?

Ghost_of_Tsushima1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

It's not only the graphics that's the problem of mobile/tablet gaming. It's not the same as playing a console. You're girlfriend or friends can't sit and watch you play a game on a tablet like they would on a big screen unless they're hanging over your shoulder which that's not gonna happen.

Simply put touch screen gaming sucks. Yes they're 3rd party controllers but still no dedicated controller and never will be and mostly all games were designed for touch so a controller so It will never truly feel right. Another problem is you can't play a game together split screen or same screen as you could in the big screen it's just not as enjoyable or possible at all for that matter.

They're so many reasons why I'll never like mobile games or even play them at all. I'd rather sit down enjoy gaming in the big screen maybe play some games together hold a real controller and play real games. Speaking of real games I think we can all agree we'd rather play Halo 5 or Uncharted PS4 over any crappy mobile game.

psyxon1294d ago

Just because it's not for you doesn't mean it sucks.

ExPresident1294d ago

Agreed. Best example is that FPS games absolutely suck on mobile devices. I don't care who you are. You will never be as good on touch controls as a person with an actual controller. I have an iPad and have tried to really get into them and I can't. Its not the same. You need a controller.


Yes, in fact it does suck. The controls suck for certain types of games. If you enjoy FPS games with touch controls, then sure, thats fine, you enjoy it, but it doesn't mean the controls don't suck for that game type.

SilentNegotiator1294d ago

My favorite part about games like this on tablets/phones is the battery life.

UltraNova1293d ago

To Apple and their overpriced/overhyped products:

Seeing is believing.

Volkama1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

But many TVs have in-built capability to display what is on the screen of your phone.

As mobile tech continues to advance you can expect TV manufacturors to refine that tech as well, so a phone really could become a full console-in-your-pocket.

Both Sony and MS aimed for relatively weak/cheap hardware in order to push big numbers of consoles out early, which could really leave a chink in the armour that allows phones and tablets to take off in 2 or 3 years time.

The mainstream don't typically adapt to change that fast, but if Apple were to push the idea onto their loyal zombies they could have a serious challenger.

clouds51293d ago

Android + Moga Pro Controller. Many games Support it.

URNightmare1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Nothing beats playing with a controller. That's my main problem with mobile games, which is why I believe Playstation Now requires a PS3 controller. As for playing on a big screen, like volkama said, many TVs now can display what's on your phone through NFC I believe.

Wow now that I think about it, with what I just said, everyone basically has a Playstation console in their hands right now and can be played on their TV with a Dualshock 2 controller.

Smart, Sony!

MazzingerZ1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Yeah, well, I'm an old fart and old fashioned so a game for me has to have buttons, pads and all those 16-20 options to press, trains our brains and capacity to do funny faces...could you imagine playing Track&Field with friends on a tablet? Where all the fun would go? The sound of the buttons being smashed hard while seeing your buddie's face going through a complete metamorphosis?LOL

The olimpyc games on the Atari broke many joystiks for me hehe...the game's name escapes from my mind right now

Good times!

alexkoepp1293d ago

lol @ apple devices. been forced to use them for over 20 years and they are the worst pieces of #### money can buy.

Chrischi19881293d ago

Exactly, what are they comparing it to? I mean, if it were that easy, why not have a console like this, if it offers the same visuals? Because they dont.

And playing a FPS with touch controlls really sucks. That is an even bigger difference, then between controller and Keyboard/Mouse. I used to play Deadzone with a Controller on my tablet and almost all the time I won as first or second place, just because of the better controlls, because I really am not that good at FPS. But this again showed the differences. With a controller, if you are used to, you can at least have a good chance against Keyboard/Mouse players, even if it still is a bit unfair, but touch controlls... no way to win.

caseh1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Tablet / mobile gaming isn't all bad. Using miracast you can mirror your phone display to a tv easily. Android phones for example will also allow you to connect a DS4 pad easily and there you have it, a make shift 'console' that you can take with you where ever you go, no cables.

They won't replace consoles but you can't deny that's clever use of technology for gaming right there.

edqe1293d ago

@Volkama: It's funny that so many people thinks that mobile gaming would mean playing from 5" screen.

Mobile phone or tablet could replace console easily. They can be attached to TVs already and they have a support for controllers and even wireless keyboard and mouse.

To me it looks like gamers underestimates mobile devices for no good reasons.

user56695101293d ago

1 they are having more games you could connnect your phone to tvs. 2 more games are getting controller support do to shield and 3rd party(mostly same layout so whats the point of dedicated controller). 3 if i get a prop stand and controller wouldnt somebody be able to watch me play. 4 what are these split screen games you are talking about? because they is maybe like one split screen game on ps4 and xbone, and none coming out so far in the future.

im amazed you have over 50 agree when most of what you said is wrong, or next gen console are doing or doing away with. its problems with mobile gaming(phones not handhelds because i count them too, thats the point of them) but you only mention one and that is touch screen gaming sucks. nice try though.

oh and why did you end with "play some games together hold a real controller and play real games." what do you play games for? what are games? when you play on you 3ds or vita, do you say its crep because you friend will have to look over your shoulder? i could go on and on about the flaw in you logic.

theres a problem with mobile gaming so games are good. the only ones that do it the best is the devices that dedicated to it like 3ds, vita, N shield.

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Abriael1294d ago

The problem is that it's easy to bring up that kind of graphics in demos.

In actual games? Not a single chance.

jazmac1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

@ExPresident let me correct that for you...

Best example is that FPS games absolutely suck on mobile devices and consoles. I don't care who you are. You will never be as good on touch controls/using a controller as a person with a keyboard and mouse. I have an iPad/console and have tried to really get into them and I can't. Its not the same. You need a keyboard and mouse.


Yes, in fact it does suck. The controls suck for certain types of games. If you enjoy FPS games with touch controls and controllers, then sure, thats fine, you enjoy it, but it doesn't mean the controls don't suck for that game type.

you're welcome = )

HugoDrax1293d ago

Um....Infinity Blade looks damn good! That game looked EPIC for a game on a mobile device. Especially when it released for a phone in 2010, and is now available in arcade format at Dave and Busters.

Funny how people discredit mobile games, yet they seem to be the one games that can land on every gaming device. Angry Birds, Infinity Blade, and Fruit Ninja all launched on the iPhone, then eventually landed in arcades and on consoles..

Ghoul1293d ago


although infinity blade looked nice it was a staged rails game, its a very impressive achievement but far away form a full realtime environment, since you were completely limited to certain actions and views

the demo was made focusing on one effect at a time by selecting "demo" areas inside the stage

i dont wanna discredit anything just shed some light on the demo, if they showed a fully freeroam stage with dynmaic lights and shaders i would have been way mroe impressed.

IceKoldKilla1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

@jazmac -_- Troll. The reality is any well constructed physical controls (analog and digital) are obviously better since you can controll the slightest move. That includes controllers and keyboard & mouse. Having a finger on a touch screen is totally different and therefor makes it hard to control slight movements for example in FPS or even driving games sometimes. Not to mention your finger is ON the screen meaning in many games you cover up shit you'd want to see. You wanna see the whole screen. Imagine playing a FPS on PC and someone covering a corner or side of your monitor with a hand/finger. I don't like it.

edqe1293d ago

@IceKoldKilla: How about attaching mobile phone to TV and using keyboard + mouse?

Mobile devices has already great games like Baldur's Gate series and King of Dragon Pass.

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styferion1293d ago

the real question is are developers willing to make the effort to use it to full potential, seeing the most profitable games on mobile are casual games with simple graphic and heavy microtransactions.

IceKoldKilla1293d ago

Exactly! You can have the most powerful console on earth and for years to come but if devs don't use its full potential then it's basically useless.

3-4-51293d ago

Console Quality finger swiping With cool "new" touch screen MORSE CODE tapping feature...yay wow. /s

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1294d ago

Quit wasting your one bubble just to say anything! Make a good argument and communicate better. Possibly actually finish a sentence and maybe you could get a few extra bubbles. Just some advice.

Starbucks_Fan1294d ago

I wonder how many times you've been marked for Bad Language LOL

The_KELRaTH1293d ago

Too many discard the tablets gaming potential based on whats available today.
As has been mentioned there are a number of factors missing that make for a poor gaming format but none of them can't be addressed.
3D GPU API and proper controller, mouse/trackball support would be a big step forward as the tablet could end up as both a games console that connects to the TV etc as well a portable games device like Vita but all in one.

Starbucks_Fan1294d ago

Angry Birds in 1080p with 60 FPS confirmed

ziggurcat1294d ago

no, no... half life 3 confirmed.

Ghost_Nappa1294d ago

Zero damns given confirmed!

IceKoldKilla1293d ago

Flappy Bird in 4K 3D confirmed

Codey471293d ago

Flappy Bird in 4K 3D Pulled from store within a week confirmed.

jazmac1293d ago

I was only making an amusing point in that the difference between touch screen and controller is like the difference between controller and mouse/keyboard. I'm not disputing that the controller is better than a touch screen for FPS.

gamerfan09091294d ago

If there's one company that can pull off what Microsoft did back in the early 2000's and join and succeed in the gaming race it's Apple. They have the money, developer connections, and software and hardware knowledge to be big players. I think if they really wanted to they could make a portable gaming system that could compete with the 3DS and Vita right away.

WeAreLegion1294d ago

I'm not sure. I think Google has a better chance, honestly.

gamerfan09091294d ago

Google doesn't have the dev pull that Apple has. Apple has the ability to get third party devs pronto. Google does not.

ThatOneGuyThere1293d ago

last year, the market on new devices went 80% android, and iOS is being left in the dust.

rocketpanda1293d ago


Of course Google can, it is called money and they have a lot of it. They just are not bothering with mobile gaming as much.

Athonline1293d ago


And yet iOS gets exclusivity/ earlier releases of high profile apps.
Devs develop on what they got first and what it will sell more.

As a general rule App developers say: iOS is a pain to develop-on, but the most profitable. Windows Phone is the easiest to develop on (C# and VS :D) but the worst in terms of profits.
Android offers a bit of both, but you have to go with a different business model. That is why iOS apps that are paid-to-get, are free with ads in Android.

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elninels1293d ago

They have several, they call them ipod touch, iphone, and iPad. They can also make calls.

chaosx1294d ago

The way technology is moving with Mobile devices , it won't be long before they do have the power to out perform a PS4 or XB1 , connectivity will be wireless to the TV and you will sync a DS4 via bluetooth . When Indie developers realise there games can be ported to the app store and have a 800 million device install base they won't think twice.

kneon1294d ago

By the time we have enough mobile devices that out power the current gen consoles we will be getting the ps5 and xb1.

Any advancements in mobile graphics will also benefit console graphics. But as consoles don't have the same kind of power and heat restrictions you can always get more performance out of a console than a mobile device and at a lower cost.

Some day it won't matter because there will be far more power than they need, but we're decades away from that.

psyxon1294d ago

Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh, my sides!

T21293d ago

Ahahaha! I know they can barely get gta vice city right, let alone a gta5 or even infamous lol... Mobile can have Farmville in 1080p

Ghost_of_Tsushima1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )


"it won't be long before they do have the power to out perform a PS4 or XB1"

Here we are in 2014 and I've still yet to see any mobile game come even remotely close to a game like The Last of Us.

The App Store is and full of casual money grabbing games. A developer want put a $60 AAA console quality game on the App Store regardless of how powerful the hardware is. They would simply fail no matter how powerful the hardware is. Like I said they're to many other casual money grabbing games drowning the App Store.

chaosx1293d ago

Infinity blade 3 was pretty stunning and the demo in the article above looked amazing, and there are some pretty big hitters in the gaming industry working in this area.

You are right about Last of US, but be honest that was the best looking game on the PS3 ever , and stood far above others. That was not the norm for last gen. Maybe you should be using the likes of resistance 3 or Ratchet and clank in your argument. Even the Walking Dead game looked just as good on both.

ThatOneGuyThere1293d ago

Tech demos are nice and all, but remember, theyre using 100% of the available resources on graphics alone. No UI, Netcode, etc. Thats why target demos are always nicer than the final product.