Crytek In Deep Trouble - Adoption of CryEngine Not Good, Ryse Development Catastrophic

DSOGaming writes: "I know that a lot of PC gamers hate Crytek for what it did to the Crysis series but let’s face it; this studio had a lot of potential. And when we say a lot, we mean A LOT. German videogames magazine “Gamestar” has reported that Crytek is in big trouble and that it may go bankrupt."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1311d ago

Crytek had a one hit wonder Crysis. After that everything was mediocre at best.

Cajun Chicken1311d ago

Forgetting about Farcry there, Dude. For we would not have the Farcry franchise without Crytek to begin with.

choujij1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Far Cry is not mediocre, because they did a great job with that franchise. Ryse on the other hand, definitely mediocre. They shouldn't have touched that game to begin with. It's obviously doing nothing for them in terms of selling other developers on the CryEngine, and it cost them dearly to make and didn't deliver on their return.

Hope they can work it out before the vultures begin circling.

ShinMaster1311d ago

True. But for me it was Ubisoft Montreal that made the game likable.
Far Cry 3 is the first in the series that I enjoyed.

Gremdude1311d ago

The first Far Cry was total garbage. Far Cry 2 and 3 were 10 times better. So what did Crytek do again that was so great?

UltraNova1311d ago

Thats to bad to hear, we need studios like this that push boundaries. If Wargaming gets its way their done.

Sony I hope you can spare some zero$ right about now...

Gaming1011311d ago

I laughed out loud when the "author" who is a PC fanboy claims that Crytek should have stuck to PC gaming only and pushed graphical boundaries, as if they weren't doing that already.

Their problem wasn't going to consoles, it was in gameplay. Crysis was a 5-7 hour single player game with just OK multiplayer. If it weren't for console sales Crytek would have been bankrupt years ago. Crysis 2 and 3 were the most pirated games for each year they came out according to pirating research, and PC sales were terrible given how much money it cost to make those games.

DOMination-1311d ago

Crytek will be fine. They get loads of money from the government for military contracts etc. In fact they do more of that stuff than gaming..

tommygunzII1311d ago

Farcry came out shortly after the first KOTOR. It was an impressive game for its time.

bouzebbal1311d ago

it's a very average studio who claims to do wonderful things and bashes others for their hardwork.
The day they become more modest things will go for them.

XisThatKid1310d ago

Welp, there goes my hopes for TimeSplitters :/

bloop1310d ago

@Gremdude I thought the first Far Cry was pretty good!! Plot wise it was a bit of a weird one but gameplay was top notch. I enjoyed it more than Far Cry 2. 3 is in a league of its own though.

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Eonjay1311d ago

These guys are tech wizards, but they also present the strongest case against graphics over gameplay. I think they should focus on getting more folks to adopt their tool chains and maybe spin off a team that focuses squarely on creating great gameplay experiences.

Avery1310d ago

Crysis great entry game
Crysis Wars / Warhead - 64p open world all vehicle maps completely moddable with superb graphics and balanced gameplay - Best FPS on PC at the time.
Crysis 2 & 3 - what happened? smaller shitty maps no vehicles...

This is what 2 should of been

Baka-akaB1311d ago

Yeah farcry was more important . For starters hardly anyone would argue that Farcry was ace and more than just pretty graphics .

It's Crysis , while successful with the first game , that met such criticism

OrangePowerz1311d ago

Far Cry was great and so was the first Crysis. Problem with the CryEngine is that while you can get great graphics with it it's not that well optimized and outside of the Crytek studios people struggle working with it.

AgentSmithPS41311d ago

It's too bad that they couldn't Ryse to the occasion, now their having a Crysis.

elgrantroll1311d ago

Ja jaaaaa (in peter voice from family guy)

Jury1311d ago

Not bad. Apart from *they're

AgentSmithPS41311d ago


The verdict is in, I can't believe that I didn't type they're, but I did have a bad flu so I'll blame the fever that baked my brain.

s45gr321311d ago

LOL that is the funniest comment I heard

Gamer19821310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Seems all those who put there eggs in the MS basket early generation are getting bit on the backside.. They all expected MS to blow Sony out the water at launch but MS really screwed over developers with the stupid anti customer decisions they made which gave Sony a massive head start. If Respawn didn't have the massive backing of EA I reckon they would have also been in trouble by now as they no doubt expected a LOT higher sales..
The exact same thing happened with Ninja Theory last generation.. Remember how much Heavenly sword hurt that company? It wasnt that it was a terrible game its just that PS3 sold bad thanks to silly price point.. They later came back and now hate Sony for it.

JBaby3431310d ago

Gamer: you hit the nail on the head. The tables have turned this generation. I hate what happened to ninja theory last gen. Seems it is happening again but this time to studios on xb1. The gate these consoles get and the date of games and thus studios make me not like the industry.

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Qrphe1311d ago

Crytek is huge and most of their income does not come from video game sales but licensing and government contracts. I bet the poor reception of the CryEngine is the reason why they're in trouble as of now.

k3rn3ll1311d ago

Thats the main reason. Sucks because we have seen what the engine is capable of. The games just never had good story to em or else they would have sold. Take the constant QTE out of ryse and it would have gotten alot better ratings and then sales

Prime1571311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

It Sucks that they always make beautiful games, but apparently the engine sucked from the coding aspect.

The studio has done great things, but if they planned on making money on selling their engine then different problems would occur.

There are many studios that develop their own engine, but only so many try to streamline for a reason.

.... The troll in me wants to mention, "Ryse," "crytek," "cryengine," and ESPECIALLY, "BANKRUPT" to georgenoob, truefan, and the like.

superherox71310d ago

@k3 I don't think a good story would have sold crysis 2.

Avery1310d ago

I wonder about Star Citizen using Crytek Engine

randomass1711310d ago

I'm actually quite surprised by this news. Isn't CryEngine widely used?

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TacticAce1311d ago

800 people on their team and ryse was the result? What were they doing with that many people? Partying the budget away?

Sy_Wolf1311d ago

Right, because more people means better game. Crytek aren't good at making games, the quality of Ryse shouldn't be surprising to anyone regardless of team size. Crytek are good at making very pretty games and throwing amazing technology at bad game design and horrible plot.

randomass1711310d ago

Resident Evil 6 had a team of five hundred people or more. Food for thought. :P

nthstew1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

I hope now they learn their lesson, and release their games on mutiplatforms(PC,XB1,PS4) in future... the article says xbone is responsible for this mess.. so no ryse 2 for the xboners from crytek it seems ..

showtimefolks1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

first thing:

they have over 800 employees(yes you read it right over 800). And look at how many games they actually put out each year.

now for example let's look at ND who have just over 250 employees or R* who have over 900 spread across 4 or 5 different R* studios. Now look at ND and R* and now look at 800 from Crytek

nothing else needs to be said

this is what happens when you make your games all about graphics and no substance.

original far cry
crysis 1(again was this a great game or did it go so much media attention for how much of a extreme gaming PC it required for you to really play it on max settings)

crysis 2 was okay
crysis 3 sucked, it was boring,dull and just plain not fun

Ryse:once you take most of the xbox fanboys out and look at this game than you realize its nothing more than a glorified tech demo

showed a lot of potential with farcry than had kind of a good run with crysis 1. But everything since than has been forgettable

they do own the homefront IP which THQ use to own

DualWielding1310d ago

the thing is they are not so much a game developer as a tech company and in that case you get one chance per generation, either your engine takes off or it doesn't and if it doesn't you are screwed.... Epic would be in the same position if Unreal 4 failed to be adopted by developers..

incendy351310d ago

Haha, well Crytek is a 3rd party graphics engine company. They mostly make money selling and supporting graphics tech. Their games division is much smaller. Naughty Dog is a game developer, Crytek is a graphics company that happens to make games as well.

enfestid1310d ago

Crytek's headcount can largely be accounted for by their recent acquisitions and new formations. They acquired Free Radical in 2009, and they're about to release their first full game (Homefront's sequel). Crytek USA was founded from the remainders of the Vigil Games crew just last year.

In 2012, Crytek Istanbul was created to focus on their F2P games, and its Shanghai studio was founded the same year to focus on CryENGINE licensing in the region.

In all, Crytek has eight studios, and rarely are they working on the same things. At an average of 100 people per studio (some more, some less, obviously), that's not exactly insane staffing. It's easy to start flinging mud when you have no idea of the reality of the situation, but Crytek is far bigger than just a game developer, as others have pointed out.

What I don't get is why you and many others are pooh-poohing on Crytek for Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 being mediocre (although I'd say the reviews indicate otherwise for the second game, at least), yet you're excited about the Homefront IP, when the first game in that series got worse reviews than Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 (by a fairly decent margin, too).

So Crytek makes one flop (Ryse) after two slightly above-average games and everyone's coming for their heads. Why are you all rooting for the failure of a gaming company that pushes boundaries, even if it's not in the way you want? I simply don't comprehend why there's such hate in the gaming community for developers that are trying to create good games.

showtimefolks1310d ago


I don't think any of us want them to fail as much as we want them to stop focusing just on graphics and make compelling games

slightly above average seriously? crysis 2 was okay and crysis 3 was just plain boring

With Ryse they had MS backing them, say what you will but MS will support you and your game. But instead they used Ryse to show off their engine

enfestid1309d ago

You're not making a whole lot of sense. Ryse is a flawed game, but the idea that it was just made to serve as a graphical benchmark is simply silly. Such a plot would never work out well in the long run, as people wouldn't buy the game -- it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

It's not some big conspiracy. Crytek and surely didn't set out to make a decent, at best, game, there was just a very well-known and poor development process.

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Miss_Vixen1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

To be honest the original Crysis wasn't even that special as far as first person shooter goes. It's mostly hyped up & praise for it's graphics at the time.

liquidhalos1310d ago

I really enjoyed crysis 1 up to the point where you were fighting the aliens. Then it got boring real fast. But like I said up until that point I had great fun sneaking around taking out the enemy. Far cry 1, well I just loved that game. I can't even remember how many times I finished that game. Good times.

Magicite1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

That happens when You only think about tech and forget about most important - gameplay.
As a Final Fantasy fan I can say the same about FF13, game looked groundbreaking when it came out, yet it had one of worst values as FF game.
And of course - no Ryse 2 for You.

Flames761310d ago

How you figure almost ever game they do sells over a million copys?Ryse just hit a million copys on the X1. It was a $20 million budget game since they have their own engine (cryengine) and took in about $70 million in sales

RDF1310d ago

There is only one year to date sales on Ryse and that was done by Microsoft in Jan 14. 430k sold. There has been no new updates on total sales. Even Wiki doesnt have any because MS/Cry never released them after January. As for the 20 Mil budget. There has never been any info on the total budget for the game. All the articles have stated that the game is over budget.

With the game being redone from the 360 Kinect Game to a X1 kinect game, then into a 3rd person game with Kinect add-ons, the budget will have to be far greater then 20 mil. VG Charts is not a credable site and their numbers should always be taken with a grain of salt.

devileyed1304d ago

They need to hurry up and get HUNT out. They also should keep it free to play but offer a more traditional $60 one time price for it also. I really hope they push the awareness of Homefront hard and show loads of gameplay because the previous game plus this news is gonna butcher preorders and early adopters.
They are not a bad company by any means but they seem to make the right decisions but after it's too late.

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XiSasukeUchiha1311d ago

Poor Crytek hopefully they can get back on their feet.

SolidGear31310d ago

Finally, someone who makes sense

mmc-0071310d ago

alot of people seem to hate you, I don't see why you have so many disagree's..

F4sterTh4nFTL1311d ago

This is not good at all. Crysis 2 was the beginning of the downfall for Crytek. They have never really recovered from that.

john21311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Gotta agree. With Crysis 2 they tried to win the COD crowd and that never worked out for them.

incredibleMULK1311d ago

Crysis 2&3 on PC and 360 were sweet. Great graphics. Ps3 versions looked dull but I still platinumed the whole series. I loooove crysis. I hope they make a fourth or a free to play crysis. Its like call of duty on speed!....and good graphics. Not to mention it plays great and u can be invisible

johndoe112111311d ago


So much FAIL in that one paragraph.

BitbyDeath1311d ago

Maybe they should sell the timesplitters ip to someone who gives a damn.

SITH1311d ago

Whole lot of bankruptcy going on in the gaming community.

Letros1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Explains all the HD remakes, near effortless cash.

Are_The_MaDNess1310d ago

the thing is, alot of gamers dont find fun in the newer games they are releasing, i for one rater want alot more HD Remakes like Windwaker and such.

Letros1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

I enjoy a few HD remakes as well, I'm really looking forward to Halo MCC, but it just feels like no one is taking big risks anymore due to financial limitations.

Software_Lover1311d ago

Games are getting too complicated to make. Even the budgets for small studios is getting ridiculous.

DialgaMarine1311d ago

That's why this generation of consoles needs to have a longer lifespan than previous generations.

RegorL1310d ago

@DialgaMarine this generation won't get a longer lifespan.
PCs will very quickly adopt the missing parts (8 cores) but worse is that phones and PADs are approaching fast.

Sure consoles can use more power but mobiles/pads can throw out and replace most of their tech several times each year! (and people will buy it and games!)

If your engine can scale from high end PCs down to mobile/pads you are in a very good position. Can Cryengine do this? (Frostbite can, but it is EA internal). I really think they need to watch out for Unity engine

josephayal1311d ago

Maybe the developers should stop making generic/short games

SITH1311d ago

Destiny builds upon itself for 10 years. Is that what you are talking about?

AKR1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Because gamers are encouraging it.

They keep asking for these huge titles with "1080p graphics at 60 frames". The tech can do it, but the number of manpower and funds that is needed to achieve this, is insanely higher than what we've seen in the past.

Third-party devs are really gonna have to cut down on the number of AAA titles they release. Ubisoft is already looking at other areas, like what they're doing with the UbiArt engine (Rayman, Child of Light, Valiant Hearts).

Volkama1311d ago

The industry does itself no favours by sitting on this stupid $60 pricing idea. They target their content to hit a certain price point, when they should be making the game they want to deliver and then picking the right price for the content.

At $60 budgets are high and only the select few actually sell, so the stakes are too high. Consoles need to embrace a more open mantra to pricing. Layering extra revenue streams on top of the current retail model doesn't fix the problem, and the tentative steps towards free to play are too far over at the opposite extreme.

randomass1711310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

@Volkama That's the catch 22 of it. Games are expensive entertainment, both to make and to buy when they first come out for the most part. You not only need to make a great and economical experience but it also needs to have some level of appeal and sell. If it doesn't, then you lose money. Charging games higher prices will not help all games sell. Very few franchises could get away with that. Charging lower prices will just force lower budgets on developers.

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