New Timesplitters 4 Campaign Interview given by NintendoReport

Yesterday, one of the admins at over at the Timesplitters 4 campaign on Facebook gave an interview with NintendoReport. The campaign already has over 19k likes and counting. If you are a Timesplitters fan or are interested in the series, head over to the interview and find out how you may be able to influence a possible release. Crytek is watching the campaign closely, and will help out from time to time. Keep you eyes peeled for a new Timesplitters 4 announcement if this keeps up!

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HomelessBoxBoy1802d ago

This is building momentum nicely :]

FuturePerfection1802d ago

Slowly but surely.. We'll get there eventually

TopDudeMan1802d ago

This is a good cause. Bring fun shooters back!!!

Paragon1802d ago

TimeSplitters was definitely one of the most unique FPS games out there.

HomelessBoxBoy1802d ago

Yep, not for thus G FACE crap, we want a console release for a console shooter.

vortis1802d ago

You're nearing 30 agrees with no disagrees.

Even trolls agree with you.

TopDudeMan1802d ago

Damn it, you had to jinx it, didn't you?

CustardTrout1802d ago

I must admit, I was hoping this was with Crytek on the campaign, I think that's my mind giving me false super hope!

Slive1802d ago

Crytek is with the campaign, dude.

CustardTrout1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I mean I thought it was about the single player campaign, basically I got over excited haha

NickVD81802d ago

Bring back TimeSplitters! No more army shooters >:(

AnotherProGamer1802d ago

Sadly Crytek UK(Free Radical) are already working on Homefront 2, so we won't see TS4 until that is finished. :(

vortis1802d ago

I want to disagree with you out of principal of disagreeing with Homefront 2.

Is that really a game that gamers are craving a sequel to?

Banzaii1802d ago

Best console shooter to date, bring it back!