Crytek's Ryse 2 canned as financial struggle spreads to Shanghai

Eurogamer's own sources confirmed this today. One person close to Crytek told us a pre-production deal for Ryse 2 was on the cards, and that Microsoft wanted to do the deal, but its terms proved a sticking point.

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mhunterjr1425d ago

Shame... The first game was rough, but would have made a solid foundation to a series...

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bouzebbal1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

how can they think of Ryse 2 given that the game has been both a commercial and critical failure?

sinjonezp1425d ago

Lol good use of one bubble. Its sad though. I believe crytek had a very good engine and thought they could have been so much more. Wonder what was to blame for failures? We always said there games were tech demos but I honestly thought the crysis series was solid and that ryse was compelling. The companys foundation was in graphics and not game play. I think they should have brought in quality devs to create game play that gamers would say, take my money. Maybe ryse should have been multi plat? Maybe more free to play? Mobile versions of cry engine..idk but its sad to see the troubles with crytek.

ShinMaster1425d ago

It's probably gonna be a while until PC fans get another game like Crysis 1 to brag about.

Was Ryse the final nail in the coffin or something? Since they said that Ryse development was "catastrophic".

Ashunderfire861425d ago

CryEngine = Crying Crytek

Sucks how this is happening, to this company. They have some Rare developers too. They should of make Timesplitters long ago man. Heck they wouldn't even have these problems, if that game turn out to be number 1.

Mr Pumblechook1425d ago

When a company isn't paying their staff's wages it is only a matter of time before they go under.

I suspect when the receivers are called in they will start selling off the IP for cheap and Microsoft will snap it up.

pixelsword1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Whoa... wages does equals company that's about to go under; The same thing happened at Factor 5 a little after Lair was released, some or all of the dev team sued the company, if I'm not mistaken

Axecution1425d ago

guess you could say they're having a bit of a crysis right now

UltraNova1425d ago

After their fallout I seriously expect MS charging guns blazing for a full hostile take over. It makes sense business-wise and they get to keep Ryse and everything else exclusive.

Azzanation1425d ago


Sad that you think Ryse was a failure and shouldn't consider a sequal. Sony are turning Knack into a franchise and that did even worse on reviews.

harrisk9541425d ago


Not funny... a lot of people are going to be losing their jobs.

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DevilOgreFish1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Microsoft will probably fund the sequel, if a sequel is possible. story pretty much seemed finished with the first game.

bigbic1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

I don't think Crytek should risk it, they wont have fans If they keep up they way they are going. They need to get back to Crysis 1 and Farcry 1 type games that people grew to love them for.

styferion1425d ago

do you not read the articles?

Microsoft already proposed to fund the sequel's development, but because one of the terms requiring Crytek to give the Ryse IP to MS the deal was cancelled.


Ryse 2 for PS4 confirmed. But seriously IF this is legit and MS doesn't want it unless they can extort Crytek for the rights to the IP we can surmise Ryse 2 is now a possibility on the PS4. Never change MS lol

Blaze9291425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

ha, "extort"

it's business. Why would i fund the entire development of a game, help build the brand and popularity, just for you to put it on competition systems later? Especially when the first didn't sell that great?

It's a situation of "give us the game, or it doesn't come out at all." because who else is going to help them publish it? Sony? After "the first one was crap"? LOL

If Crytec were smart, they would've let MS get the IP and just take the money to make it.

Not like they are exactly sitting on a "golden" IP. Now it's just dead.

pixelsword1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

@ blaze:

I agree that it is business, but considering that Microsoft isn't exactly overflowing with development companies, Microsoft shouldn't burn any more bridges than necessary because all it takes is a handshake to make Ryse multiplatform.

That is business as well.

Blaze9291425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

lol pretty interesting turn out.

I'm sure Microsoft knows Crytec's financial situation and probably thought, "why pay them to make the game and let them hold the IP when we can buy the entire studio AND CryEngine?"

Microsoft doesn't 'need' Crytec as much as Crytec needs Microsoft, or any publisher for that matter.

AceBlazer131425d ago

None of these publishers need Microsoft, if they all decided to drop support for Microsoft look at how fast the XB1 falls off the map.

assdan1425d ago

I hope crytek doesn't go down. If nothing else, they were great programmers.

pixelsword1425d ago

Aye laddie.

Sorry, I watched The Hobbit 1 & 2 a jillion times by now so it feels right when I type it. :P

showtimefolks1425d ago

its sad that crytek has so much potential yet all they push are graphics. They leave out gameplay and story and just chase graphics

ryse was more of a teach demo to show the power of xbox one and crytek's new engine. I really hope crytek can get back to be stable but their future right now doesn't look good

VealParmHero1425d ago

Crazy, this game deff had potential. I agree that there was deff a base here. They just would have needed to nail the sequel, and market it well

Edsword1424d ago

This kind of reminds me of Factor 5 after Lair. However Crytek is a bigger dev and I don't think they'll actually have to shut down.

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NextLevel1425d ago

"Apparently, in exchange for funding Ryse 2's development, Microsoft wanted to take over the Ryse intellectual property, something Crytek couldn't agree to, so both parties decided not to continue."

Sound like the wanted in on PS4 and/or PC aswell.

Eonjay1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

It makes sense from both parties perspectives. It Microsoft is funding, they want exclusives. If Crytek release on multiple platforms, they can increase profits. It a battle of conflicting interests

NextLevel1425d ago

Agreed. For a bunch of reasons, I can see why Microsoft wouldn't want that.

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MasterCornholio1425d ago

One Next Level Account with 5 bubbles and another with 6 bubbles.

There was another Next Level account before with 3 bubbles.

WTF is going on?

Did N4G get hacked or something?

torchic1425d ago

there's a NextLevel account with a small case letter "L" at the end of "Level", there's another with a capital letter "I" at the end of "Level", haven't seen the 3rd one.

it's like XiSausukeUchihaXi and all his multiple Xi accounts...

1425d ago

Given Crytek's financial situation NO it doesn't make ANY sense staying exclusive when they need their games on multiple consoles to stay afloat. In fact I'd wager that Ryse being exclusive to the X1 actually cost them money and contributing to their money woes. Remember deals like Titanfall and Ryse were signed sealed and delivered BEFORE the PS4/X1 were out and most publishers hedged their bets that the X1 was going to be the market leader but nobody told Sony that and here we are obviously being exclusive on the losing machine isn't the best position to be in. Being multi plat or exclusive to the market leader would be and Crytek with Ryse & EA with Titanfall both lost money being console exclusive on the Xbox one and it looks like at least in Crytek's case they won't make that mistake a second time around this gen.

Prime1571425d ago

No, it sounds like they wanted to keep the intellectual rights... something that is huge in business. Characters, title, anything.... which COULD mean they wanted to bring it to other platforms, but, OBJECTIVELY, does not directly infer that they would.

I feel sorry for third party studios that give up rights for a paycheck... often the original vision for the game is lost.

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mhunterjr1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

It doesn't sound like they wanted it on PS4, the deal revolved around MS being the publisher. Why would MS finance a game that will end up on PS? No company would even think of bringing such an idea to the bargaining table.

It sounds like they just wanted to retain ownership of their IP, like Insomniac has with sunset overdrive, or Respawn with Titan Fall. They just wanted MS to handle the distribution.

What I don't understand is why Cryteck wouldn't sell the IP... If the only thing keeping my company afloat was a deal around mildly-received IP, I'd take the deal. It makes no sense that they would sell far cry, but not Ryse.

rdgneoz31425d ago

"No company would even think of bringing such an idea to the bargaining table."

Joe Danger was part of the Sony Pub Fund, and they gave their blessings for Joe Danger going to the 360. They didn't have to, but they cared about their business partner.

q8kik1425d ago

but didn't they help funding respawn for titanfall ? and the game ended up going to pc

mhunterjr1425d ago

Microsoft profits from and publishes PC games. That's not the same as them publishing a game that is going to end up on a Sony platform.

That is an interesting example, but when discussing financials, i don't think it's fair to compare An expensive AAA title like Ryse to a downloadable title like Joe Danger. Your point is well taken, but in this scenario, a similar decision would make no sense. For example, you'd never see Sony allowing Resistance to end up on xbox.

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HacSawJimThugin1425d ago

Agreed. Why not sell it to MSFT so that your employees can pay their bills and feed their families. For that fact alone crash and burn.


You are FUKIN hilarious. I'm glad you brought this up because see Titanfall? That's EXACTLY what they've done. Help fund the game and now all the sudden Titanfall 2 WILL be on the PS4. Maybe they didn't want to be burned again but don't go saying "no company would EVER do this" because it's happened already a MS funded/Co funded/moneyhat IP coming to PS4 with Titanfall 2 gotta love the irony here.

Dark_king1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

@mhunterjr MS doesn't profit from all pc games only those they release there self are go through MS to distribute.EA Origin's doesn't pay MS to release games.

mhunterjr1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Nice try, but titanfall is not published by MS. It's published by EA. Ryse was funded and published by Microsoft, and the deal on the table would have been another publishing deal.

MSprofits from the PC gaming business as a whole, since the games drive PC sales. also, If Ryse was going to be published my MS, it's pretty likely that they would be the publishers of the PC version, especially of they were funding the games development.

Legendary-Status1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

ASSASINS CREED WAS ONCE A PS3 Exclusive lol it's like the table have turned this gen..they rather kill it off...then make it go multi_plat to the PS4 like titan fall 2

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maniacmayhem1425d ago

Absolutely no where was that even hinted.

Kosmacz1425d ago

That's why exclusive contracts are destructible for everyone - a game studio, publishers and gamers. In healthy business Crytek would need to deliver high quality product and gamers would vote with wallets. This is just all twisted.

AngelicIceDiamond1425d ago

@Next Yeah, yeah we know you want Xbox to crash and burn. You have nothing else important in life than to drag down Xbox every possible way.

You should try a new hobby.


The gameplay in RYSE was ok, but the Story... Was really really good I thought, Hopefully we see a sequel appear one day, on multiple platforms.

Trekster_Gamer1425d ago

Agreed, the story and voiceover was awesome.

I really hope that one day there will be a sequel.

Drasill1425d ago

That quote doesn't imply that whatsoever. Why would Microsoft fund and publish a PS4 game? Dumbass.

ramiuk11425d ago

MS knew they was in throuble and tried to abuse that position it sounds like to me

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F4sterTh4nFTL1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

The situation is even worse than I thought. They are definitely really badly screwed.

AngelicIceDiamond1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

I think MS should acquire them.

MS almost acquired them along time ago until a little game called Halo released in which MS didn't feel the need to buy them afterwards.

If I remember correctly Crytek was interested in being acquired by MS so they can develop a syfy game. But MS wasn't interested because they got Halo and it was a success plus they didn't want another similar games from them.

EDIT: Clarification here.

I think its about time MS snatches them up now.

BlackTar1871425d ago

They make such Average games. Seriously they have yet to make a complete package for a game and they keep trying but the same results.

The games aren't bad but they have nothing the shines outside of graphics and i think xbox fans can agree that Graphics are the least important part of a game rite?

bigbic1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

No offense to Microsoft but that would be a horrible idea. Microsoft hasn't had a very good reputation for keeping a studio good after acquiring them, Like RARE. For Gamers sake we need Crytek to stand on their own and go back to making games that made them great in the first place, fun open world, stealthy games. not Ryse 1,2,3,4 that Microsoft wants...

AngelicIceDiamond1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

@Big "No offense to Microsoft but that would be a horrible idea. Microsoft hasn't had a very good reputation for keeping a studio good after acquiring them, Like RARE."

Yeah I agree. But Spencer is in charge he'll treat them right.

Rare's not forced to make kiddy Kinect shovelware anymore thanks to Phil they have some projects in the works right now.

The old MS would continue the Rare Kinect brigade. But Phil giving them freedom to make whatever they want now.

"For Gamers sake we need Crytek to stand on their own and go back to making games that made them great in the first place, fun open world, stealthy games. not Ryse 1,2,3,4 that Microsoft wants..."

Only if Crytek wanted to. Remember this is the new MS not the old MS that we loathed. Phil's open to new Ip's and ideas.

That's the only logical thing I can think of.

BitbyDeath1425d ago

I think everyone should just wait for them to die then pick the bones clean. They won't be missed. MS can then take Ryse and Sony or someone can grab Timesplitters.

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AngelicIceDiamond1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

@Tar I don't see it being a bad thing MS and Crytek were like an on and off again couple.

Besides MS needs to the first party talent right? Why not have Crisis and Ryse as permanent exclusives as well as new Ips and such?

"The games aren't bad but they have nothing the shines outside of graphics and i think xbox fans can agree that Graphics are the least important part of a game rite?"

For me its all about balance.


Remedy's Quantum Break graphically looks great. The presentation is phenomenal. But its an action game at heart. So you know the gameplay will be fluid and nice like the Max Pain. Along with fantastic graphics.

for me its balance, personally. Other than that I don't speak for other Xbox fans obviously you gotta ask them.

Btw nice salty disagrees on my first post its only facts I'm posting that's it.

Not at you @Tar but in general.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

I'm sorry, Zabuza-Sama, I have failed you.

Haku (白)

snookiegamer1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

@XiSasukeUchiha & XiYakushijuAkeginuXi

LMAO. You two are freekin' crazy!!! ...But I love it!

I think people take you guys too seriously. Sometimes N4G would be a snoozefest without characters like you...totally super awesome :)

egidem1425d ago



StifflerK1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

That's a shame - I really enjoyed Ryse and would have liked a sequel.

I really hope Crytek get their finances sorted out , it'd be a shame to see any more talented companies go under - especially after all those that closed down during last-gen.