Ryse 2 Could Release On PS4; Ryse Is A Great Foundation, Crytek Not Too Happy With Xbox One Sales

Ryse 2 can be released anywhere (including PlayStation 4) with any publisher, as confirmed by Cevat Yerli. He thinks there's a great foundation for a sequel although nothing can be confirmed right now.

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LavaLampGoo1107d ago

Respawn said the same about Titanfall didn't they? So now we just have to wait for multiplatform Dead Rising 4 and Sunset Overdrive 2... Poor Xbone

Imp0ssibl31107d ago

Dead Rising seems a safe bet, not sure about Sunset Overdrive.

TekoIie1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Best to wait about 6 months after the release and see whether it seems likely. However if we look ats whats happened to most second party exclusives this gen it is very likely to happen.

uptownsoul1107d ago

It seems that 3rd party developers are confident about their Xbox One exclusive games until after their release…Then they give hints that they'll probably go multi platform with the sequel…Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break will probably go to PC, while their sequels will probably be on all platforms

amiga-man1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

If MS don't own the IP then it will always be a distinct possibility for any game, It would make sense for any publisher to want their game out on the strongest selling platform and at this moment that is definitely the PS4 by some distance.

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Manic20141107d ago

I Believe MS own Quantum Break IP. As for SSOD the first will defo not come to any other console but the sequel could go any way, i think if it is a big success for Xb1 then MS might lock it down, similar to how GOW stayed exclusive to MS.

LordMaim1107d ago

See, now Dead Rising is one that I *would* buy. Even if it's on PC rather than PS4, that was the one exclusive that I was sore to see on the Xbox One. Ryse, not so much.

SSO, that would really depend on the way the contract was worded. I'm not really leaning towards playing it either way, but it's a shame that Insomniac is going to be affected by that deal.

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TomShoe1107d ago

Dead Rising 4 has a good chance since the IP is owned by Capcom, they just didn't do anything with it because 2 didn't sell well enough. The odds of SO making it to PS4 is probably slim, as MS likely has the first right of refusal to publish any sequels, should the game do well.

ZodTheRipper1107d ago

Every X1 'Exclusive' seems to go multiplatform some day and other multiplatform games run better on the cheaper PS4. At the same time, PS4 keeps it's exclusives due to smart management by Sony. I feel really bad for people that bet on the wrong horse this gen.

Enemy1106d ago

Sunset Overdrive 2 will probably go multiplatform, yes. The IP belongs to Insomniac, not Microsoft. This was confirmed a long time ago.

darthv721106d ago

if the game does get a sequel released on PS4, lets hope those who criticized the 1st will be more receptive to the 2nd.

Far too often a good game gets hateful remarks by those who never played it because it isnt on their platform of choice.

it's a sad state of affairs that gamers just cant enjoy games no matter the platform.

chrismichaels041106d ago

I already own a PS4, PC and WiiU. I had an Xbox 360 last gen, but it makes no sense to pick up an Xbox One since I can still play most of Xbox Ones biggest "exclusives" without actually needing to own an Xbox One.

I already played Titanfall on PC. Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare is on PS4. Dead Rising 3, Ryse and Project Spark are all coming to PC (and possibly PS4 as well).

AngelicIceDiamond1106d ago

Deadrising sold ok. Maybe the sequel will be multiplat depends.

Yeah I had a feeling Ryse wasn't a big seller. Dead rising and Forza were the hot games at launch.

Prime1571106d ago

@thrust, "waitstation"

So it comes down to "waitstation" vs "NoExclusivesBox" by your logic.

Rimeskeem1106d ago

Of course we cannot be sure about Sunset Overdrive because it is not even out yet.

rainslacker1106d ago

Even if MS doesn't own the IP, they could have publishing rights on console for it. I'm pretty sure that's not the case with Sunset Overdrive, but think MS owns the IP to Quantum Break.

One example that comes to mind of this scenario is Final Fantasy VII in western territories. Sony has publishing rights on console. I don't think this was an indefinite deal, as SE did release the PSOne classic version on the PS Store.

It's hard to say nowadays, since MS is publishing these games on the X1, so it's just dependent on if they have the rights, and if the developers can get a different publisher for ports. These aren't the types of deals that get talked about in the press.

bouzebbal1106d ago

Why even bother with a sequel? The first one was a failure and PS4 or not I will notbuyit.
Sad for Xbox to already lose what they've been calling the best line up of games

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OpieWinston1107d ago

He's pretty much saying "Anything's possible"
And DR4 to release...Capcom needs to survive.
Sunset Overdrive 2? MS and Insomniac have a publishing deal so don't expect that to hit anytime soon.

DarkBlood1107d ago

But insomnic owns the ip so it can go either way

salmon_slapped1107d ago

Crytek also needs to survive or sell the ip for Ryse 2 to release. At the moment it doesn't look like we're getting games from them anytime soon unless things changed over there.

OpieWinston1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

No doubt...Insomniac could publish it anywhere.
BUT they did burn bridges with EA, and unless they want to get a publisher like Deep Silver to publish it Multiplat. While allowing them to retain ownership.
I think they'll just stick with X1 exclusive...For now, unless sales are terrible.

I don't think sales will be bad.

Dude Crytek is dying. They've got some sort of Mystery partner and they still think F2P is a viable market to sustain 700 employees.

funkybudda1107d ago

Oh believe me, not that I care for Sunset Overdrive 2 on PS4, but I am sure Sony will have plenty more games to keep me happy and busy playing...

christocolus1107d ago


Yeah capcom and crytek definitly need to get back on the green before releasing more titles. Its obvious crytek sold homefront to raise cash and then they are going F2p now also capcom is announcing resievil remakes now..both companies are trying to raise as much cash as they can before investing into new ips.

The original dead rising never came to playstation&it will be same with dr3 but i guess dr4(whenevr its released) will be on multiple systems same with a sequel to ryse(unless a deal goes down btw MS&crytek). Imo MS needs to handpick some devs at crytek to form an internal dev team within xbox studios.the guy who worked on the graphics of ryse is already at MS..they just need to add other talents and get them to work on a new h&s ip.

Sunset overdrive on the other hand is an entirely different story..Ted price went on neogaf and told sony fans to stop asking for SO cos it would never come to their system.he also did same on twitter but He said they would work with sony on other projects though but SO was fully xbx exclusive.

MS has learnt a valuable lesson regarding Ryse though cos here on out Phil states they will fund and own all their ips. 01/microsofts-phil-spencer-want s-to-fund-games-to-build-owned- ip-portfolio-denies-existence-o f-osaka-studio/

Phils comment was made in february which coincidentally happens to be the same month which the rumored deal btw MS&crytek regarding ryse2 collapsed. As a result of this MS will definitly start focusing more on expanding and growing their 1st party studios and also creating bigger&better AAA games..they will also keep working closely with their 2nd party devs i.e playground,remedy,certainaffin ity etc

Godmars2901107d ago

"And DR4 to release...Capcom needs to survive."

If that were true they would have released DR3, a franchise made multi with DR2, as a multi. Instead they made it exclusive again.

Meaning that Capcom know crap about what they're doing.

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GTgamer1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Did Knack sell better than Ryse? Serious question

So basically Ryse lost way more thank Knack because of money spent to make Ryse that they failed to make back


Daniel_Potter1107d ago

First ask yourself how big was the budget for Ryse and for Knack

LordMaim1107d ago

Depending on how much you trust VGChartz, Knack did sell better than Ryse, though neither game sold particularly well.

die_fiend1107d ago

Who on this planet wants Ryse 2?
Who on this planet wants another game by Crytek?
I prefer games that are fun to play personally.

If they're not happy with Xbone sales, maybe they shouldn't have been so stupid in forming this allegiance with a console that was dubbed a car crash months before it was even out. MS can keep Crytek games, I don't think PS gamers want this crap

Psygnosis3331107d ago

Ryse maybe is not very good game..but i sure there will be some gamers hwo will enjoy this title..if not for the gameplay maybe for the story lol

Godmars2901107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Its utterly pointless to say that enjoyed the game, when the issue is that it didn't sell well and as many people didn't enjoy the game.

You are in the minority of those who think Crytek spent their time and resources well. Just like many who think Knack should have been left to cook a bit more. Not just spat out as a launch title.

Psygnosis3331107d ago

It would sell better if it was relised on both platforms including pc..maybe with Ryse 2 they will impruve some gameplay mechanics
Resident Evil Remake on game cube was brilliant but didnt sell well cuz of small install bass on that platform..i think ryse have potential if they focus next time more on gameplay mechanics not only on graphics

GordonKnight1106d ago

I was able to purchase Knack for $20 and I'm still waiting to find Ryse for $20. Same going for Tomb Raider on PS4.

I've got to big of a back log to pay full price for those games.